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Fishing for clues

Fishing for clues

So I was working at a medical triage facility based out of Seattle And what we do is provide telemedicine services to remote, Alaskan fishing boats who are anywhere from 10 days to two weeks out from land at any given time. I received a call from a 47-year-old gentleman who had a very interesting rash that nobody had ever seen before — purple vesicles all over his body but most concentrated on his lower legs. The medical doctors and providers were all stumped by the case so I decided to upload it on Figure 1 to see if anybody recognize this particular rash and shortly after I uploaded it, an internal medicine resident suggested that we run an HIV test and it came back positive. I just thought this was a great case because, through the help of a Figure 1 user, this gentleman was able to get what in my opinion is life-saving treatment.

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