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Fishing Oregon’s Umpqua River for Chinook Salmon

Fishing Oregon’s Umpqua River for Chinook Salmon

hello every body thank you for tuning in im mark tobin we travel to the beautiful state of oregon and have come here in search of the largest growing memeber of the salmon family they are the hard fighting Chinook or king salmon and to show how to fish for these monsters our special guest gary lewis from garys guide service hey folks i can not wait to share the beauty of Oregon with you along with its best well kept secret thats its fishing so get ready we’re gonna get started welcome back every body once again im here with our guide garry lewis first of all whats the name of this river and where are we at this is called the umpqua river its near rose burg Oregon and basically it’s on the western side
of the cascades and its more or less called southern Oregon were going to be fishing for some chinook salmon today how are we going to fish for them were going to be fishing for them 3 or 4 different ways one of the ways we are going to be fishing for them is with bait under bobbers we use salmon eggs and we put them under the bobbers when the other way that we’re going to
start with is were going to start with these manatee lures right here and the way we fish with these is we troll along the flat waters right here the way we run these out mark is basically we just got ambassador
reels here you just push in on this button right here as im rowing and run about 6 two three four five six okay click it over set the rod right on the gunnel and just have your thumb right there on the spool and we will get to row along and believe me when the salmon takes one of these you’re going to know it nobodys going to have to tell you oh look at him theres two of them right there let it go down and pull a little bit then set it up you dont want to hit them right away you a down feeling pulling good then whack them and when you hit them you want to hit them real good ok run them out http the umpqua river harbors many species of fish at different times of the year today guide gary lewis and mark tobin will be looking to hook up with one of the largest species of the umpqua river the chinook salmon and in other parts of the country the king salmon now let’s join mark and gary as they get set for a exciting day of fishing look at it go alright you got him nice fish dont pull his head out of the water let him keep his head down there there nice alright alright what a beast that looks wicked down there what a sight gary isnt that beautiful there he goes oh thats cool man bring her back around alright thats a way to start my man yeah alright way to go look at that that’s one pretty chinook
salmon right there that’s a female yet looks like him what a beautiful fish probably 18 pounds nice start my man lets get her back in there let her get rid of her eggs what the limit on these 2 fish to 50 percent good job good guide good guide the umpqua river stretches out over one hundred twelve miles and sports an abundant variety of waters the umpqua offer something for
everywhere such as salmon steelhead smallmouth bass sturgeon and stripers and every style of fishing the state record chinook salmon was caught on the umpqua river and weighed wopping eighty three pounds got him got him that didn’t take long oh she s off to the races yet and maybe you cant pull them up against this current you gotta love this man thats a heavy fish all right powerful fish awesome man thats awesome woah look at it go awesome man that a male or female come here big boy make it go around in a circle easier said then done mark man they do not give up yes sir what a blast awesome fish wow nice fish how about that folks oregon chinook salmon get back in there big girl nice fish see ya girl you will feel her start to swim there in a minute beautiful thank you my man that’s what im talking about

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