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Fishing for Mullet in LRF – Pesca de Taínhas em LRF

Fishing for Mullet in LRF – Pesca de Taínhas em LRF

there he is is always fun hi, today I am trying a new rod from Savage Gear another Custom UL with 2-7grams a very small rod has you can see very good for Trouts will be perfect for Barbel and is very good for Mullet I am fishing with a small jig with 2 grams and a little white ragworm, today they only want white don´t know why but we need to give them what they want there he is Guess Gil Eanes (the boat)give me luck need to do this fast because of the waves please work with me is now This is slippery There she goes here it is let´s see if is big If it’s a bit bigger or not For now it seems to be Can be more fighter It seems like it’s just more fighter. would be nice to fish a big one but today I am only get small ones is what they want Either way this one is fighter come here enough another one there she goes here it is they are always fun It is not no monster either But with this light rod it’s always fun Try not to fall come here The one who jumped there was bigger They are slippery and another The rod to be tried today is not very big I’m going to take it over here so as not to scare the other fish Let’s see if she does not run away at the end. There she is where is the hook? Savage Gear Ragworm and a small mullet but is always fun here it is small but… one more come here I can still go to the water. only small fish today here it is I will go swim for sure open my hook another small one Today is the day of the little ones Do not get me dirty

37 comments on “Fishing for Mullet in LRF – Pesca de Taínhas em LRF

  1. This video has English subtitles, please use if you don´t understand Portuguese.
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  2. It is exciting that you have good access to both salt and freshwater. The mullet fish is interesting to me. Thanks for the great video Joao and also the English subtitles.

  3. eu ando mortinho por ver alguém ou eu XD aflito com uma tainha de 3kg ou mais como as que andao por ai…. já vi a sair uma a pescar a francesa com 2,900kg e o homem teve prai 10 minutos agarrado ao canelao a rezar po elestico não rebemtar, num carrinho de spining ate deitava fumo xD

  4. Hey man great video I was wondering if you could give me a shout out I know that's kinda blunt and up front and I apologize I know we are strangers but I could really use some help I have a decent amount of views from some friends but not a ton of subs will you please give me a shout out and tell your subs about me I'm a fishing channel please help me out

  5. Great job, John – today you put the "catching" into the "fishing"!  I've seen you catch the mullet before and you are indeed the Mullet Master.  They are obviously fierce fighters for their size so your nice new rod was able to handle them very well.  Have you ever taken a cruise on that big boat?  Thumbs up, Don

  6. Me encanta esa pesca tan sutil , siempre miro tus videos de calidad excelente, saludos

  7. Boas João. Já dei uma olhadela nos teus videos de lrf às tainhas mas se puderes indica sff umas amostras, cores, gramagens para fazer aqui umas brincadeiras na baia do seixal. Ha alguma loja aqui na zona do seixal ou setubal com material savage? Obg

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