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Fishing Knots for Braided Line: Strongest Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots for Braided Line: Strongest Fishing Knots

Hello Everyone, this is Fishthatwontquit. Today I am going to show you my favorite braid
knots. Theres two knots that I go to primarily its
going to be to the Palomar knot or the uni knot. The reason I like these two knots is because
when I was starting to learn how to fish I didn’t fish braid that much so I used simple
knots for my monofilament, but noticed that when I used it for my braid it would slip
right through So, I found these two knots to be the best they hold up extremely tight
when you’re using braided line to tie on to either like a hook or a swivel whatever you’re
tying your braid to So I am going to start with the Palomar knot. So, what you do is get your braid and you
loop it down you’re going to be putting this end through your hook or your swivel Get that
nice and compact so it can fit and got my hook here and you place that Loop right in
the eye and it can be either way this way I’m doing It now or vice versa from the back
side and you’ll just want to pull that through and I like to leave it hanging about halfway
from the loop end to your tag end here and what you’re doing at this point is a simple
overhand knot, is the first part of this knot so you loop it over and back just like tying
your shoes okay and you just got overhand knot tighten that down and make sure for example
my right hand I have this loop now make sure this Loop is big enough because you’re going
to have to wrap it through and around your hook or your swivel so now you got the loop
you flip it and then put your hook right through okay and then I just get that loop back up
parallel to the main line I guess in this case and then what you want to do is add some
saliva or spit to get this lubricated so that it doesn’t burn when you pull it tight. now in this case I’m not going to and I was
going to try to pull it tight for you. It is a little tough with this rope material
but once you get it, it will tighten. Okay so with that loop tightened down, (and
you want to make sure its nice and tight) what I like to do is there’s the loop sometimes
lays above your overhand knot so I like to just kind of work it down toward the eye and
give it a nice tug there okay and that is your Palomar knot you can cut off your little
tag end here to make it a nice clean knot. okay that’s number one. Now, number two, is going to be the Uni knot. So, the uni knot is actually, I feel like
a little easier to do in some cases because sometimes the lure youre using or what not
it’s just you waste a lot of line if you’re in the middle of fishing and or need to tie
a Palomar knot. The uni knot works just as well I think it’s
a little faster and I don’t think you’re compromising it anyway so the uni knot I actually like
to do a double Loop through the eye whatever you’re trying to tie so you go through once
just adds a little extra strength to get the loop around just go right there again in the
same exact Direction and now you can just get that nice and tight to the eye and I like
to make sure that knot looks straight together here you don’t want to be all kinked up like
it is right now you want to get it so it’s laying nice and even sometimes you got to
mess with it just like that. Okay, now the uni knot is a very simple knot
because you just got your tag end, and you make little circle with it lay it over this
Mainline then you are going to wrap this through both the top here and through this loop her
and around a couple times about 3 or 4 times. So, I will do that real quick. So, you got to go under those two and up and
over back down under those two up and over And I will do that one more time. down through up and over okay so what you
left with is a knot that looks like this now with my right hand I like to tighten it up
just like so then you can let go of your little tag end and grab your mainline and this is
a point where you want to lubricate the section especially the knot because it will burn at
this point you just grab your main line pull it right down to the hook just like so okay
cut your tag and off and you got a really nice uni knot that braid will not slip through. I hope you enjoyed the video. Please like comment and subscribe. Also, look forward to more videos! Thanks Bye.

16 comments on “Fishing Knots for Braided Line: Strongest Fishing Knots

  1. Nr1. is wrong buddy!!! You should not tide to first loop! You should to that after you put the second loop around the hook! If you that you burn the line!

  2. Dude, get going with tshirts, ftwq kinda cool, sell em, peace & if you please, if you haven't already, read Romans 10:9

  3. Your knot tying skills leave a lot to be desired as you tied both incorrectly. The second knot you tied is not a Uni. but the Fish-N-Fool knot. It is the best braid knot there is by a long ways and far superior to the Palomar knot in all line types.

  4. Is so hard to find knot tying videos that people aren’t stumbling over their words or keeping their hands in from the camera so you can’t see what’s going on. You’re doing awesome job teaching. I’ve watched a handful of your videos and I love them all! Keep it up man!

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