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Fishing PIKE on BIG water!

Fishing PIKE on BIG water!

Alright, budy. We are here! How do you feel? I’m happy! And I am really stoked to go fishing! Yea, this will be great! About a month ago, me and Chris decided we have to fish more! From now on, we will dedicate more time big trip like this! Today, we are in a big lake, it’s early autumn. We just arrived, and we have about 2 hours of fishing tonight. A kind of a prefishing for the upcoming two days. Let’s hope for some big pike! Right? YES! I wan’t a 110cm+ pike!! They seem to be standing towards this rocky point! I’m pumped, a bit nervous aswell! Look at this! Only the view makes me nervous! In the middle of the sea! This is crazy! Yea, and that’s a great feeling! Fish on! This is a nice fish! Not a giant, but it’s ok! Cool, a small one right away Let’s go! Wonderful! Let’s get another one! First fish, an a magic view! What’s up? This is fun, we We asked our self, were can we find the fish? So we started to fish structure, as far out as we could. And so far, 3 bites and two pike! There is a lot of rocks out there! Yea! Look at the sidescan! What a bite! Yesus!! This guy inhaled the whole bait! Nice Chris! That felt great! It’s a bit hard though… I have a injured elbow right now.. He took the bait boatside! I think this is a great start to this weekend! To be honest, this kind of fishing is very new to us! We have very limited experience of this area. But, still we got some pike tonight! We missed two fish that we saw and they where around 100 cm. So we are pumped to get after them tomorrow! We will start in a big bay, and after that, we will work us way out here, fishing on every rock santa has to offer! What an epic evening! First full day! Yesterday, we got some fish, We found the pike on the reefs, and today it’s very cold, first frost of the year. So typical… What do you think Chris? I feel pumped, let’s start fishing! The rocks are that way right? Yea you can see it super shallow over there! It might be a big ridge here! We don’t want to miss it! I’l get us over there with the big engine. I can do it with the trolling motor. Yea, we will miss it otherwise. Let’s try it! 100% 5 m deep! 4,7 m and 8,7 degrees in the water. There should be some pike here! yea let’s hope so! OH SHIT! What’s going on? a 90 cm pike smashed my bait, but I missed it! Straight from under the bait! That was cool! Lunch break! Gulash sup for lunch, but we have had a tuff time out here! We had one small pike, but hopefully we have found them. It seem like we have found the spots, but the pike doesn’t want to bite! Maybe we were late here, we have been fishing for 2 hours. Let’s keep fishing this spots, and if nothing happens, we have to search for new areas. Maybe the fish inshore are more active! It’s taking line! This is crazy! What’s going on? I can’t talk! We moved to a big bay! It’s a strong fish! My arm is injured!! we needed this Chris! Things haven’t gone as planned so far. My pulse is off the roof! What a bite! Biggest one so far! Maybe, 6kg+! The wind is picking up! What a bite! This one is ok! It’s a nice fish! Talk to me! In the middle of the jerk! It’s hard to tell if it is big or not! I’ts got some nice head shakes! The average size is good! Yea! It’s 4-5 kg. A long fish, but quite thin. So cool! Let’s keep on fishing! Fish on! Is it big? No… Is this the final fish for this bay? Or is it big? Wow, it’s a nice fish! Oh cool! That one is fat! It’s a big fish! yea it’s big! Looks like a 7-8 kg! That lady got some back! We where about to leave this bay, when this lady bit! A 7kg pike! In the weeds! Last light, and we are on the outer reefs! Only one follower! It’s hard to tell if it was the right decision or not.. But, it feels like we have a better understanding of the area now. But it’s hard to decide if we should fish bays or not. We have had the best fishing there, but the only thing we don’t know if there is bigger fish out here?! But so far, no.. We have to stop fishing and leave before it’s to dark. See you tomorrow! Last day! We are heading to the bay, where we had good fishing yesterday! We will spend the whole day here! Try around and some different spots in the bay! Let’s hope for a big pike! It feels like the outer reefs is not going to turn on as we want them to. No.. And this morning has been super cold.. We tried another bay this morning but we couldn’t find the fish there… All in for this bay, let’s fish it thoroughly! Let’s do this, last day, let’s go for a big pike! Should I film? I’m recording with the gopro! Is it big? no… lost it. Was not big, but nice to have a bite! Right away in this bay! I lost it! Look at the swirl! What a bite! Probably the hardest bite I’l ever had! So hard! That’s a beautiful pike! Great bite! This is fun! Right away in bay! This is so much fun! Maybe I’l try a slidin shad in a bright color! Fish on! Small one! Nice! The fish are biting right now! Great bite! Let’s see if it is big or not! You have had fish 4 cast in a row! It’s a nice fish! You wan’t the net? Quite nice fish! Let’s do it again! Anchour?! It’s going great in here, lot’s of bites! No giants yet. But we have had som really nice bites! And it’s super fun! We’ll keep on fishing, and the warmer it’s get more fish will be active hopefully! This is exciting! Yea, you can cast in any direction, and it feels like you can get a bite anytime! it feels like we are on the spot! Exciting! Just cast infront of them! The fish are gathered here! It’s fish?!?! It’s a big one as well! That was crazy! That’s the biggest for today! That bite looked like a branch! It’s a big fish! It’s big! Take the net! You need help? I think it’s ok! My arm is injured!!! It’s a 7-8 kg fish! I looked at you when it bit! What’s happening? 6 pike during the last 30 minutes. and from nowhere this pike is in the net! Show us the pike! This is fun! Fish on! It’s an ok fish! What’s going on! You just had a big bite, seconds later i got this one! Fish on! Let’s wrap it up! I’m feeling great now, and we have been fishing hard for two days! 2 great days, with 2 fish around 7 kg, Yea, and we’ve heard that people fishing in this area had difficult fishing To finished it of with a pike on 7,7 kg, that I thought was a branch. That was sick! So strange, the bite feelt just like hitting a branch. But this is… It’s so much fun that the fishing panned out well for us, especially when we spend so much time and money on this thing! It feels great! We have to thank all the viewers for watching this! Oh yes! See you soon again!!

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