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Fishing at Hyderabad | Jamshoro Al-manzar  | Vlog#9 | Aqeel Pathan ENG CC

Fishing at Hyderabad | Jamshoro Al-manzar | Vlog#9 | Aqeel Pathan ENG CC

What will happen to it? Fish caught from it I also brought garlic along with fish rode Garlic is used to catch fish in summer show me, How to apply You have to hide the entire hook When it looks, I’ll show you how it folded See that the hook is well-filled with floor so that the fish does not understand exactly what is going on. One we have the fish rode and one we will make the fishing hook where is there That’s our Fishing Expert And Rahul will tell us how fishing hook is made right for fishing Rahul see there See, we have come to bahgwah today for fishing This place is a little far from Hyderabad and I will tell you how Rahul is making for fishing Rahul I feel very expressive in fishing How many days do you come for fishing Almost every day we would come for fishing I don’t even know how Rahul is making orders to catch fish in a very good way I too understand how Rahul made it hook Abu You see how Rahul is made this fishing hook Now we have to see what Rahul will do for fishing what is this foam What is it you will do to this foam When the fish is caught in the fork, it will be detected Ok good Just put the rest of the hook inside this wire is to short? balaj put the hook in this ans close it Well, Balaj is working with us today balaj doesn’t work but today balah working Abu, what is in your hand? Fishing Machine Where did you turn his cover? From Abu, my fishing road has fallen somewhere. Now I will accept a new fishing handle from abu father There another hook ready Rahul (mistakenly spoke raju) Rahul made this hook very well I don’t know this technique Rahul has fashioned it and put it in the water And Rahul are waiting for fish I think Rawls is very skilled at catching fish Rahul made a very good way Foam along Fish Road As soon as the fish gets caught in the hook, this forum will begin to move 1 & 2 & 3 The Rahul insert put three hooks into the water, and balaj are still free currnetly no fish have come in fishing hook Hope is the world set in. We are also sitting in the trap waiting to be caught fish They carry people and goods from one side of the boat to the other side Here is the local transport and rahul How much money does it take to move from one edge to the other? Twenty rupees for a motorcycle and ten rupees for per person And they would pull the boat by the hand to the other side The place you see is called Bhaghwa

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