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Fishing in Greece Day 05

Fishing in Greece Day 05

6th day, 5th day, 6th day. 5th 5th day. Today we are goning to try fishing for seabass. In the middle of the day. We are hoping for windy weather and stained water because this tricky fish is hiding when the water is clear. That’s my idea of it anyway. Nice report, I like it. On 5 grams. It’s not necessary. I don’t know what it is yet. I think it’s a Horse Mackerel. Yes, it is a Horse Mackerel. Yeah? There are Dorados here. Hello. Darko, nice to meet you. Vlada. One day I saw 5 of them. They were about 5kg each. Wow man, those are nice fish. It happens when the wind is blowing. And there are waves. Then it hunts and jumps aout of the water. It begins far out. And then it gets closer and closer to the shore. What time of the day? Was that before noon? Yes, it was about noon. But the Moon was in waxing gibbous phase. The last 2 – 3 days is not so good for fishing. How long are you staying? We are leaving tomorrow. Did you have a good time? It was great but the time went by fast. We were going from place to place all the time. Check out those dorados. We will. Today we are going to fish for Seabass. Thank you for the information. My friend was here last year, he makes those twitchbaits. I was on the phone with him yesterday. Tell him that you meat Kopra and say hello to him. The World is a small place. Yes, especially Serbia. Have a safe trip back. Thank you. Good bye! Tootkowhatz! Greetings to Jordanov. Pencil Popper 110. It’s a nice one. Should I film it? Yes please, there’s a camera in the backpack. In the left pocket. Thank you. Thank you. It is a nice one. Pencil 85. Way to go mrale! Very nice fish. Bravo! How was today’s fishing? It was great. Darko caught a nice fish and now he is buying coffee. It would have been better if the wind wasn’t so strong. Megalo Lavraki. Megalo. In stained shallow water with lots of weeds and 200 km/h wind. On the DUO Realis Pencil 85. In a fluorescent colorway. Thank you for watching, see you tomorrow!

8 comments on “Fishing in Greece Day 05

  1. Super zanimljiv video, a mogu misliti koji je osecaj izvlaciti toliku ribu na taj stapic a tek udarac…
    Bravo jos jednom

  2. Megalo lavraki 😉
    Bravo guys
    Your videos are amazing
    Just I would like to please you , if it is possible to put some English subtitles

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