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Fishing At Catalina Island Aboard The Triton

Fishing At Catalina Island Aboard The Triton

– This week on Sportfishing,
we’re back at Catalina Island, we’re fishing aboard the Triton. We left out of San Pedro,
California earlier this morning, made the two-hour run
here at the island and we’re at the east end
of the island right now, really close to Avalon. We’re gonna start off
lookin’ for some calico bass, some rockfish and if
we get really lucky, maybe some bonito
and yellowtail. So stay tuned for this
week’s exciting episode of Sportfishing. I’m Dan Hernandez
and I live to fish. All right! – Woohoohoo!
– I have been fishing along the Pacific
Coast my entire life. Ho, ho! Let me bring you in on the
action and share with you some great fishing
tips along the way. (boat engine whirring) (wind blowing) (people murmuring) (people murmuring) – [Man] Yeah, put one
of those on each hook. – [Man] (laughs) Fine,
Warren, you got it! You got it! Get him, get him, get him! What do you got, stop! Okay, hold on. Ooh, you got a whitefish! Whitefish!
– I did? – Here, put it down,
put it on the bottom. Here. Look at the camera. He got a whitefish! – [Deckhand] Getting bigger now. – [Deckhand] What do you got? – [Little Boy] Bonito,
it might be a bonito. Bonito or sheephead. – [Deckhand] All right. – [Dan] Let’s see what you got. You have a calico. – [Man] It’s a calico! – Calico bass.
– Calico! – It’s a calico.
– Stop reeling. – You know this one’s
a little small, right? – [Little Boy] Yeah. (reel clicking) – All right. Little calico. (water splashing) Here you go. – Sabiki rig. Think that’ll toss some
mackerel. (chuckles) Ow! (Captain murmurs over radio) – [Little Boy] Bonito
could do right now. – [Man] I need your mic, Dan. – Aw, another baby.
– I’m wet, got wet. – This is a female sheepshead. In you go. Too short. (wind blowing) – Calico bass! Fly line, sardine. – Oh, bonito!
– Bonito! – Good job! (people murmuring) – Keeps fightin’ me back! – [Man] Gonna change my bait! – [Man] Comin’ in. (reel clacking) – [Man] Watch that line! – [Man] All right. – [Deckhand] What
do you got, sir? – That might be a keeper. Come on, open up. – Just got bit on
a fly line bait. Skipper made a move. We’re right in front of The
Isthmus now and I just got bit. Feels like a calico. Let’s see what it is. Here’s color. Here we go, nice calico bass. Finally a legal bass. Nice calico bass, got him on
a fly line little sardine. Barely legal bass. Skipper made a move,
we started on the east, workin’ our way west, we’re right in front of The
Isthmus area, Bird Rock here and let this one go. This week in the Tackle
Box, I’m gonna talk to you a little bit about what we’re
doing over in Catalina Island. It’s really good fishing
and the fish are eating just about everything. So when you go over
on a trip like this like on the Triton
to Catalina Island, you wanna have a
variety tackle with you ’cause you never know. Sometimes they only
want the live baits, sometimes they’ll
eat the artificials, and like today, they’ll eat
a little bit of everything. As far as rods and reels, I
like something simple like this. Low profile reel, on the 300
size I go 50-pound Spectra, on a 400 model like this
one, I go 65-pound Spectra and I carry a wide selection
of fluorocarbon with me, anywhere from 20 pounds
all the way up to 50, just in case for some reason
I need that heavy line, I have it with me. What’s really nice, I
only need to take two rods and reels with me, one
300 series, one 400 series and I’m prepared for everything. Doesn’t matter if
I’m gonna fly line, live bait with 20 pounds
or have to get gear up for big yellowtail
with 40-pound, I can use the same rod and
reel and I’ll do really well. Now as far as artificials,
the B-52 Bucktails are great. For the bottom fishing,
the calico bass fishing and yellowtails, the
B-52 Bucktail like this, put a strip of squid on
it, works out really good, you’ll catch lots
of fish on these. I have everywhere from a
half-ounce up to two-ounces, and if you’re gonna go
for that deeper fish, a six-ounce like this one
works out really good. Now when the fish are
up right on the surface, the calico bass and the
yellowtail and the barracuda, I go with the Magic Metal Lite. You just wanna cast this out,
work it slow on the surface, and those calicos
and the yellowtail, barracuda will jump all over it. Just work it nice and
slow on the surface, works out great with
this rod and reel, you’ll catch lots
of fish on ’em. Make sure you have a selection of live bait hooks
with you, too. Size two to size 2/0,
that way you’re prepared if you’re using
cut squid for bait, anchovies or sardines, you
have everything you need. Well, let’s get
back on the water and show you more
exciting action right here on Sportfishing. (boat engine whirring)
(seagulls crying) – [Deckhand] That’s a keeper. – [Man] Big fish. Wow, big. (people mumbling) – [Man] What do
we do with it now? (man laughing) – See what I got goin’ here. Think I got another bass. See what I got here. Oh, a calico. Another calico. Here we go. Nice big calico. Beautiful fish. (wind blowing) – Pretty.
– Yeah, that’s a, that’s a keeper right there.
– Not sure. Between me, you
and the deckhand. – There you go. Right there at Turner’s box? – Got a big bite of that guy.
– Yeah. – Turner’s black box? – I have a calico! A calico on. – [Dan] Should be
next to the wood. – Oh, nice! – [Man] All right, kid! – Oh!
