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Fishing Kittens See Water For the First Time

Fishing Kittens See Water For the First Time

This is the first time they’ve seen water. It’s natural to be nervous, but these kittens are born water babies. It’s time to show them the real reason they’ve
been brought here. Long whiskers detect vibrations from fish
moving in the shallows helping to gauge the exact striking distance. Then it’s the kitten’s turn. For now, it’s only water-plants that need
to be afraid. This could take some time!

100 comments on “Fishing Kittens See Water For the First Time

  1. 2 hours ago i was eating salmon and chicken liver. My cat was on tha table and desperately tried to enter in the bag with bread, he love to play with bread… The only thing that i eat and he is sometimes interested in is icecream, lol.

  2. Cats… that like water.

    Cats… that like water

    But it’s not a tiger or a Jaguar.


    What documentary is this?

  3. 2:38 That's the look of a real Tiger mom: "Why you no catch fish? Very disappoint!"

    Inb4 "That's not a tiger!" comments. You didn't get the joke.

  4. Mother cat be like you are joking I have not brought you here to play water, I brought you to learn how to survive this harsh environment of police brutality 😂😂

  5. Aku punua byk ide kl mau liat sendiri !diakun facebokku yunita kusuma wardhani dan yuni seblum ada yg ngaku2 dan nyuri itu soalnya aku gak pernah dapet apa2

  6. Note webbed feet at 0:16. At the EFBC (CA, USA) they had a tame fishing cat named Princess which posed with you to raise $10 per pic.

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