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FISHING PIKE IN SMALL DITCH – Holland🇳🇱 | Team Galant

FISHING PIKE IN SMALL DITCH – Holland🇳🇱 | Team Galant

this is how your fingers should look like after a good days of fishing I’m curious to see how long it is it’s like over 90 I think Oh good morning everyone I’m with Daniel Ayres and we’re just about to start fishing and we’re gonna fish with Peter Pan yeah exactly his friend back there and we’re in a typical Dutch city where they make cheese they make cheese here good a cheese basically every city in Holland there’s water and if there’s water there’s biking so what we’re gonna show today is catching Pike in the city here Gowda sounds good so let’s start to pack up the gear let’s go I brought my Swedish lower bucks with me and here I have like some flour now some fat nose hooligan roach booster york somewhere and then I have Genet the lock and this might be too big for fishing these waters but I’m gonna start and try because this works really good in Sweden and hopefully it’s gonna work here I’m gonna start to fish with this lure this is the flat nose and this is like the smallest Laura howl with me so I’m gonna try this and if this doesn’t work I’m gonna fish with the same guard of my Dutch brands or you’ve seen since I’ve never been fishing here before I need to ask my Dutch friend what they are using to see if I’m fishing the correct way how like what loves are you guys talking right now I’m using a bright colored spinner right the water here is pretty murky so I’m changing to bright colors doesn’t skort the big look yeah it’s quite a big lure I mean Mike they they attack anything so I just want their attention I use a big lure a lot of noise in the water and I hope they’ll fall for it he’s using a smaller lure going for the old-fashioned way and a little wobbler and we’ll see what works then we can change and so let’s go yeah and what we’re gonna do we’re not gonna stand with like long place we’re very long and we’re gonna young for like one spot to the next one so we try to really find where they’re pike are at the moment [Music] got one the middle of the city yeah not the biggest one but it’s it’s a star the nice colors though really nice and a good thing about Holland it doesn’t even matter it’s small there will be big one day but there’s so many of these yeah that’s that’s a that’s the star food let’s just start really nice I’m happy with it alright let’s unhook it there we go perfect nice little fish city Pike off she goes you’re wrong nice let’s continue this [Music] look at that stupid war it’s there’s a fisherman living there yeah always fishes outside of his door yeah go outside when hey that’s tiring but there’s no fish here oh maybe here cause I think that he caught everything yeah probably you want to move on yes you want to eat cheese yes yes let’s do it all right let’s go have some good at he will have been fishing for like a couple of hours and we got so much Sun but we can’t miss it they say they go down without they’re visiting a good cheese store of course of course so we’ll have one behind us we have one behind us we’re gonna get some cheese and it’s gonna be nice yeah yeah ever had good a cheese no never the real one so we’re gonna go for it we’re gonna buy one okay let’s do it right yo thing with the cheese no I wasn’t joking and I were just gonna visit the store look at this you can even try it out we’ve got goat cheese we got coming cheese cumin Cuban got cavities but we’ve got our green pesto cheese which which I really like secret herbs so which one are we gonna buy we’re gonna buy the spicy one yeah let’s do it all right just one yep this one let’s take it [Music] Danielle here surf the city buying some breakfast for us and we’re here at the first spot but I’ve never fished here before work and you have never fished before so we need to see if we are allowed to fish here but first of all you need this fishing you pass in Netherlands that’s costs approximately 45 euros but then you have like you develop an app – yeah we develop this app so you need to fist pass and the best planner app to see where you can fish you just used the GPS location and you show it on the map we’re at the blue point and you see this dark blue channel dark blue means you’re allowed to fish here with the vistas so does this end if you’re not allowed to fish turrets would be would be red or light blue which is the background of Google Maps perfect and this water is called the scarf lots of art and you can read all about the rules and now we know that we can fish here and we have already do fishing licence but if you don’t have the fishing license you can actually go into fishing in halong docks and now and then you can guess it takes like five minutes I did it by myself it was not hard at all so we’ll have everything set let’s go and catch a big Pike in the search [Music] yep good one I’m gonna land it for you this is the ugly bait it’s not that fast but it’s quite long yeah I have it yes let’s lift it up turn you’re doing a great job singing along fish yeah it was actually quite long but I wouldn’t say it’s that fast no it doesn’t matter it’s pretty big yeah fish catching your place like this not bad not bad at all yeah got it let’s put it on the mission aboard yeah let’s measure it I’m curious to see how long it is it’s like over 90 I think the heads it’s it’s 90s it’s almost a meter I hope this fish will get a bit better during the winter but I’m happy with it and as you can see everywhere and all of their spike even in small ditches yeah he’s a small ditches like this it’s really nice to just go around like every every