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Fishing for King Salmon from Shore – Napanee Salmon Run 2019

Fishing for King Salmon from Shore – Napanee Salmon Run 2019

How you doin’? Okay so we’re down by Nappanee Falls by
that train bridge thing there and Ben’s And Ben’s doing his normal thing of just going and talking to other fishermen trying to figure out the scoop and we’re
waiting for Luke and it’s raining but they’ll still bite in the rain so let’s see what we can do Hello.
Hello. Looks like Benny is all good to go.
Yep. Chest waders are the cats meow. You can walk right out in the water. How’re you gonna get him up here? He hit it? Yeah, he got it in the mouth. Hey, I got a net, you want me to grab my net? I don’t know if I should walk over there
and get her I mind but I don’t want to spook her and you lose her. Benny’s out there trying to net a salmon. Oh my god, look at the size of that Ben. Look at the size of that thing dude. That is a monster fish dude. Look at the size of that. Nice, what’s your name man?
Gavin. Awesome. Look at Gavins catch. Oh man, look at the size of that thing. Geeze Never seen one before. When you’re fishing with me, it’s always an adventure. all right still got my coffee still got my rod Oh! I’m good. hah That one was slippery. I’m on Yes Lukes on Hey He’s fighting one. beautiful Luke You grab the net maybe? No! He let go! What a shame. Did you see that? Right in the corner of the mouth.
Yeah Yeah hahaha Oh well, there’ll be more. Thanks Benny! Oh give him drag Benny! Benny’s on! You got a good hook-set he’s coming up he’s gonna turn on you I’m gonna walk him over here Oh yeah!
Yes! Let’s show the uh hook-set –
Where the hooks are on camera Yep, look at that right in-side Right in his mouth, he grabbed that egg sack Oh Yeah listen that’s a bucket-list fish for me right here haha How happy are you man?
Oh, thrilled man! You get a picture with it?
Just wait I want in there. Ugh Uugghh Sorry big fella but, Dude, they’re so powerful man what do you do? whoa Ohh-lright Oh, it’s got drag, it’s got drag
I don’t know I hit the water and then I was hooked up so I don’t know if I’m
actually properly hooked in I’m on the tail. Oh yeah. Darn. So we’ll just unhook him, like,
get him close and unhook him. Yeah. Shoot Well, we can show what, like, we’re trying not to do, you know? this is how you don’t wanna hook ’em
yeah it’s an accident that thing is huge man. Oh my god. Oh here we go No way! Is it running? Yep! Awesome. What do you got on yer line there? Oh, I think a salmon. Or a Sal-mon as they call it in Greece.
No. No. In ze Greece? Yes!
Whoo! how do you feel man? I’m feeling great. Just great. Let’s get in on this hookset. Oh it popped out.
It was, you can tell where it tore. Yep, that was in the mouth I saw it in the mouth. What do you think the weight on that is Luke Oh it’s a good – it’s got a belly on it.
You got one dude! Grab hard like that.
Alright Whoo hoo.
Can you take a picture out of this? I can, yeah. Alright, my first salmon Luke you should get in on that too Show it to these guys, show it to these guys. Oh! Dude.
Just a little splash good-bye. Oh, my heart’s just like pumping How did that feel?
That felt great that was such a good
fight. What happened?
The head shakes were just so big just – Were you just reeling it? Were you straight reeling? Uh, Yeah, No I was kinda had my line slightly slack but I still had a bit of tension in it,
and all of a sudden it was just like weight. and I was like ‘that’s a rock’, then I felt the shake and I was like ‘That’s not a rock’ The look on your face was unbelievable. Do you want to show us what you were using dude? Yeah. So uh, thanks to Benny for sharing his last egg sack with me. No problem dude. Sharing is caring.
Poud it for that. And uh, just an egg sack with this like spoon that might I dad actually had I don’t know what it’s called.
It’s the no-name, uh, it’s a mystery spoon. Hooks were all rusted out so I just switched out the hooks. Yeah it’s just like a – Kind of like a wobbler it’s –
He ate those eggs. Yeah, alright cool man. Well that’s a wrap.
Yeah Three fish landed, two proper hookups.
Yep. Okay, hope you liked what you saw, hit that like button if you did I got my first salmon Benny got his
first salmon. Luke hooked up a couple times he was trying a different fishing
method though trying to float fish. My voice cracked there. Anyways hit that
subscribe button if you want to see more and we’ll catch you later

8 comments on “Fishing for King Salmon from Shore – Napanee Salmon Run 2019

  1. Nice work boys! Both got one. When Ben spilled on the rocks early on I thought fer sher that looked painful.

  2. Very Cool!!!  I'm in this video…@ 3:16 seconds in, on the other side of the river with my boy Berkley; the big white and black dog and named after the baits.I saw and watched you guys fishing and thought it was great to see people NOT trying to snag them.I grew up fishing this area and running up and down in the water from the top of the falls; yeah, I've fallen down the entire Falls, to what we called goose sh!t island.Well done, gentlemen!

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