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Finally, on the last day, you will teach me how to fish finally well how’s it been soft this week fishing wise let me down over the ocean we haven’t
really had a chance the first chance we had gotten this
bigger fish in the ocean yep there we go energy is your
pomegranates here started a lack of logins but uh believe it or not we somehow had the
creative ability to make some skins for you guys so if you enjoyed those uncle
Larry I’ve agreed to let him teach me how to fish and we’re not just doing out
in the sound we’re going to the ocean on to the beach and you’re gonna show me
everything so like I’ll never need to ask you like hey and like you bait my
hook or like hey can you pass that for me on that you already know and I’m
gonna film it so you guys almost like the construction series or me job
hunting you guys get to get a taste of how to
fish so its educational on top of entertainment ok right this will be the polls it’s
supposed to be taller than me or is that just an unfortunate to pull on the isn’t
wholly shit is there now what’s the difference here these two is there like a skill difference so you
can do that that the the difference here is this is my pole and this is your so
he was huge I get that a lot why but uh now i’m no seriously I mean now
that I know that you’re married you keep it seriously on a on the surf you
usually want to use something really long ok it just you get more like 40 or
they’re exactly gotcha but just since you’re just learning it
doesn’t matter with the kitty bowl yes we’re not we’re not giving you
anything really great to use because I their last thing I want you to do is to
drop my you know I don’t want a fifty-dollar real and the second yeah do
that and realize that expensive yeah all right so I’m giving you a you
know a beginner’s pole alright that works you gotta start
somewhere that has to be cast out far it just has to because I’m right-handed do
I have my right hand up here and then we’ll be real with your left hand ok it’s probably a video game really
it’s not that much different except for sometimes there’s nothing happening is a
perfect day because a little cloudy little stormy and how much breeze right
now so it should be flat and an animal crossing and things like that biggest fish or when it’s raining out
yeah usually want to use gotta guys when i’m talking to like my character make a
video game comparisons I really am NOT there’s like that he’s
ready to go there you so still a little salty after getting
stranded on the island yeah a little salty you want me some
water we only take this apart so it’s not a
leaning on the back here and across wiser across this one will fit your days
there will be this is our last day will be leaving at five thirty morning
tonight I know maybe some of you guys want to
experience a vacation with us but believe it or not I’ve been kind of
vlogging the whole seven days and that vlog will come out tomorrow once i get
back home and I actually have some decent internet so we ran into a lot of
fans this week yes I’m crazy it’s been awesome I’m
ready to go yeah alright cool we see if Tom wants to
go see if he wants to learn or maybe the film yes Michael yeah yeah because that will
get a little i can’t really fish and film to go pro good tom your handiwork sure pokemon lore that’s the one thing screw catching fish we catch a Pokemon
fucker pick that sweet i’m not even a blog the way there because you’re
missing pokemon opportunities days is the long stretch of road I’ve been
running three miles every day in the scorching heat and pokemon go you know I’m sure everybody securing
about it but you guys that play know how awesome it is it is incentivize my runs
it is made me want to go out running because I get pokemon my beginner pole holders sure we got
bait yeah i was in the cooler now it’s in a
minute baggage what’s with the it is where our
slingshot pipes there yeah these are you put these in the sand
hold the pole you know to just leave it that’s it
we’re sitting down right like that or whatever just leaving well you can just leave him in there am i up to you uh put five bucks down to
enter into the fishing tourney and it’s too late now is it is it you can’t you
can’t put in after you catch a fish got you also before so you’re putting five dollars and is
that what you’re saying do you think that catfish I don’t know we’ll find out you never
know only fish out there that’s what they say
that’s right quoted the Tom cross the road to catch a
pokemon on the other side that means that no cross there are no mark yeah and people died PSA PSA
announcement that’s running public service announcement announcement
go fuck yourself calm about the hook so many dick yeah the court trials a snake oh yeah that’s why I’m here with the
camera zoom lens nude beach Tom stripped down the nude beach probably not but I musubi guys probably
not best that’s our kernel what is that over there right the
turtles that nest it swirls yes fertile than that turtle turtle nest
so you can go over there you can’t go inside that kind of work
call . well have you called a turtle before on a
fishing pole yes I had found out today that was that kind of render them like
killed like that everyone at all I’ll just come off take a big look at
you can’t bring them in there – what – damn heavy catching and you’re like cut the line
let him go what have you hook a fish does that kill them no not left and swallows it you can’t
get it out what lengths will recover from it oh yeah like Jesus walking real for heavy duty he has ever since the prank has not been
happy in here – just looking for a really
fucking catch mr. what yeah it’s that Piper that Piper bird before finding Dory there’s a great pics
