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Fishing in Ees Drenthe (spoken in Dutch) -SUBTITLED-

Fishing in Ees Drenthe (spoken in Dutch) -SUBTITLED-

Hello The first fish is Caught. Its a Bass. Not alarge one or something like that but still. With my brand new bait. Im going to unhook this one real quick so.. I’ll stop filming for a sec. Of course but still nice first catch isnt it? You’ll never want to be not happy about your… First catch. More might come. But I didn’t fish agressive I acted really calm and just gave it a few… Slight jumps. And than suddenly the reeping vecame heavier and boom… The forst catch was made. Without any fight. Here can i have the rod. Than you can film me. The second fish of today is caught. Another small bass. Second small bass. I’ll release it right now. He’s leaving. Yes you see the fishes are scared off. Probably because we are making too much noise. Maybe you’ll be able to see them but I’m not sure about that. There is our first fish of this day. Do you have him? The second fish of today is caught. Are you getting him unhooked? And than now the fish…. Until he’s a bit less active. Nice timing isn’t it.? I can maybe… No wait maybe the glove is still in the car. If you decide to tke him by hand. Than grab the steel wire. I saw him going to the lily pads. So I pulled him the other way. Yess!!! Nice fish nice fish but I’m quickly going to release him cause… He’s been on land for quite some time right now. This one is a lot more slimy than the others. I’ll quickly release it. Okay so my dad brought me over cause he said he’s got another fish. So than I’ll respond and I’ll get back to my dad. You’ve caught another one?? This one is a bit bigger than the last one isn’t it? You said you had luck?? You know luck is for the stupid people. Edited by colincrafts.

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