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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


Honeyyyyy Guys my voice is almost completely gone I’m always yelling in my vlogs You know that Ey yo Good Morning, Logang! What’s poppin? Today i hate to say this I might reel it back a bit BUT IT’S STILL GONNA BE LIT And ugh I’m not doing a good job so far if you are not a part of the logang make sure to subscribe we’re the strongest family on youtube. we just released a disstrack yesterday It has let me check here 150,000 likes in 15 minutes so poppin. ok right now that guy right there i’m just learning how to fly a drone. we’ve attached a piece of meat on a string. Hey kong look at the piece of meat You got an Los Angeles ass dog he’s hollywood as f*ck as it’s meat bro my dog’s a vegan hippie I wanna test my drone skills while kong chases the meat IT WORKED It was on the ground. It’s not. Oh Sh*t alright he’s taking the bait Go!! You got it kong!!! it’s stupid I can’t tell if he’s like barking at the drone or he wants the food Why does my dog suck at being a dog, just eat the meat What’s that What happened? Is that Kong? He knows its not vegan Dammit it was foiled again i’m literally on him the meat peanut butter is on him this is so stupid You are an idiot!! BE A DOG! NOOO So this is what i mean im still learning how to fly the drone yo the best thing about having funny friends is when my voice is gone i can rely on them to be funny My vlogs are bro! hahahaha I know exactly where this went. This neighbor—Kong has actually ran into her yard twice
So she’s cool BUT So that’s a thing, if you’re not a part of the logang make sure to subscribe you dont want to miss this litness bro turn the notifications on do it all have you seen the music video? THE SANA DISSTRACK, i know for a fact Santa did not see that coming What are you gonna do when you’re such a savage also like i said earlier cop your maverick merch we got some stuff back in stock Everybody wanna be a Maverick what are you gonna do LOGANPAUL.COM/SHOP OR LINK IN DESCRIPTION Get yourself or a loved one something nice for Christmas And join that Maverick Movement Logang i love you all and I’ll see you tomorrow Take it easy fam Peace Credits @Anime 101. Link in Bio. Subscribe. Thanks. LOGANG4LIFE!!


  1. Why would you destroy that!!!!???? THATS LIKE 1000 DOLLARS I would love to have that mavic pro and you purposely destroyed it!

  2. Love you you’re doing a great job love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘

  3. Wjos that santa looking at take yo gifts and givemem back maverick merch its were its amgot the hoodie got the uat

  4. I love all of your videos I watch them all and today of watch this one and I've watched your blog that you did today but I've came back this one and I'm buying Maverick Merch this Christmas I've been in the low gang since you've been making them at the Scribe to all of your videos and I'm in the low gang

  5. all the who is here in/after some shit comments are soooo fucking annoying!!!
    like dude…..grow up…get some fucking sense and stop copying dumb shit!

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