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Fishing in Greece Day 8

Fishing in Greece Day 8

The 8th day! A fish broke off Vlada’s line here in the marina on softbait Broke off … Čičko Fazli* Jašar* We will continue with Street Fishing. There’s a hole in the bottom. Ake bas* DUO je vrlo dobar. Čičko Fazli, show us the net. Look at this. It’s a RGB net for Mackerel. Hand me over the Net to land the first fish with it. There you go. Čičko Fazli handing it over. That’s it, the first fish with the new net. OPA! What is it? Maybe here. It came off. Look at this! And this! F*%k! C’mon, c’mon! C’mon! It’s a small one. A Seabass. OPA! WOW! Bravo! Is it a good one? Yes, but there is plenty of weeds here, it can get stuck. It’s a better one. Immer einen Fisch voraus. I can’t see where it is. It is still far out, in the current. I can tell by the line. It is out of the current. Ribolov je vrlo lagan … nije. We haven’t seen it yet. Here it is! It is a nice one! Bravo buddy! This is awesome! JAŠAR! JAŠAR! JAŠAR! This is possible a signing out for us today … I still haven’t got a beer. Because of the weather. Here is what happens when Čičko Fazli and Čičko Jašar come to town. JAŠAR! JAŠAR! The light is awesome. Great, she’s not tired. No, keep on fishing. It’s probably a Horse Mackerel. The new net. Opa. Upecao je sabljarku na plastični kotur iz ruke. Pričali smo baš tom plastičnom koturu. Pravi trofej! Bravo! Bio je težak 11kg. 11? Izgleda veće. Dugačka je. Maybe it’s a Leerfish. It fights close to the water surface. Čičko Jašar what is it? I don’t have a clue. I didn’t go to school ever. The drag is still working. Or maybe it’s fault hooked. No, no, it’s fault hooked. Dobar je borac ali je zakačena sa strane. Teže je za izvlačenje. Da li je to mala tuna? Ne, ovo je Lica Modrulja. Ovu vrstu lice Grci zovu Lico Melanuro. Ona je iz porodice džekova. Ova je mala. Evo je. Danas je bilo ludo. Bili smo u žurbi zbog kiše. Počelo je da lije. Rekao sam samo još jedan zabačaj. I u zadnjem zabačaju! Da, da, apsolutno. Počela je oluja, vetar, mi smo bili mokri. Ludilo, ludilo!

12 comments on “Fishing in Greece Day 8

  1. Great video! I will be uploading more fishing videos on my channel as well soon. I don't have quite the scenery as Greece being in the midwest in the states lol. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great anglers, great catches, c&r philosophy, you are a brilliant example ! You are the reason for me to become angler (ex spearo) ! Now after two years of spinning and Lrf I became more passionate angler than ever ! Thank you! Next year if you visit Greece again I would like to join for one day trip, as I am fishing at these areas.

  3. Grandi ragazzi complimenti. Dove mi posso rifornire per comprare le esche della Duo?
    Che lunghezza utilizzate per il fluorocarbon? Quando lanciate l'esca aspettate che scenda sul fondo e poi recuperate oppure chiudete subito l'archetto del mulinello? Grazie se potete darmi qualche consiglio.

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