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Fishing Cannon | The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation

Fishing Cannon | The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation

– Ah, fishing. What could be more
relaxing than reaching back and casting your hook and
bobber thing into the water, and then slowly reeling it in, only to do it all over
again, and again and again? Well, now there’s an
innovative way to cut out some of the redundancy of fishing by making your cast a blast. Here’s Albert Lawrence to explain. (upbeat music) – Part of the art
of fishing is in the casting, which is using a fishing
pole to fling a baited hook as far out into the water as possible, and whether it’s a river, lake or ocean, wind, waves and currents
can stymie your efforts to land that bait in the
perfect spot to lure a big fish. But one passionate fisherman reeled in the idea of
combining power and projectiles to launch your line as
far out as possible. – The Sandblaster Baitcaster
is a unique fishing device that allows you to blast your bait 300 yards from shore by just using simple air pressure. – I made my way to the idyllic town of New Ringgold, Pennsylvania,
to meet Dan Triano of Bunker Up Fishing and creator of a bootstrapped,
hand-built fishing cannon. Oh, whoa, this– – This is the place I
had to build to get started. – This really is a bunker. – Absolutely. This is our original prototype. This is where you start, your idea starts to turn into something. And this is the air chamber, and that’s gonna hold the air pressure. And then you have the valve, of course, which you throw open. The faster you open the valve the further the bait’s gonna go. That’s the key to this system. So if I put 100 pounds of pressure in here, and I wanna go 300 yards, I go — like that. – And what goes
in the tube is the bait, but first the bait needs to be molded into a projectile the
fishing cannon can fire. – Now you’re putting everything
inside our bait molds, which is our patented bait mold design. You put your hook, your
sinker, your weight, everything inside there,
and you freeze it overnight. You’re gonna clip onto one of these molds, right on the end, and pull
it out like a ice popsicle. It has your weight, your
bait, everything inside there that you need to catch a fish. – Dan took me to a local lake to see his fishing cannon in action. It didn’t take long to assemble and connect the compressed air tank. – Turn the valve a little
bit, you’ll see it go up. As soon as it gets to 100, shut her down. That’s it, good job. Pull that sucker out.
– I pulled out the molded bait and Dan helped me attach
it to the fishing line and stuff it down the barrel. – Now grab this, and what you’re gonna do is go forward as quick as you can. So I’m gonna say three, two,
one, and you’re gonna go. – Yes, sir. – Three, two, one! There we go! – Nice! – See ya! Go, Albert!
– Look at it! Oh my gosh, look at that!
– What’s up with that? What’s up with that? Look at that, look at that line. Come on, now. – Goodness!
– See ya! – How far do you think that is if you just had to estimate it? – That’s 300 yards because
I have 640 yards of line on this reel. – Wow! I’ve always heard fishing is relaxing, but fishing under pressure is a blast. – Look at the smile on
his face, I told you! – You’re alive!
– I told you! – Yeah, oh my gosh! – Three, two, one. (cheers)

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