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Fishing poppers for bass in summer CATCHES MORE FISH!!

Fishing poppers for bass in summer CATCHES MORE FISH!!

It’s a phenomenal bait at catching, a ton of fish and some bigger ones will mixed in
in this time of year when the fishing can get a little bit tough. Hey guys, Tom Warren
here with World Fishing Alliance and tonight I want to talk to you guys about a great technique
to catch a ton of largemouth bass during early summer or mid-summer and that involves using
a top water, specifically a top water popper bait here. This particular bait, a Strike
King Splash, KVD splash jr and it’s a phenomenal bait at catching a ton of fish and some bigger
ones will mixed in in this time of year when the fishing can get a little bit tough. What
you want to look for are giant weed flats that have bluegill that are schooling on them
and we’re going to get to doing it here in just a second. Our technique’s pretty simple.
Find those weed flats you’re looking for anywhere between say three and eight feet of water,
pretty shallow. Throw that popper over and where you see them schooled up or maybe you see him on your depth
finder, the marks on your screen, throw it over top of them, fish it very quickly and
you’re going to get a ton of explosive bites with some bigger fish mixed in as well. The
retrieve is pretty simple. If I’m in clear water, I want to fish a little bit faster
so that those fish don’t get quite as good of a look at it. Dirtier water, I’ll let it
sit for a little bit longer. Use a little bit harder pops to get the fish’s attention.
Tackle’s pretty simple as well. Just your standard seven foot or so medium and medium heavy a
power rod. You don’t want a rod that’s too long cause you’re pointing the rod tip down
as you fish it and you don’t want the rod tip hitting the water if you’re a shorter
person or even if you’re a taller person can still happen. Line is really the key thing here over rod. I like to use braid 20 or 30 pound is going
to be good. You want to be able to make long cast and that braid has no stretch. So when
you make a long cast, you set the hook, you’ve got them right off right away. Uh, monofilament’s
okay, the, the little extra give in that line of stretchiness can help you out with treble
hooks you won’t lose as many fish, but you don’t want to use fluorocarbon because of
its sinking characteristics, you won’t be able to work the popper correctly. So now
that you know about the technique, we’re going to get out there, put that popper to use.
See we can’t catch some fish. Just a ton of fish schooled here. This is a way to catch a lot of fish. You’ll definitely
catch your big ones too, but it’s really a good numbers technique, especially when you
use a little bit smaller popper like I’ve got here. So I’ll talk about in a second.
That’s just a small fish like I was talking about that junior size. It’s really good for
getting those numbers of bites. The key thing like I mentioned, you look for is all those
bluegills. You can see them straight in front of me schooling everywhere. You actually don’t
have to get right on top of them. Like a lot of people think you have to, you reel the
bait in and throw it right over where they are. Because sometimes the bass aren’t right
in the same school but they’re around, they’re pushing them around. So as long as you’re
within a cast length, where that activity is, the schooling activity, you’re
going to be good. Like that cast I will make kind of right into where they were. [inaudible] Oh yeah. Buried in the grass too. Get the bass and the grass together. See that is exactly
how you want em to eat it right there. Tons of fun. One more thing I’ll recommend about
whatever popper you choose to buy is that uh, it has feathers there on the back on mine
are pretty worn out there. I’m going to have to replace that treble hook, but I think feathers
a feather on the back treble hook really makes a difference in your catch rates. Next time
you guys have an evening free, go find your favorite local lake, find a weed flat, grab
some poppers, catch tons of fish like this.

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