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Fishing Knots: Double Uni Knot – How to Tie Braid to Mono or Braid to Fluorocarbon

Fishing Knots: Double Uni Knot – How to Tie Braid to Mono or Braid to Fluorocarbon

Double Uni Knot How to Tie Braid to Mono hello everybody this is FishThatWontQuit. today I want to show you how to tie a monofilament
to braid directly without having to use a swivel
basically, what you are going to use is a uni knot, and it is actually a really easy
knot, once you get the hang of it. and lets get started
basically, you have your monofilament on the bottom here, and the braid on the top,
this is actual a 15-pound mono, and a 50lb braid. just to give you a spec on what
I am working with here so basically, you line them up just the way
you see here, and you get to choose what line you would like to start with first. I start with braid first, so. keep this mono straight on the bottom there,
and then grab your braid. and what you want to do is basically loop
it under and line it up just like this. so basically, you made this loop here and
this passes right over both lines and what you will essentially do is take this
tag end and wrap it behind both the monofilament and the braid, through this loop
and around and around and around. There
is no set amount of times you have to do it, so I am going to do 5 wraps for this demonstration. I am going to grab this and grab all this stuff just to get it in my hands. and then
theres that loop still and I will go with 1,
right between there as you see, 2,3,4
and 5 alright so now what you have is tag end wrapped
around both line through that loop you created with the little tag end on the end
here and what you want to do is typically moisten
up the loops you made so it cinches nice and easily. Grab that tag end, pull it all together, until
it gets a snug knot on that braid. Now that you have that, you still have your
mono on the other side here, and you will do the same exact thing on this side. so, make that loop,
got my loop and tag end, going to wrap it around both that braid and
mono through the loop. we will do 5 times on this side so,
1,2, 3 4, lets go with 4.
And now, same exact thing. you will pull that tag end, have the mono
do its loops on this side. and dont forget to moisten up to make this
slide better. alright, sorry its hard to see, but that
mono right there is bunched up like the braid on the other side. now you will want to take your braid, the
main part, and your mono side, the main part. and pull them together. both those knots you created are going to
go towards each other and they will block each other. now you have tag ends to cut off.

100 comments on “Fishing Knots: Double Uni Knot – How to Tie Braid to Mono or Braid to Fluorocarbon

  1. pleasure is mine. finally an efficient lesson on how to. Thanks! I just dont fish enough YET to remember these amazing knots.

  2. This is a good knot, but maybe not the most applicable knot for all
    situations. I trout fish most of the time with 6lb braid and everyone
    knows how good of eye sight they have which makes fluoro leaders
    necessary. I just pull off 4 or 5 feet of fluoro and cut, then connect
    to my braid with a surgeons knot. I lay about 4 inches of the tag ends
    of both braid and fluoro side by side, grasp both ends and make a loop.
    While holding the loop with one hand, I take the fluoro leader and the
    braids tag end and pass them both through the loop 4 times. Then you
    grasp both sides of the knot where the tag ends are and start to pull
    tight. But before you really tighten the knot, make sure to wet the the
    knot first with spit for lubrication to reduce friction which could
    weaken the knot, then pull the knot tight and trim the ends. I like
    using this knot instead of the double uni because I can tie it in half
    the time. I am not gonna say this is the strongest knot you can use for
    all situations, but I will say with a properly set drag, you should have
    no problems with it. I fish with nothing more than cranks and jerk
    baits for trout and I never had this knot break. I've had break offs
    with my connection to the lure, but never my braid to fluoro connection.

  3. Thank you.  Just got a new reel and I first put 30 pound braid on then put 15 pound mono on. I needed a video to see how to do it and your video helped me step by step.

  4. So at 55 second you say loop it under well I'm going to correct you looped it over the mano line not under. Or is that not the correct way?

  5. I agree with everybody else here. This is, by far, the best video I've seen yet on tying braid to mono or fluorocarbon line. I'll be trying this knot when I go ice fishing in the morning for splake and northern pike. Thanks for taking all the guess work out of it by shooting this video from a perspective your viewers can actually see. You just earned a new subscriber.

  6. I love this knot. It's easy to do when your bouncing around on the water and strong as an ox! Great video also

  7. Very good video and a good knot. I have found it works best if when you wrap the braid line you should use no less than eight wraps. Five for the mono is good.

  8. Great explanation! The only thing that may make it better would be to put double the wraps on braid side since it is so slick.

  9. One loop should face up and one face down. And don't tighten both knots right away. That way when sinching they will intertwine with each other thus making the knot a proper double uni.

  10. I am a Uni to Uni guy to. Never had a failure. Played with the FG but never got the hang of it. I do like the way the FG slides through though but I can tie a good Uni to Uni in a bouncing boat with a strong tail wind. Can’t say that for the FG.

  11. Uni was always my got to knot for saltwater fishing. Before the days of braid I would play off the line and leader size discrepancy this way. Say a 15 to a 30 pound leader as an example. I would tie a knot at the end of the 30…very tight.. and then take a lighter and burn back the tag. Next I would tie uni knot back to the leader knot. Caught a lot of reds and snook and never had one failure. But yeah I suppose there a lot of fishing knots for different applications, but for me the uni worked best and once mastered is quick and efficient. A very reliable knot if done correctly!

  12. Nice one mate. I've been wasting time with an FG knot. Utter shite. This one is a simple effective knot that's easy enough to build in rough conditions.

  13. Every other video i've watched led to me do the knot 20 times with it slipping everytime… This video got it first try… It's almost like other people don't actually want to teach, but you do great job!

  14. Used this ever since braid came on the market but Slim beauty is stronger, more reliable and goes thru the guides WITHOUT a great clunk every cast. Is a little trickier to tie but worth it. Use the original doubled version.

  15. Watched this and just went down stairs during my lunch break and did this! I have put off adding a mono leader to my braided line for years….so damn easy….

  16. The FG knot is far superior. Learn to tie it. Goes through the eyelets easier without that audible click that eventually wear out the eyelets.

  17. Is so hard to find knot tying videos that people aren’t stumbling over their words or keeping their hands in from the camera so you can’t see what’s going on. You’re doing awesome job teaching. I’ve watched a handful of your videos and I love them all! Keep it up man!

  18. When I tie this knot, the line breaks at the fluoro knot/loops once I put about 8-10 lbs or pressure on it. I moisten the line, I’ve changed line brands and spools. Still the same result. I’m wrapping it 5-6 times on each side. Any ideas as to what I’m doin??

  19. This worked great until I hooked an approximately 20 pound fish. It eventually failed at the knot. Maybe I didn’t have it tied properly. Possibly I should have used more wraps. I’m thinking I may have used three or four. But I practiced this knot quite a bit before using it while fishing.


    Took a moment to give the video an update with better quality! I hope it makes learning this knot easier! Thank you!

  21. Fucking THANK YOU, I know it's been said 1000 times since you posted this, but that is how you show how to tie a damn knot

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