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Fishing Big Jungle Jacks on foot Andysfishing Andy’s Fish Video EP.266

Fishing Big Jungle Jacks on foot Andysfishing Andy’s Fish Video EP.266

Hi everyone, Andy here. And I’m back in the jungle. It’s warming up and I haven’t been in for a long time. I will try to fish a spot where I caught my biggest Barramundi. I have camped the night and I think it’s just after 7am. Lets see if we can catch some Barramundi or Mangrove Jack. It can be hard to get down to the water. Keep looking and you will find a spot. I’m fishing with the Shakesphere 5pc travel rod and Sienna 1000 reel. Yes, oh, dropped him. Try again. I started fishing with a Lively Lure, but now, Ive gone to a Zman grub.
I started fishing with a Lively Lure, but now, Ive gone to a Zman grub. With a weedless worm hook. It is very shallow and lots of weed, hard to see anything. This is my go to style of lure in this situation. It’s very shallow. It will be a bit tough today. Yes, I just got taken. Oh, yes. I will have to go over there. He has taken me a long way into that snag. It could be a Barramundi or Mangrove Jack. I didn’t quite expect that. I knew they would be here some place. It’s over knee deep in here. Lets see if we can find that fish, he is stuck now. Yep, he is still there. Where does the line come out… I’ll hand line him in. He is wrapped around everything. That’s one. Oh, he is still on there. Pass the rod under the tree. He is still going, still pulling. Under this one. Where from here? He as gone under everything! Ok, he is out. It is a nice Mangrove Jack. Right back under my feet. Into the snag. Rod under another tree. He is around my foot. Stick my hand in there. There he is, nice. Look at that Mangrove Jack. Wow look at that. He is almost 50cm long. No wonder he got me into the tree. Lets see. 51cm long even. Beautiful fish.
51cm long even. Beautiful fish. A beautiful Mangrove Snapper. This is the biggest I have caught in the jungle at 51cm long. Hard going and low water, but an amazing fish. He is right to go, off you go. Beautiful. I’m just fishing this hole, and this is a natural disaster… The cane toad is a very bad pest here. I will now help the environment! Get them both out. Find some nice big rocks. To dispatch them. I was just fumbling around.. Dealing with the toads and… And there is a Barramundi sitting right there. You might see it, I can. Drop my lure in front of him. They haven’t been bitting hard today. Yep, got him! That is my kind of fishing. Ahh, love it, love it! Only a small fish, but sight cast, that is cool. So much fun. And a really golden colour too. That makes my day. The Jack was cool, but that was special. Look at the colour on this fish. Beautiful colours, look at that. He will be about 52cm long. They aren’t as heavy fish as a Jack or Snapper. But they grow very quick and fast. The Zman worked. Oh, hello, look at this fish. Release this fish very gently. Oh, no, I just scared the big fish. Damn!
Oh, no, I just scared the big fish. Damn! I will fish here a bit longer now. I think he heard the other fish. Oh, here is another Jack! Right neat him. Caught him straight away, how good is this! Aww, no need to stop filming, cool. Nice, he is out. Lets see if the big Barra comes back. When I knelt down I scared the big Barra. We will fish here a bit longer, I like this spot. That is so cool, Sight cast Barramundi and Sight cast Mangrove Jack. The other Barramundi was huge, around 80cm long. For a spot this small, that is very good. Come on in, and another good fish. He is around the 50cm again. Look at that! He is about 47cm long. Tine to let Mr Jack go. Yep, no good bye, just gone. Wow that was cool, very cool. Here’s todays tip. The wind has come up and it’s a bit after lunch. It feels like the fish are not going to eat any more. When you think you should stop fishing… That’s the time to stop fishing. I have fished on many times and not caught anything. Time to go home.

100 comments on “Fishing Big Jungle Jacks on foot Andysfishing Andy’s Fish Video EP.266

  1. as always awesome video mate , look forward to them every week , your a cool bloke and a gun fisho keep it going .

  2. Done the same thing with my sienna hooked up to a barra and got me into the snag and then tried throwing my rod across the river and landed in about 10ft of water and yes I did go for a swim

  3. +flash more yes we are lucky. But the desire to chase other fish species in other countries is also pretty great.

  4. I enjoy your jungle fishing and would like to have ago at it. Can you give me some advise on how and where to go. Do you have any areas  around Mackay

  5. Hey Andy how many metres of braid do you have on your real because I only bought a 50 m of 8lb kato braid and didnt think i would need any more

  6. Proud of you andy, getting rid of those cane toads is one of our responsibilities as Australians that care for our native fauna.
    Also glad it didnt suffer and was dispatched quickly.

  7. Absoutely awesome video!! Nothing better than sight casting big angry Jacks like that (not that ive done it, would love to though!!)

  8. It's so weird seeing you catch mangrove snappers in a freshwater, weedy creek. Here in the states you'll find them in saltwater canals and around mangrove islands in south FL where it's pretty warm. Occasionally in the winter time you'll catch very small ones up freshwater rivers but for the most part they are like 6in long.

  9. Don't understand why you set the hook so aggressively. Let the fish take the bait first and run then set it. Jesus

  10. you might not want to but tighten your drag so you can set the hook better its caused you to miss a lot of fish

  11. great to see u don't need a boat u can just go on foot and catch jist as good fish maybe even better keep it up Andy loving it

  12. Those jack look evil with their big eyes and teeth. Are these fish you guys usually eat?great video by the way. Looks like a great place to fish and get aquatic plants. 😀

  13. Love the videos, keep up the good work mate! I use the 1000 sienna for bream, flathead and whiting in Sydney, great little reels for the price!

  14. U suck at fishing I am a lobster fishermen and I catch lobsters bigger than that it time you catch a shark or something come even out with me loser

  15. your voice is lowkey pretty annoying dont know if you just voice crack on every sentence or you talk like that but your contents good so ill just have to deal with it keep it bro

  16. What weight line and leader are you running Andy?
    You said it was a 5 piece Shakespeare rod, I can't find any such rod? The Shakespeare Slingshot Engage 4 piece 2-5kg 6.6ft is the closest I could see?

    I recently caught my first Jack at 25cm, was a huge adrenalin rush. I can't wait to catch more 🙂

    Just discovered you on mention from Miller Wilson (another you Aussie youtuber), its great to find another Aussie youtuber and someone who uses affordable gear rather than the top of the range gear!

  17. Hey andy Have you ever tried to go to Cairns? There's lots of big jacks and barras about 2 or 3 months ago, might wanna give it a try next season?

  18. I'm gonna be honest I was searching through the comments to see if there where any haters on you for killing the toads as there was hate when the tarradarrabros killed and ate invasive rabbits and red foxes

  19. hi andy, does your shimano sienna need some maintenance after being dipped in the water few times? just checking out its durability. TQ

  20. Hey mate when? Or are you going back to weekly videos? Some of the best fishing an cooking vids on you tube yet. Ps hoping for more crabbing vids. 🙂🙂

  21. Hey amdy. I did my trip down the occonel but only got halfway. Caught some perch and a big sooty grunter. Seen a catfish nest. Also got a couple of tarpon. Rapids were fun. Be more relaxing if i didnt have to worry about my gear! Will get to the barra tomorrow. I wish we got the mangrove jack in the creels like you do. In the arvo we are doin some live bait fishing at the occonel bridge at the caravan park. Where did you go when you went there?

  22. Since I’m from Europe I have no idea how hard these fish fight, but could you compare jacks to big perch and barra to pike? Or it is completely different?

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