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Fishing Knots: Arbor Knot – How to Tie Fishing Line to Reel

Fishing Knots: Arbor Knot – How to Tie Fishing Line to Reel

hello everybody this is Ryan with fish
that won’t quit today I’m going to redo my arbor not video my previous video is
a little hard to see so hopefully this will help it be a little more clear and
easier to tie for you now what I’m using is a spinning reel and you can see I
already put some back or tape on this it’s just electrical tape this acts as a
way for your braid to not be able to slip freely when you have it tied on to
your reel you can also use a monofilament backer set model filament
tied to the braid and that monofilament will be a way for that line to not move
freely on that reel over here what I got is some rope also some braided line I
like to have the room for demonstration purpose and then also the line so you
can see it in real time now what we’ll do is start with a rope and first step
is to go ahead and make an overhand knot at the very end of your line it’s like
though now to cut off the tag end make a nice clean knot at the end and what this
acts as the stop for when that’s not as complete and you’ll see that here in
just a second now grab the reel you’re working with and wrap your line around
the reel you just lay it down on the table like this have your line go over
the main line and then below it into the hole you just created like so I like to
have this tag end lay on top of this line here because what you’re going to
do now is at this point where it crosses make another overhand knot to do that
you just have your tag end enter under and through that loop you already just
created like so and then lay it to the left so we should have now is your main
line running freely through the loop here overhead knot and a final overhand
knot to stop everything at this point I like to lubricate this
section so this way it doesn’t burn when you’re cinching everything down I like
to tie it in that section first grab your main line have the line up
against your reel here you need to be able to pull this knot and it’ll slide
toward your real and your goal is to make that first knot you created meet up
with these knots here and stop everything from going further that’s er
but not now that’s what the rope let me show you how it looks with braided line get this off real quick so I’m working with a 30 pound braided
line here and the premise is exactly the same we’re going to start with your
overhand knot at the end of the line go ahead and cut that tag end off okay now
wrap this around your reel here over on top of your mainline bring that little
knot through under the main line and through the loop that you created now
lay it on top of that bottom line like so now at the point where they meet
you’re going to make an overhand knot so bring the little knot under and through
this loop that you just created and then lay it to the left and just like before
we have your main line passing through the hole your overhand knot here and you
have your final mini stopper overhand knot here now lubricate the section
tighten it down grab your main line and place your line
on the reel so now you should be able to pull this knot snug up against the reel
and wait until the knots meet and you have a completed arbor knot again this
is right with fish that won’t quit thanks for watching stay tuned check out
my channel let me know if you have any questions thank you

24 comments on “Fishing Knots: Arbor Knot – How to Tie Fishing Line to Reel

  1. Good demonstration………HOWEVER……..that ain't "rope"……..THAT IS "TWINE" OR "STRING". I do believe "rope" has to be at least 1/4" in diameter or larger, before it can be considered as "rope". Anything LESS than 1/4" is considered as "STRING" or "TWINE".

  2. I would leave the stop knot end longer as then you have the same bump from top to bottom, not a small bump that'll catch the last feet of line.

  3. I watched a couple videos on arbor knots, this one was the easiest to follow. Now I can make my miniature fishing pole for Mega Construx figures.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you. I’ve been through 1000 other videos and this was BY FAR the easiest and best one to follow.

  5. I've been using the improved clinch knot for spooling a reel and tying to lures and I decided it's about time I learned how to do this knot. Much thanks for the clarified video.

  6. Hard! Tried with 4# line and everything just pulled through. Going back to two over hand knots on the spool, that's all u need

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