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Fishing chief says No Deal only way to exit the EU on time – and save dying UK industry  – News 247

Fishing chief says No Deal only way to exit the EU on time – and save dying UK industry – News 247

 Boris Johnson secured a deal with EU, before bringing it to Parliament for a special sitting on Saturday The Prime Minister’s deal was overruled by the Letwin amendment – wish forces the Prime Minister to seek an extension to Article 50 from Brussels  Campaign group Fishing for Leave (FFL) is fighting to take back control of British waters and the fishing industry connected to it  FFL slammed the Yellowhammer document, that suggested around 300 EU boats would sail in British waters “illegally” after Brexit  The group have stuck by their mantra of a No Deal being the best way forward for the UK’s departure from the bloc  British fishermen previously pointed to four key problems with the Prime Minister’s deal, which they believe will be damaging to the fishing industry  They have long raged against the European Union’s controversial Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) which imposes strict catching quotas  Former Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, who is now the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster said that from 2021 the UK would control fishing access to a 200 nautical mile zone around its coastline  Free from the shackles of the CFP, Fishing for Leave claims the industry has the potential to double in size if opportunities are grasped post-Brexit  Now, in a statement released on Sunday, FFL said they support a No Deal scenario, rather than Boris Johnson’s current “bad deal”   The statement said: “The passing of the Letwin Amendment vindicates FFLs position that the government is hobbled by parliament, and that therefore would find it extremely difficult to negotiate and implement a suitable Future Relationship to be negotiated should the Withdrawal Agreement pass  “This vindicates our position that those supporting the WA, which they too see as still a bad deal, in the hope the government could remedy it with a good Future Relationship and Free Trade Deal, are basing the strategy on a political reality that does not exist  “The crux of the issue is a Remain Parliament of which the government has lost control and its majority over ” However, the campaign group said they were in favour of Boris Johnson’s “do or die” approach to Brexit   The statement continued: “We welcome Boris Johnson’s statement that he will not ‘negotiate a delay with the EU and nor does the law compel me to do so!’  “If this is the case the government should press on with a clean No Deal Brexit on the 31st of October as mandated by their manifesto that no deal was better than a bad deal ” But the statement continued, although “the Government was to be commended to salvage a deal from the dire one they inherited”, it is still not “good enough”  The statement read: “We therefore now implore MPs and the government to recognise that with this parliament a deal is irretrievable and therefore to press ahead to a clean No Deal exit on the 31st of October with No extension sought or granted by the EU   “Enough is enough! Parliament has had its chance and failed. “It is time for Her Majesty’s elected government to ‘take back control’ and leave – as mandated and legislated for – on the 31st of October – with No Deal instead of this bad deal!” Since taking over as Prime Minister, Mr Johnson has stood firm on the fishing industry  In his first speech as leader, he said the UK would soon become an “independent coastal state”  But Brexit Party chairman and MEP Richard Tice ripped into Mr Johnson’s revised EU deal, saying it will allow Brussels to “drive a coach and horses” through Britain’s long-suffering fishing industry Trending  Mr Tice attacked Mr Johnson’s revised agreement at a meeting in Parliament to launch the Renaissance of the East Anglian Fisheries’ (REAF) post-Brexit strategy  The group claims British vessels in the southern North Sea would see a sevenfold increase in their quota catch and a 25 percent increase in non-quota catch if the UK was released from the CFP

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