– Nice! – [Little Boy] Thanks. – [Dan] First
drawer, first drawer. – [Little Boy] How do
I take this thing off? – Nick. – [Deckhand] Yeah, Dan? – On the front of
it, just pull it out. On the front, just into it. Top drawer. – Stay tuned, we’ll
be right back. – All right, congratulations. – Yay. – Awesome job, Drew!
– Finally! Another calico. (people murmuring) (wind blowing) Calico!
– Yeah, that’s a calico. – Yeah!
– Whoa, look at it! – [Dan] Nice legal one. – This should make it. Wanna do camera stuff with him? – [Man] Sure. – Well, they’ll take ’em all. – All right! 11. – Oh, yeah, that has
to be over the… – [Deckhand] This
should make it. – [Man] That’s a really good
way to get hooked, junior. – [Man] Hey, buddy! Little man, come over here! Please! (water splashing) – [Man] So, John,
is he on there? (people murmuring) – [Man] That’s it! – Nice one. (chuckles) – [Deckhand] There’s
people on the boat that caught nothing so
far, you caught eight bass? Almost there. I see him! Keep windin’, keep windin’,
keep windin’, hurry! Okay, stop. One, two, three, sah! – [Man] Right here. Stand next to him. – [Deckhand] Look at that. – Just got bit. Another calico. Let’s see what I got here. I think it’s a calico. It’s actin’ like a calico. Here we go. Couple years ago, I would’ve
had my limit by now. But now that they
have to be 14 inches, a lot of these fish
we have to let go. All right, that
one’s gonna go back. (chuckles) All
right, let’s go see if we can get some more fish. This week in The Galley,
I’m gonna cook you up one of my favorite
rockfish dishes. I make this at
home all the time. It’s basic fish sandwich
with local rockfish. Fish that we’re catching here. So what I like to
do is start off with a little bit of olive oil, some butter, just let those both
melt really well. (oil sizzling) You can hear that. Sounds really good. All right, now it’s
time to add the fish. So I’m gonna add two
pieces of fish right here. (oil sizzling) Yeah, the fish won’t
take very long to cook. Add a little bit of salt, a little pepper. I just use black pepper. You can use paprika,
too, if you like. Since this rockfish
is nice and fresh, it’s gonna cook really fast
and you can just watch it as it cooks all the
way through the fish. One of the biggest
mistakes people make when they’re cooking
fish is that they flip it and move it all the time. What you wanna do is let it
take its time and let it cook. While the fish is still cooking, I’m gonna put my
vegetables in here. I have some bell peppers and some onions. I just cook ’em all in the
same sauce pan like this. I’ll put ’em over
the vegetables. Looks really good. Let those vegetables
soak up the juices. Cook up. For the bread, I have toasted
bread that I’ve toasted. I’m just gonna put a little
bit of mayonnaise on here. And to spice it up, I’m
gonna use some wasabi. So I’m kinda making
like a wasabi mayo. Like I said, this is
a very simple dish. I make this lots of
times when I’m at home, maybe watchin’ a football
game, baseball game, I want something simple,
I don’t wanna deep fry it, don’t wanna put a lot of
batter on it, I just do that. Add a little bit of salt. I always like to
add a little citrus, a little bit of lime juice. (oil sizzling) This just looks so good. So I’m gonna start off
with a piece of fish, some bell peppers, some onions, a few more bell peppers. That’s your fish sandwich. Oh, that’s so good. Well, let’s get
back on the water and show you more
exciting action right here on Sportfishing. – [Little Boy] Daddy, bonito! (people murmuring) – [Man] I got mine. – [Man] Oh, bonito! Whoo, see that? – [Man] Another bass! – Bonito!
– Six? – Yup.
– Whoa. (water splashing) – This is Paige, she’s
out here with her dad and her little brother and
she’s been fishing with us on our TV show since
she was about that tall. So she’s out here. One more year left
in high school. – One more year.
– One more year. All right, congratulations. Let that one go,
he’s a little small. (horn blows) (people murmuring)
(seabirds crying) (horn blowing)
– There you go. – Man, it’s pretty wide open
here in that fly line bait. We tried a few spots and
this is the first one that really wanted to bite. There’s my fish
right there in color. There we go. Another nice calico. Nice beautiful fish. Oh, Rachel’s got one on. See what she’s got. Calico. – [Deckhand] Nice! (people talking
in the background) (seabirds crying) – [Deckhand] She lit
the last one, too. – All right, gonna
let this guy go now. (water splashes) There he goes. All right, we’ll take a
little break from the action and when we return, I’ll
be giving you this week’s Tip of the Week. For today’s Tip of the
Week, I wanna talk to you a little bit about how we
caught all the fish today. And it was real simple fishing. You wanted to use a live bait. We had the smaller sardines
today for live bait, so you had to go with the
small hook like a size two, size one maximum, that
worked out the best. And for line, I used
my 65-pound Spectra but on top of that,
20-pound fluorocarbon. And that’s what I caught
all the fish on today. Even the guys catchin’ the
bonito today used 20, 25-pound, and they did well, too. Well, I wanna thank
the crew of the Triton, Captain Shane, Nick and
Mikey, they did a great job. I’m Dan Hernandez hopin’ you
enjoyed this week’s episode of Sportfishing and I hope
you join us again next week as we go looking for more
of the best in Sportfishing.

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