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Fishing Knots: Egg Loop Knot – Best Knot for Bait!

Fishing Knots: Egg Loop Knot – Best Knot for Bait!

Hey everybody, this is Fishthatwont quit again. I know some of my old videos had a little bit of poor image quality. I’d like to kind of make some updated videos so you can see the knot a little bit better and hopefully tie it a little bit easier. We are going to do the egg loop knot again
for you here today. The Egg Loop Knot is really great knot. It is a really strong knot you’re going to
feel confident with it in the water. Plus, it allows you to kind of add things to the hook as you know, baits, or attractants. Whether it is eggs or shrimp or yarn with scent in it. You can really use it for any situation where you�re plunking or drift fishing or even bobber fishing. It’s a great knot. so, to get started, you have your hook in one hand, and the line the other. we’re going to want to do is start the line going through the eye the hook in this direction and it’s important it goes this way and then I like to right where it bends kind of put the line there and hold it tight with my left hand just like that. now with this part you’re going to wrap it around the shank of the hook and the line that you’re holding and with a thinner line you�re wrap more and with a thicker line you’re going to wrap less and this is about a 20 maybe 15-pound test if it was a monofilament so I’m going to do about 10 wraps to begin with so we got one around the eye the hook then two three four five six seven eight nine we’ll go with nine you can see you kind of wrap it down the shank of the hook like that now at this part of the line I like to to hold to tight with my left hand just like that that is important because if it gets loose your wraps are going to unravel and you’re have to start from the beginning now the next step is to grab the other end of your line that you are
tying. you’re going to put it in the eye the hook in the opposite direction and you can just go about a couple inches here you’re going to pull it through a little later and then what you’re going to want to do is take this part of the line and align it with the shank of the hook and hold it with your left hand so now I got everything aligned on the shank of the hook and the loop line you’re still holding with your left hand and then we’re going to do is wrap this line around everything that you�re holding here and about seven more times with the this kind of a line we’ll go one two three four five six and seven now hold it tight again with that left hand then
we’re going to do is pull the tag end through the eye and kind of go slow sometimes it will get tension build up over here and you don’t want it to knot up you’re going to get to a point where everything is really close what I like to do is grab all the loops with your right hand you can let go the other side and then go ahead and keep pulling that tag in until everything tightens up and It will kind of go through your fingers here once you’re tight you can let go and you’ll see a completed egg loop knot and what I like to do is tighten it a little bit up it nice and cinched together just like so this tag end you’re going to go ahead and cut and it doesn’t look that great and then what you’re left with is the egg loop knot so basically here this line that you just pulled through is your loop then you can add whatever you like Just tighten it down you’re ready to fish thanks for watching

39 comments on “Fishing Knots: Egg Loop Knot – Best Knot for Bait!

  1. Awesome thank you & all I can say is if you did it again use a bright fly line so it's even easier to see on a small screen like a phone or tablet but sits still a grate Instructions video thank you & good luck to every one out there fishing

  2. thank you for this video! All the other videos on this knot have vague directions but you explain it clearly for a dummy like me! THANK YOU!

  3. best thing you'll ever learn next to the Palomar, ps Don't forget to wet your line before pulling long runs you'll see why wen you forget on a 3ft leader!

  4. Thanks for this video. I can understand how this has 14 downvotes. I had never done this before and messed up my first try, then successfully tied 5 in a row.

  5. video is great. the high vis line helps a lot. I never understood the difference between a snell and an egg loop. I would always just push the snell down the shank of the hook and push the line through the eye to make a loop. thanks again, I just need to practice some more.

  6. I don't get it… what are you wrapping around the hook again with the second wrapping step? My line doesn't do that and it's impossible to hold the other end when doing it? I'm sticking to the constrictor knot… way easier to tie and probably stronger.

  7. Just wanted to let You know….. earlier this year, I watched & Learned how to tie the Egg-Loop Knot in which YOU did an EXCEPTIONAL Tuitorial ! Yesterday 8-31-17, went Salmon fishing on the Columbia River and was so proud to show my fishing buddy how to tie this knot ! The way YOU show how to tie this Egg-Loop Knot is a Great Help !!!! THANK YOU WHOLE BIG BUNCHES on your Time and Efforts of doing this Video !!!!! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN ! This is Sooooo EASY now !!

  8. Yes, have a bunch already tied up, never fuss tying on fishing trip, TIME save your time, MORE TIME IN WATER FISHING, MORE TIME "BS""""ing/visiting, you know. Its about quickly getting rigging back into the water, no fuss, QUICKLY! just cut line or snap in a new tied rigging GO! more fish more fun times more """BS"ing quality yeah!

  9. Great video. This is a good loop when using frozen anchovy or shad as bait. Thread the bait correctly and the tail end will be pointed towards the line. Use the loop to secure the bait on the tail end. Once secure tou can add a bait button to ensure your bait won't fly off

  10. Knowing how to snell a hook before coming here helps a lot. I see a lot of guy saying the knot is hard. Its really not, like i said if you learn to snell first. Really its just an extra few wraps, i think people may be over thinking it. Easy to do with knots.

  11. could you not just tie a normal hook link knotless knot and then slacken off put the bait through the now slakened loop and the pull tight. I tied a normal hair rig added 2 halibut pellets pushed the line back through the eye a bit and put chicken liver through the loop and pulled tight and it seemed to stay on ok

  12. Someone who hasn't done this . It would easily take 20 minutes to attempt and fail this knot. It's a great video. Great instruction…. but there's way way way way way easier ways if tieing this or similar to this knot

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