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Fishing Kayak Setup Rigged for Saltwater and Fly Fishing (2015) Clearwater Designs

Alright so today I’m going to be showing you
the kayak I’m going to be using in some upcoming videos. It’s a 10 and a half foot Tofino by
Clearwater Designs. It’s a Canadian Brand. I picked it up and made it for Saltwater Fishing
in Florida and figured since it was a little small for that it would actually be pretty
good for the rivers here. It’s done pretty well so far. I’ll just give you an overview
of what we’ve got going on. So we’ll start at the front here It originally came with
these tie downs but I added this port hole to keep tents or real light stuff for trips
in. I added a compass beacause out in the ocean its a pretty good idea to know where
you’re going most of the time, it’s just a pretty good thing to have around anyways when
you’re out on the water. What you see hanging off of the front there is a paddle float so
if you have to re-enter and your kayak keeps tipping over on you it will help you get back
in. One of the major things I added here was this anchor trolley so I can put the anchor
either at the front of the boat or the back of the boat using one of these, so you tie
the anchor on here, put it through here, and then run it forward. Or through here and run
it back. Basically it keeps it so if I’m in the river I can keep my nose against the current
and it wont tip me over or flood my boat. So this boat originally ame with no paddle
holders or rod holders so I added this guy, it comes out real easy, it’s good for holding
the rod you’re working with or in our case recently it’s good for holding cameras. This
is a simple paddle leash, we threw a measuring tape on here to make measuring fish a lot
easier. Paddle holder we put on. Added cleats. This anchor trolley is made from sailing pulleys,
all accessories on here are stainless steel. This is the original seat that it came with,
its not a bad seat, its really comfortable, its really adjustable, I’ve sat in the boat
for 15 hours and did OK. All these accessories back here were added for fishing, you can
really never have enough rod holders, but these are just basic scotty rod holders, fly
rods do fit in these, they stay well, you can strap them down. I was actually really
happy to find that out. If you come around. I added a rear hull drain because getting
water out of the back of this thing is a real nightmare, theres no real way to do it besides
a sponge. If you come around over here, we can finish this up. Just this final rod holder.
It’s really good for nets. Stays out of your way. And thats about it, it’s a good running
kayak. It’s really true it tracks well. It does have rails on the bottom that keep it
tracking really well. So I would definitely recommend it.

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