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Fishing in Port Hope – Lake Ontario Salmon 101

Fishing in Port Hope – Lake Ontario Salmon 101

Did you know that Lake Ontario is home to
a variety of salmon species? When salmon spawn (or reproduce), they begin
a migration as they travel from the big open water to a river or stream. Their task is straightforward, but not simple. Swim up the river, spawn and complete the
cycle of life. For some salmon species, once they have spawned,
they die and their carcasses are often seen along river edges or floating in the water. This is a normal part of their life cycle,
and a token to show that young salmon will soon fill the river. Thanks to good fisheries management, funded
mostly through fishing and hunting licences, we have healthy salmon populations. There are dedicated government and community
fish hatcheries that continue to stock salmon into Lake Ontario each year and the Lake Ontario
Atlantic Salmon Restoration program is also working to restore native Atlantic Salmon
to the lake. This fall, come down to Lake Ontario’s north
shore rivers (like the Ganaraska) to see the salmon run and to appreciate this great natural

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