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Fishing Challenge GONE WRONG (This Hurt..)

Fishing Challenge GONE WRONG (This Hurt..)

Hey guys what’s going on Macoy Fisher back here and I’m here with Logan And Right now we’re headed out. We’re carp fishing it’s about 5:30 and Today we’re gonna do a little challenge First off we’re gonna make a species challenge. We’re gonna do Carp first and then probably go try and catch some trout and then cook us some largemouth Maybe a crappie or sunfish in between there and then try and catch them small enough as well. So We’re gonna get set up for carpet real quick once we get to the spot and see if we can get in There’s rien lima beans, yeah All right, so the rules are Logan and I we each have two rods and we haven’t rigged up with corn the same thing and We’re gonna have what an hour an hour to try and catch as many carp as possible. Whoever catches the most Out of each spot per species like throughout the whole day Is the winner and then the loser has to do something. We haven’t decided yet hopefully nothing too bad like bad food because we will have to work it for So, yeah Let’s get our lines in the water and get the time started hopefully catch some big car He’s freaking Reagan He’s not performing anymore so he’s coming right towards me. Oh, I think it’s big Hey amateur filmmaker He’s here just put the net in the water on the water I’ll put it into the net All right pick up yep That’s gonna be at least 20 pounds Oh What a beautiful fish it’s probably at least 20 pounds I’d say Definitely my biggest carp. So number one on the board for me Wow, what a fish This thing isn’t long – so sorry. Oh wait wrong probably I’m but yeah, we’ll see if we get some more like it loves us a little girl go Logan is hooked up literally right as I was released Okay, good, don’t let it oh my Definitely don’t let her take you into there. Okay? Right there on the lip No, he’s not the hooks in on that Oh Oh What the hold on look through All right, so I’m loading caught this card and I caught Ya nice tiny little hook in my finger Wow, holy Mackerel Wow that car? What do you think? I think yuge? Not bad for one my secondary call Right well Loading caught his cart and So we’re trying to get the hook out Carp got a little frisky Now my finger hurts I Got I got a got a hook and my finger Logan’s soaked he just fell in down the bank. So I think what I’m gonna have to do Oh and I started to hurt. It’s starting to throb. It’s really deep. I Feel like push it through push it back through. Oh Don’t slip please don’t slip Okay, okay that’s thorough oh My gosh that hurts so bad I’m gonna call my buddy Sean see if he’s awake Everybody, what’s up? I need a little moral support right now I’m just carp fishing and we caught one and I was trying to get the hook out of its mouth and Yeah, I have a cock book stuck in my finger pretty deep oh Okay, thanks so support say yeah Great friend. Yeah. Yeah, he’s working out. It’s like 6:30 know what I file them for. I Think I’m gonna try and cut it maybe No Cut it Here that’s possible Okay, Oh Cho Cho Cho Cho Church Yeah, I feeling so the bar biz down see if I can pull it out now No, you were getting the safety course in this video, yeah, you got to anyone gets there are you’re stuck with a hook. Oh No, no, no that didn’t work the part was not down Holy crap, I got a safety tip. Just don’t get a hook stuck in your finger. Thanks Logan Happen isn’t when he thrashed. Yeah, that’s my finger was a little too close Ah Walks out no more hook in the finger. Here’s the hook Wow, wow that really hurts. Oh Alright This message has been brought to you in part by Logan and McCoy Don’t get your finger stuck in a hook or a focus act in your finger with a carp. Yeah, it hurts really bad Okay, don’t do it. I like that. Don’t get your finger stuck in your hook Is this you get your sunny No Buddy like are you stupid? I Don’t know what to do You ate my corn, this is Hatton 20% you your fault Bitchy situation You’ve got a hard freakin man at cars here somebody I don’t know like what his ability to fight me is so I Thought I got a rock at first really See you buddy. Thanks for literally. Absolutely. Nothing Except for a little excitement. Does that count? No, well, that’s a species Yeah, this is definitely kept that’s a tie breaker though Piece of lima bean. Oh wow Okay, nevermind It’s just cut right through I was losing like 4,000 Shannon Nick beat him anymore. I hate you I’m very dirty enough. That was nothing Fine with it Give up things on tricking you jumped the gun on that one Logan pushed up on a big ern Oh bacon Shame Ando, what see you mondo do the bacon? Come on my rod needs to go now you got five minutes Oh my god That’s for babies estimated many little crowd Or attempting to get the hook out of his mouth here You could think How’s your third carp now? It feels pretty good. Usually, here’s a little baby though what does that mean a winner Logan won the first half of the challenge With a last-second carp, my lines are still in the water because I’m gonna catch a carp but Now we’re gonna head to Brogue are we gonna go out there for the trout? Yeah, we’re gonna go for trout now and I Know I’ll beat him of that. So we’ll see how that goes. All right, we’ll cut you guys in baroque and Now here’s a little bit roll

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