water and hauling this bike in it so that’s I think it’s time to put it back yeah I think you know we’re gonna carry on fishing yeah yeah [Music] yeah that’s the dinner battle for a pie it took five minutes too early he goes now I want to Castro I want to slimy hand why did I do [Laughter] [Music] [Music] no fuck it was a better one yeah it was a big one ah we just arrived to this new spot and I immediately had 150 now down your missed one what’s the least one for like yeah one minute go so there’s nothing to share we just need to catch them why does this always happen to me today of how to take some time east both of them this one was a small pike tobert things to steal but things are happening today that’s for sure Oh fish or fish this is a bit inside yes you’re doing good today yeah that’s great I’m just missing everyone and actually I think mine was a little bit bigger this as well that was like this is what your bike no no yeah so you got a job to do yeah okay can I keep on fishing put it back in and I think I’m gonna catch them all off [Music] business hey I don’t want to lose this one yeah it’s yeah it’s stuck in the weeds yeah I did it I just wanted such a decent it’s much better than yours thank you they got it yeah look at the pike it’s quite a day it’s much farther than your bike yeah nice video stuff long it’s not that long but it’s a beaut well it’s not short either no it’s 70 yes a very fun fish that’s catching the water like in between the plants yeah yeah good strike good fight yeah and it is research this time it is Miss Perfect that’s with you back you can sauce you’re happy yeah bye bye this morning was very productive have a lot of code takes on some really nice pike and now we like change spot and this but it looks a little bit different what is this place called it’s called polar and it’s you can only find it in Holland it’s below sea level it’s spread out on a really big area in Holland and there’s water everywhere everywhere as you said and you can just find bike just look around find some bait fish and you’re guaranteed on catching some pike so it’s really nice and it’s just easy you you mean you go on a holiday you bring your rod you can fish you anywhere but I think we’re gonna take our odds after this short break and we shut the customer okay let’s go yeah yeah [Music] Oh fish fish decent wrong [Music] oh there he comes you ever gonna see if we can grab it you have the whole bush on the line yeah but we were kind of distracted and then you walked a bit further on this one and you’re trying to land like three times yeah it came off when I grabbed it and then came out of my hand and I grabbed it again so but we caught it y’all have it there and it’s like I would say 70 yeah 65 7 yeah nice so it’s a good park really nice and being this small ditch yep yeah so let’s put the path the Polish work may provide this fish yeah it works [Music] this is how your fingers should look like after a good days of fishing or bloody now we really found the spot where there’s deliver fish daniel has wrong Park is going to put it in the water and Peter hooked one so I’m gonna land it for him and it’s a quite decent pike to be here for being here here good punch nice you’re quite long here we have your Pike and down interview now we have to play yeah so that’s good it’s and I know just released my recently so but like I said like five hundred times already it’s amazing how it can be like this magnified with these small waters and they’re like everywhere yeah yeah alright so let’s just put them back here there you go nice Oh what the tape look Oh Oh No Cole take but this is nice this is a nice bike Daniel it is a nice bike indeed but we’ll have a problem here what is we need to get it up yeah so you have to help me don’t drop it like you did the last time and then grab it again and then drop it and then grab it take it the first time yeah much better nice work give it five that’s actually one of the biggest on today yep really good colors Wow yeah nice bike you go thank you now let’s see it back and continue the fishing because there are clarify pike here bye bye your five other hands fun fishing fishing in Holland yeah in small canals like this it is more like a ditch it’s it’s more like a ditch yeah we have so many bike already only in the morning how he’s gonna turn out I don’t know goes I think I think [Music] we are back at the hotel laoda Resort where we slept this night but today we had really good fishing we had insane fishing it was really amazing a lot of fish and cool takes yeah really good takes a lost toy balls here a lot of guys asked me where to get more information if they wanted to visit Netherlands they you’re working with it so please tell them it’s super easy just visit our website fishing all of other now we also have information in German and in English nice accommodation is like this fishing guides all information you need to know about fishing in right here or in other places in Holland just visit our website and it’s really good fishing here so yeah I want to come back another time as well so yeah nice to meet you give me five and nice to make just one pizza and don’t forget to like this video if you want to see more videos from their device and subscribe also subscribe of course and like us on Facebook user gum in everything bye see you next time bye bye you

100 comments on “FISHING PIKE IN SMALL DITCH – Holland🇳🇱 | Team Galant

  1. Jag fyllde år för tre Veckor sen och fick ett jerkbait spö så jag har gått efter gris dom sista tre veckorna. De har gått sådär den största hittills var 5,5 kg. Den här videon var riktig informations rik det uppskattas mycket.