are short of a little Piper birds pretty awesome this is it were feeling far enough away from people so welcome because that shit you don’t call me that big pitch I love with what’s nastier than that
what is it called that’s called bait now what is it wish I pulled out myself oh really fish yeah you do that what they want you to go look at me I’m
so ill prepared for this I should have put Bob because you don’t
want to get your snakes with their put it on yours now tipsy but not it no wait
what ever met and it’s also it will bring the baby to school it’s just like the proven bait to catch
fish Jack what round are down here blue fish
and you can just literally cook that shit up as soon as you catch it right oh yeah go back to clean it you have to
clean it all right so put 50 on right on we’re going to use four ounces and we’re
using pyramid because it sticks in the sand a little bit better and yeah that
makes sense yeah so Illuminati I think I should show
you my pool first okay all right is at hand okay all right
so take a piece of the bait like that right let me get my dad setup is pretty cool glitter on their litter that actually
attracts them tracks of giving something sparkling like that’s what you got to do this what you wear sneakers down here jay-z’s oh it’s a bust my balls even in
real life I’m sorry he’s already given mission for
the video camera so i got it I don’t think I’ll ever get used to me
doing daily video now shucks go again you go through the meat like that right right turn around and come back
the other way like that right now looks like you’re doing and not yeah that’ll put it on there really I’ll get mine out I’m going to move down been a pretty big piece you have an
official usually generally big here so the bigger the peace the bigger the
fish yeah all right that there’s always the same big big big fish big guy big dick about fishing anyway when you put your
spike in right home keep the point inside out towards the
water working back and forth and that’ll be sorry I probably should be using that
too much because then I won’t know the fish on a pole right you’ll see it well you’re really okay so how how you
can stand out keep your finger that’s it this thing’s
ready we’re going to put my finger on the line like that right my open his
bail is just going to fall right guys I opened the bail like that and now I’m going to kill you seems dangerous with a big hook like
that remember one friend was fishing right
next to me and you got it right in my eye bra I bring
the great cat ok it’ll be all right just like the second
series that huh so then now i put my bait runner all
you’re locked in yeah he was going to leave that’s it really thats it was general is your
general rule like okay a fish every 20 minutes or is there a
little bit or you can wait hours but you don’t want to leave your fade out there
for more than a half hour cuz then again you feel when you got to get another
people obviously it looks like there’s some on there right now you see now
that’s just the weed like it will start the man really been
yet Joshua and you can go you sure nothing’s on there it’s free i got my bait runner on it
Rihanna so what happened mom what if i click this over right
people it yeah all right you pick that over up there ok that way back in the day mr.
Sauber when I was younger and he showed me that like if you Bob your bait up and
down your pole it makes it look like it’s alive oh yeah that’s right generally out here in the ocean it’s
doing it all by itself for the waves in the time yeah I’m just . camera everybody’s here
somewhere starting to sound like your character
ridiculous I’m trying I’m trying to show that a year has passed since we got on
the island I’m trying to show him how to uh I’m showing I’m showing the judges how to fish did
oh yeah I’m not filming I’m I’m not putting it you want i want
what do you want to be at well I guess between you guys they’re right about yeah i think i might get a good time you
get all the camera come on line is having on or just what i
want to show them the process he’s coming all right what the hell is this what is that what is with the the I
don’t know they’re like tribal-looking the feather yeah what does that do this
it will get wet and it kind of looks like a fish almost on there like maybe take oral like the like the
fish with the light on the end of it and it they work with jail gadget to the
attraction thing all right good time alright so always make sure the disk
part of you right where your string right here for this part of your mail this is going
down feel free to get close it’s pretty high pretty loud yeah the veil is we want the line lined
up with your hole ok let’s go that way you can hold it
right there and I put that of glory and then i’m going to turn ya got you want to try it I’m ready to go all
right let me get away all right yeah you know I’m and I’m backing up to yeah you get on this side I’m going to
catch this one all right I don’t want to fuck you man I’ve been
hooked before it’s not pretty yes don’t body that’s right yeah going to bring it back and then go hard as I can ok I think you’re not thinking of line
snapped or something you’re off to early yeah I definitely what I do I start wrap around the engineer past glassware make sure as you see all wrapped around
me like that so that what happened no I think you just like I don’t let go until I’m literally
throwing yeah you’re too kind of . with your finger
when the with the rod tip when it’s going out you just kinda like that you’re just going like
that was shooting a gun yes pak beng good all right there you go try again another you got to put that
fail movements and getting that that’d be fine yet another natural flavor and wash it
off don’t forget to put the bill with the bill there you go I can have it already back like this not bad that’s like a real inmate now I put that
