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Fishing Day at Coyote Pond

Fishing Day at Coyote Pond

Hi, My name is Jennifer Mata. I am the Field Manager with the Redding BLM. Behind us you’ll see kids participating in the third annual kids fishing day. I’m Eric Coulter. I am with the Redding BLM Field Office. We are out here at Coyote Pond in the Sacramento River Bend Outstanding Natural Area. We have an opportunity for the youth to be able to come out and enjoy America’s Great Outdoors and so we partner with Bend Elementry School to create this fishing day opportunity for kids to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and be able to learn about aquatic life and the ecosystem we have here. So three years ago we decided to partner with Bend Elementry School and create this partnership to allow the youth to come out once a year for a kids fishing day. So one of the great values of this event is that we create an opportunity for the youth to get outside and enjoy America’s public lands and the great outdoors. So the great thing about this event is seeing these kids enjoy themselves in the outdoors. Some of these kids, the looks on their faces and the experience they get to have catching these fish are priceless. Many times this is their first opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and do an activity
like fishing. You guys see any fish down there? Yeah, Look! Hi, my name is Nancy Haug. I am with the Bureau of Land Management in Northern California. Today, I am out at Coyote Pond working with kids who are learning how to fish. In many cases they haven’t been even in the outdoors. So today is a really great day, it’s the best of all worlds because we get youth out on public lands and they get to practice
doing something they don’t get to do everyday. Today at the Bend fishing day we caught this Valley Garter Snake, this thing will swim around the pond and catch tadpoles and little insects. I like that we get to hang out here with our friends and also catch fish. To find out about more BLM youth programs contact your local field office.

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