  2. cześc I am a very cool movie in Poland next year plans to go to the Netherlands to fish in the sewers over what channels do you recommend to go?

  3. Very nice video. Very cool looking pikes. The arrangement on the spots are very different on some of those from what we catch here in the United States. Although some of them look like they could use a good meal very nice just the same good job.

  4. Nice Video. But it's not forbidden to use a net 😉 no bloody fingers and a save landing would be the result next time 😉

  5. 35 Euros permit for how long? Just curious.
    Good video, btw. Not my cup of tea, prefer natural streams, but it probably would be, if I lived in Holland 😉

  6. Nice video and lovely places even though I prefer fishing in more isolated natural areas. Every time I was in Holland I was thinking what the dutch guy said, pikes everywhere. Every water looked pikey to me, really have to go on a fishing trip to Holland! 🙂 Can anyone tell what spinner baits they're using(which company)? I have a pretty nice collection, but more variety is always nice and I fish a lot on a lake where spinner bait is by far the most effective lure.

  7. Incredible Video Congratulations Fisherman!
    Have a great week of great success and good fishing.

  8. Great vid! But guys. I'm sure you know, that putting and dropping the Pike in the grass is going to destroy the slime, and eventually cause fungus on the Fish. Which will spread to other Fish, and kill every individual that gets it… Always great content, but as very experienced Fishermen, that I know you are, at least you @Tobias Ekvall, I'm sure you know how to treat the Fish. Given that so many people watch these videos, it's a bit sad to see you guys throwing around the Fish in the grass… then C&R all of a sudden becomes pointless. No release, no glory, but release and handle the Pike properly. Much love from Denmark.

  9. Zweedse noob vriend wel even de propere manier van de kieuwgreep uitleggen.
    Wel leuk Nederlandse Snoeken, maar deze worden niet opgegeten en hij sloopt zowat de hele kieuwboog looks Stupid.
    Otherwise use landingsnet, leuke video maar helaas erg amateur-achtig
    zonder een goed net een Snoekvideo maken 👎 is really not done !

  10. You lucky fuckers,you can fishing pike even in your toilet,we have nothing in Switzerland,because here they killed everything!

  11. Love this video more like this! Pike fishing with lures is such a rush it's probably one of my most favourite types of fishing up there with fishing for sea bass with lures. I'd be lying though if i wasnt a little bit scared of pike. Their hits on the lure are always so so aggressive and seem to come as such a surprise out of nowhere. Your pike you catch always seem so calm out of the water. Mine however are usually a real struggle to keep hold of, always flaring their gills and then having a head shake ect. I tend not to handle them for long, just unhook them as quick as possible then let them recover in the net or by the bank and let them swim off.

  12. Very nice video! 🙂
    But a question I have been asking myself for so long is why doesn´t Johan make any videos anymore and why did he completely dissappear except moderating this year´s Perch Pro? I really miss those River Pike times!..

  13. Awesome guys! I’m a fly fisher, but I still love fishing for Pike and Muskie with the big tackle. My largest Pike is 46” and I won the pool for largest Pike of the trip $880.00 with that one. Oh, and I’ve been to Holland twice and love the country. I remember the Pfannakocken (I know it’s spelled wrong…)

  14. Nice video guys and welcome in the NL for pike fishing. I hope you have enjoyed your trip. 1 Like and 1 new subscriber. If you want to discover the pike fishing on the fly in Holland, visit my channel and subscribe too.

  15. So they have a License In Holland. They put the Fish Back In Holland. But In the UK they don't have a License and they Kill the Fish. Well what do You expect. I will go to Holland and do the Same there and If they Say anything. I will just say Your Lot do It In the UK so why should i do It here. That Blonde Guy wanted to Kiss that other Guy. And when He ask for Cheese I thought Here We go Holland Porn.

  16. how awesome to have canals with fish… walk out your apartment and start fishing.. no such thing here in Bay Area Northern California :(. great video guys. cheers.

  17. very useful tips about the fishing licence and app in holland, seen you in carl and alex vids lovely stuff my dude i want those Swedish perch do you do tours of good places in Sweden? hook me up !

  18. Super super super video I’m coming to Holland next week this video really helped me this Chanel is amazing I have been following for a long time now keep up the good work amazing videos thank you

  19. I’ve only fished for nothern pike in Canada and I’ve caught one that was almost 4ft long
    I caught it in northern Quebec on Mistissini lake

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