is that this country all right it’s heavy feels like I got some really like this how strange that i get a running start like that running start here come over and make sure I’m doing it
right got it string with that just run it a shot and try to find the waves not bad get down there tonight further like it I mean we swim in this
shit I don’t remember fish ever being around
there there’s fish in there berlin yeah what about it spots them you don’t even
have to bail back to vintage felt digit ok I got something it takes out this yo yo yo we want to you know i’m feeling so I’m talking on
that it that’s the Dipsy probably yup , and how is that like if you back the shit coming across the sand I mean how deep is the ocean get like I
gotta go deep to get yeah you got to try to really get it out there Tommy so filming yeah I’m not the show
off the juggies where do you see this one well anything that comes out is gonna be
a big one on your pole we have quiet video was deeper than thought sounds like we’re going to enjoy singing
mario party yeah not the part is there is something that’s the bank wait for why you want to right really they’re longer so you go out
there got it because it with more sideways that
straight Langley they want to go later ya later then yeah I wanted everybody like this still learning Joe you still learned
that straight up I read it give you a little black first can I do to regret let the Baylor art happy let it go but here it is not much fun these parts out the judges
are gonna be like well Jesse’s not far off from its character he played in the
series i’m assuming someone to learn this man i
mean is i am looking at the structure you pick up like I chico to chico time get on this
entry code put your put the real in between your your fingers there so and
then just use one finger hold it like what the hell is my problem there you went like this you had your hand
like this and you had two fingers like this put it like this and put your finger
like that you’ll be able to control a lot better it’s like the wall right are you gaming
your other hand should be down here and you know the other thing is like you
have it face down it’s a maybe God you look like this well people like this right now yeah either he’s a bad teacher i’m a bad
layer between here so you did you’re being there that’s it I is a good teacher told me how to do
I’m just not good at that tail it up good better how to win bill there what I think I’m good have it over my line Robin he didn’t really it’s real any faster I think it’s called playing football everybody let’s go
wrong from three behind you – out friday and
throw in my life you don’t want to go that that shit she believed we had a pretty long and
alignment you gotta get up grilling you know there well that’s why it’s a whole fucking series
about them did you feel that I’m and it yeah seized up I mean nobody got seeing
the back freaking best of the whole real and
everything and over and over and that’s why it’s a
whole series of value that is why is the thing I just we got up driving me crazy I look how’s a good cast up in fact it’s tangled not a big deal want to look at the fish bike for the kids are
you serious using the other hand on the wheel official mind and simply messing around
you heard somebody with that bullshit on track how are you doing this kid around I got like get up and do it right we can’t use this one now I want to use
mine fish don’t even know right now I don’t think anything will
post the video now that ship and is like legit to me all right it’s offered you can start it over – my hole and just cut that part out and this
actually work yet I don’t know maybe people should see
that shit clearly the series was inspired by a
real real temper he’s casting fire yet so this is growing thank you don’t gotta get home and take it all
apart and watching around the handle ruined I think I’m gonna I think I’m
gonna just saying the video just not i’m going to put the camera in the truck all right because yeah he’s been easily
get pissed all week yeah that’s pretty legit a just the camera i mean i don’t
like I don’t blame you know where the camera is not for everyone right and
it’s like he has got legitimately pissed off this week just goes with i’m filming
so much but I got to get content out for you guys and you know get some videos
but you could say it’s you it’s not too far off you know he’s getting it is
cleaned out at some point or I got to get back to down take it for how much was this isn’t that expensive
that’s like it let you but you don’t put in sand or water and
salt water think you don’t know bird ok my red am i turning red right now not that I felt good all right James I
don’t forget to subscribe for more content go extremely susceptible I guess
we’ve enjoyed it hope you guys learned how to fish I did barely don’t tangle someone’s line
I don’t even think it was angled i am getting a bite – I need to decide what
to post that or not that’s alright days LOL death and we have a good summer and don’t forget to keep the rigid oh my
god I can’t believe that I can’t believe it the worst thing was that you had a freak
official in there at the end of the trip to the thank you still out the boat that’s all it is yeah i
think it is really just is pissed about that you didn’t see me too anyways it was pranking back yeah okay
out of everyone that he got the worse and I haven’t asked him to a lot of
videos the spill just leave the salt spring on the lens
yeah i’m gonna put that thank you come about let’s go get some pokemon so we’re going
to Pokemon

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  5. The Thing About Fishing You Can't Be To Close To Someone
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