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Fishing in the Philippines: Night Jigging during storm!

Fishing in the Philippines: Night Jigging during storm!

Strike! Strike? Strike! Get me the gaft Barracuda(rumpi) Show the camera, behind you Barracuda (rumpi) Maybe there is a school of jacks under the boat Feels good! Thank you Lord! A big trevally Nice trevally(mamsa) If there’s a trevally down there, there must also be dogtooth tuna It wasn’t recording, darn it Ohh that must be a dogtooth tuna Have you set the hook? Set it right Like this? No, more violently There! So it cant escape Damn this is hard Ohh, that maybe a dogtooth tuna Definitely a big one Just reel it in. If it’s not taking drag you can reel in Wait it’s strong Ohh Definitely a dogtooth tuna That’s a dogtooth if it pulls like that Reel is screaming Or it could be a very big trevally Oi, ohh That’s a dogtooth Going to be your 1st dogtooth Concentrate! Reel and pump Awesome This day is for you. My sir It’s still fighting Come here Lord… You got the most of your “visa”(from wife) Yea if i land this Nah, it can’t escape Ohh, dogtooth There, it is a dogtooth(biad) Dogtooth That was a good fight Awesome! These guys!! Bonito This guy is on a roll Along! What about us, guys?? Nothing! Show a little shame from these guys Let’s just sleep and let these guys do the fishing That’s a huge baracuda

9 comments on “Fishing in the Philippines: Night Jigging during storm!

  1. Magkano po ba ang average na bayad/gasto nyo mag charter ng ganyang boat mg fishing overnight/daily? Sa mga vids mo dami mo na napuntahan, so I guess, you the man to ask. 😉 btw, ganda set up ng fishfinder mo. Anong garmin model yan? Thanks in advance.

  2. Nice one! Buenas on sept 1st hehehe! I also jig on the same day (for 3 hours, daytime) but unfortunately walang kuha 🙂

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