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Fishing in Michigan | A Pure Michigan Summer

Fishing in Michigan | A Pure Michigan Summer

I think it’s diversity, you have big water
fishing on the Great Lakes you have stream fishing, you have pond fishing,
you have inland lakes fishing and you’re never more than just a few miles
from a body of water Michigan is known as the Great Lakes State
and all the fishing opportunities that it provides, but if someone would like
a little different twist on life there’s all these inland streams that provide
quality fishing experiences and people should give it a try you may go out there, sometimes it’s described
as an hour of boredom puncuated by minutes of sheer panic, so that
more than makes up for some of the boring days but then a lot of days you’re busy right from
the get-go catching fish there is no better way to decompress from
the hectic lifestyles that most people live right now fly fishing is a direct connection to nature
through a fly line the environment you’re in is quiet, it’s tranquil,
and a person can really really get away from it all I love the challenge, everyday is different,
the sky is different, the water is different the wind is different, the people on board,
the boats are different it’s all a challenge trying to figure out
how to catch the fish the pleasing part of it is the enjoyment people
get out of it, that I think pleases me more than anything it becomes a passion after a while, not only
do you enjoy sport fishing but you want to get involved to make sure
that the great lakes fisheries and inland fisheries continue on for your children and your childrens
children fly fishing is the total package, it’s art,
it’s the fabricating of a fly to fool a trout from some fur, some feathers, and
some thread it’s the technical grace of sailing a fly
line through the air and landing it gently on the water surface it’s also the excitement to see the rise to
see the take, to have the hook set and the arched rod and the battle
is on and it’s also the beauty and the colors and
the textures that surround you the sounds, the gurgling of the stream, it’s
a complete package it’s what fly fishing is and it’s all Pure

4 comments on “Fishing in Michigan | A Pure Michigan Summer

  1. I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Sendek on various river projects with Trout Unlimited and our family would regularly charter Captain Denny 'Old Grin' Grinold for some salmon fishing out of Grand Haven/Spring Lake. What a great video showcasing a few of the wonderful fishing opportunities we have in the Great Lake State!! Tight Lines!
    True North Trout

  2. nothing more peaceful then standing in them rivers and streams up there. I got property in fife lake by the Manistee.

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