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Fishing for My PB Smallmouth Bass | Willamette River Oregon

Fishing for My PB Smallmouth Bass | Willamette River Oregon

what’s up YouTube welcome back to
another episode today we’re out here fishing the Willamette River my favorite
spot to catch smallies so check it out real quick and yeah we’re gonna be using
tubes maybe the TRD spinner bait maybe a
crankbait I’m gonna throw everything I can out there to catch them swallowing
today hopefully we can try to break my PB which is probably like a 3 pounds or
something let’s see what happens guys stay tuned alright so I was walking on
these rocks and right in front of me right over
there’s a smallmouth bass just cruising it’s tiny guy but maybe maybe he’ll bite
woohoo that water is cold this is why I wear water shoes so I can do awesome
things like this I target this whole area right here pull smallie out of here maybe we’ll catch one that’s moving with
the current oops got my ass with no fish in there let’s go
back switch to a crankbait and we’re gonna try a new technique they don’t
want to try out today just for you guys this water is freezing don’t step on
anything that’s wet you’ll die whoa which to the TRD my favorite bait to use
catches everything anytime anywhere let’s see how it does what the heck’s going on! I haven’t been able to catch a smallmouth yet! let’s give this guy a few casts see what
he can catch That was a horrible cast get a second here we go Oh! he hit it! he hid the crank I bet I can catch that
one that’s over there dude where is he
they’re followed that time alright so we haven’t caught any fish been like an
hour so we’re gonna move out from the spot the spots not being productive
right now let’s see what time it is it is 9:18am i been fishing for about 40
minutes with no luck I have seen smallies but they’re just not biting
today yeah I did have a couple chase my crank bait they just weren’t committing
Oh human maybe? got shallower than last time I was here. all right we made it to the other side
that’s where we were fishing now we’re over here I mean they’re here
Oh got a bite oh no he got off got’em yes oh right
look at that first smallie of the day not a bad one too there we go check him out first one to
the day that’s a good-sized one oh my god
it’s a good size little guy though still something I’m still looking for that
three pounder here he goes alright guys we caught our first fish on
Zman TRD TRD it’s just right behind me sitting in
the pool over there and he smoked this little TRD man
it’s about catch them right there got’em
it’s a small guy hes fighting pretty good though your get off that
rock oh yeah smallie number two boom! not bad
these guys are a little bigger than last time
He swallowed the TRD look at this guy awesome lets let him go cuz he’s
bleeding pretty good where you going? it’s underneath that rock that was
awesome let’s try the let’s try my crank lets try my crankbait out see if i can catch on the
crank oh damn! big blow up over there there we go got a good cast on this one got him oh it’s a nice one that’s a nice
one that’s a good one oh yeah oh yeah that’s a good smallie that’s a good smallie
oh man so much fight that’s a good smallie that’s a good smallie oh my god yes oh-ho
yeah that is awesome look at this guy it’s gonna be like at least a pound a
quarter there’s got like 20 text messages man this guy’s smoked it all right give me a second get the hook out finally got some fish grips is gonna be
easy to weigh him this time weighs one point 8oz eight ounces not bad
deduct a little bit from the scale maybe a pound and a half put that away off he goes nice fish on the crank man that was my
second cast on the crank over here that was awesome what’s up guys quick update we’ve caught
two fish 2 TRD got one on the crank bait and we haven’t even moved halfway
yet it’s barely like the second spot we hit
on the way but we’re gonna catch more hopefully some bigger ones too so stay
tuned guys just got a bite over there there’s a rock over there it’s a
big boulder and the fish was right next to it I feel like a pretty good fish too
man there he goes there he goes got him oh yeah oh yeah its a good one that’s a good
one that’s another good one he’s small oh no he’s good size yeah oh here’s a
good one trouble here man what’s going on oh no this one’s nicer than the other
one this one swallowed it a little bit look at that
let me get that thing out of its mouth to let this guy go quick cuz he started
bleeding a lot he swallowed a bee pretty good come on guy here goes he’s gonna be okay yeah he’s gone you’ll be okay got it oh you came off no oh that would
have been the first trick baby fish of the day man I saw him come up to man oh
my god

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  2. This place is very beautiful!Congratulations beautiful FISHING! Havea great week!👍🎣😎

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  4. Hey man. Do you mind if I ask where this is? Im new to the area (Portland) and have been looking for some good bass spots, with not much luck.

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