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Fishing Mantis Shrimp – Bamboo traps catching giant mantis shrimp

Fishing Mantis Shrimp – Bamboo traps catching giant mantis shrimp

today I will look for mantis shrimp and not as usual today is a little around nine o’clock okay as usual … I look for the air there come on den let’s..! – go first put it down on the pajangan island there are so many mantis shrimp even though it has been taken many times there is still a boss still a lot sea ​​urchins ? where? big mantis shrimp hole – clean the shrimp hole before the trap is installed – it contains two females and males the hole is big – yes the hole is big try big hahahah… big big…… big… giant uhhh uhh – this big and long less trap yes wuuh less long many – there was also a mantis shrimp hole there is this us? Tridacna Tridacna ? – this – well the trap is too small just there – not exactly the trap – this later can later be brought inside – have stayed
past yehh sea island pajangan lots of variety marine biota this is sea ​​urchins – don’t get too close to the shrimp trap mantis shirmp Come on, stay first just stay brief, let’s look for another shrimp hole This is another boss young the trap is getting mantis shrimp can you? pull straight uh hard fight the mantis shrimp huuuh giant mantis shrimp hahahahah… I can big – eh don’t close the hole………. still one left in the female guys the remaining one guys Which one? later bring home first to the beach, the female will let me take it later plug it in again, there are still females? I don’t want to run away the trap will be installed again female shrimp style rebellious shrimp the remaining one inside has not been obtained he take … take it where? where? what is a mantis? run away get it again huh? den! lots of sea urchins sea ​​urchins sea ​​urchins a lot of this shrimp is cuy record … record record … a record of mantis that was obtained bigest record January 2019 record … record … cuy new record wuuhhh

100 comments on “Fishing Mantis Shrimp – Bamboo traps catching giant mantis shrimp

  1. Where is this? I can not tell by the language but this is amazing, these guys know how to eat well. Awesome guys.

  2. geez i dont think theres enough deadly animals around there yet someone get some tigers and mosquito's or something.

  3. I have to say fellers, if that was a 'record day' and you caught just TWO, then sadly, you are destined to die of starvation in the none too distant future!!

  4. Itu bang bulu babi nya gede gede kalo di china pasti udh Abis dan jarang ditemui bulu babi sebesar itu

  5. Pretty cool catches! But, how could you guys just walk into that shallow water without any waterproof boots knowing there are mantis shrimps and sea urchins like everywhere?

  6. If your gonna keep them to get why not kill them right away? Not against any of this, I've been hunting and fishing since I was 5. I killed my first deer when I was 9 with a bow. Just be humane about it. Don't let them suffer.

  7. como o ser humano é imbecil.. tanta coisa pra fazer …o que ele faz… fica um dia catando dois bichinho lindos na natureza…não mata a fome de uma criança…. e mata os bichinho e faz um video desta babaquice ..

  8. Do like I do. Everytime there is ads in the middle of the video its an automatic dislike. Everytime.👎

  9. Everytime i see one of those truth commercial to quit smoking..i say thank god for them cuz id forget to light one up if they didnt remind me

  10. If there weren't so many advert breaks, I would have watched the video. Instead I'll give a thumb down and move on.

  11. Thems some big shrimps! I wonder how they taste. Anyone know where this was filmed? Looks like the Philippines, but that didn’t sound like Tagalog.

  12. Do these things taste good.i gess they hav nothing else to u hav to keep a burning cigarette in yor mouth and smoke it too?

  13. Yea dont go catching those with your bare hands. Their front arms have sharp points on the front that shoot out to stab their pray. And those are big so they would go right through your hand lol, probably why they used a trap instead

  14. Much of my child hood was spent on the Florida keys flats , so I relate well to this , I think these mantis shrimp lived in Marathon key , I always new to wear sneakers , I can't believe. These guys go barefoot! Everything is sharp , pointy or stings , why do the people. Who work in the cleanest air all have to smoke?

  15. I guess you have to be careful when fish for mantis shrimp apparently they can pack a punch lol if not reckless 🤣

  16. This what happens when you dont poison your environment. That reef is beautiful. Just wouldnt walk around barefoot in there.

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