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Fishing Popping Corks For Bull Reds in Louisiana

Fishing Popping Corks For Bull Reds in Louisiana

(tranquil instrumental) – [Announcer] Popping
corks, they’re very popular for fisherman all along the
coastal areas, but do they work? And how do you fish with them? In this episode of Cabela’s
Fisherman’s Handbook, we take an in depth
and adventurous look at what makes a popping
cork so easy to use and so effective. – It sounds like
a redfish feeding. – That sound that it’s making,
that snapping, that popping. – All you gotta do is get it
out there and just jerk it, big popping
explosion, and I mean, if you’re around some
fish, you’re gonna know it. – [Announcer] Wade and
members of Team Cabela’s are in Venice, Louisiana, to go
out and fish for bull reds, and using a popping cork is
a great way to fish for them. – All of us are members of
Team Cabela’s, and you know we get a chance to go on
some really great adventures, but we don’t very often get
to spend time all in the boat together, so today was the
day, we had just wrapped up the Cabela’s saltwater
summit the day before, and we had kind of planned
and hoped to have a morning like this where we could
just go out and have fun, and what better way to
go out and have fun than to tie on a bobber,
tie on a popping cork. We all started with
bobbers back in the day, go out there and bang it
around and catch fish. This area of Louisiana,
where we’re actually at here in Venice, it’s famous
for this kind of fishing. I won’t say that it originated
here, but they darn sure perfected it, and they may
have originated it here, and I just don’t know it,
but it is without a doubt one of the funnest
ways to go fish. And then when you take a
group of talented, skilled anglers with the resumes
that were in this boat today, and you watch them turn into
little giggling 12-year-old kids again, it just tells you
how fun a popping cork is. – Grab your weapons
and start the popping. – [Wade] Clark why
are you in the back of the boat all alone? – Well I’m really kind
of happy back here. I’m gonna wait until
y’all catch one. – The first time I’ve ever
seen him fish out of the back of the boat. I’m very concerned
about his health. We may need to take him
to the hospital (laughs). – I’m about to say there
ain’t any right here, let’s move on. – Strike out on hole number one. – A swing and a miss. – Oh yeah, it just blew up
again right under that bird. – Very seldom do the fish show
themselves, but the bait fish give it away, so we’re
looking for those shiny spots – There’s a slick right there. – Right there. – Wade, there’s a
slick right there. – There’s one right here Wade. – We looked across this
water, and it’s very pretty much the same, it’s very
static, just kind of a flat silted bottom, so
there’s no object really that the fish are relating to. They’re following the bait. So wherever the bait tends
to swim around, they just go with it, so normally
you look for the birds, you look for the shiny spots,
and then of course if you see some fish busting in it,
that’s the best-case scenario, but you just keep throwing
at those, and eventually you’re going to find some fish. – [Wade Voiceover] You know,
when you look at a fishing trip like this, there’ll be times
when you look at the boat, and there’ll be a couple
of us kind of sitting there thinking all right why
don’t you go first. Prove to me there’s a red there. David, he’s gonna be the
first guy every time. He is an indiscriminate hooker
when it comes to catching fish; he doesn’t
care what it is. He’s going to throw his bait
out there and let it sort out once he gets it in. – [Angler] That’s a red. – That ain’t no red. – [Angler] I saw red. I saw copper when he
came across the water. – Now it’s fixin’
to be a half a red. – [Angler] Red or shark. – I think it’s a red. He’s in danger of getting
eaten alive while he’s fighting out there. – [Angler] He’s gaining ground. That’s why I don’t
play catch up. I’m pretty sure I saw copper
come through the water. – I don’t care what it
is; he’s pulling (laughs). – [Announcer] When we return,
we’ll see what’s at the end of David’s line, here on the
Cabela’s Fisherman’s Handbook. The Fisherman’s Handbook is
brought to you in part by Cabela’s.
It’s in your nature. Yamaha Marine.
Reliability starts here. And by Ranger Boats. Still building
legends one at a time. David Walker is hooked
up, and it looks like he’s in for a fight. – His head’s shaking,
it looks like a red. We’re gonna find
out, under the motor. There he is.
It’s a jack. That’s schools of
jack is what that is. There we go. Hammertime right there. – [Angler] That’s not very big. – I’m very proud of him. Look at this fish. There we go. Got him. – [Angler] That’s a
perfect size jack. Great fight but not too long. – That’s right. That’s what we see schooling
out there, right there. That’s why there were so
many of them schooling. That was a nine-five,
nine-five (mumbles). – [Announcer] Wade and the
gang are out on the open water, off the coast of Louisiana. They’re fishing for bull
reds and using the simple and effective popping cork. – You know popping corks come
in a lot of different sizes and styles, and they make
a lot of different sounds and are unique to a lot of
different presentations. You talk to some of the
guys, they like these little simple clip-ons,
these ones here, with a little weight
on the bottom. For me, I like to throw
those up around the (mumbles) or in those areas where I
want to be a little quieter, but out here right now,
we’re really banging away on these ones with
the cups on them. To me, the one that I
really like, and you talk to a lot of the guides at
the Venice Fishing Lodge, they’ll tell you that you
know they get a little chop on the water, they like these. These seem to me to be a
little more durable in these types of conditions. They got like a titanium
wire with some washers and lots of bobbles
and beads on them. And then you look at some of
these very, very simple ones with the wire ones here, and
they have nothing more than little, for lack of a better
word, little artsy craft beads in there to go up and down. Regardless of which ones
you use, you’re going to get some action when you
throw them out there. When you find aa cork
that looks like this, it’s a pretty seasoned veteran. You can literally see
the teeth marks on it from the different fish that
have come in and mauled it. So get out, pop it, and I
promise you the end results are going to be
some drags singing. – That’s gotta be a red there. – He’s fast; it’s
either a shark or a red. – The coolest thing, Wade,
about those popping corks is that anybody can do it. You just get that thing
out there and you start kabloo, kabloo, and it’s gone. – So many different styles. The little quiet ones
with the wires and beads, the big poppers. What do you got there? I think I got a shark. Is anybody hooked up? – I am, I think I got a shark. – No, you’re just too weak. Gosh I thought we had him. – I thought we had him. – He’s in. – Well, Walker’s hooked up too. – More reds. – [Wade] I need to go show
y’all how to catch one. Everybody’s got one but me. – Just leave him in
the net; I’ll get him. – I’m out. The popping cork battle is on. We going for a quad. – Here he comes. – Woah.
Oh it is a big red. Sometimes you gotta
borrow the camera boat. Boys you might have
to get after this one. Let me get back over. I think I got Shamu’s baby. (background laughs) Oh you’re a good man Walker. I don’t care what
Clark says about you. – Triples. – This is what popping
cork fishing is all about, right here. – This is fun isn’t it?
– That’s pretty awesome. I love it when a
plan comes together. – Sweet. – Let’s get another one. – How about let’s
rest for a minute. – [Announcer] The
Fisherman’s Handbook is brought to you in part by Garmin, fight your fish,
not your fish finder. Bradley Smoker.
Food smoking made easy. Engel Coolers.
A legend in reliability. Sawyer Products.
We keep you outdoors. – When you start analyzing
all these popping corks, I mean, there’s so
many different kinds. You got hard plastic
ones full of rattles. You’ve got the foam ones
that have the wires to them. You’ve got some that just
have the you know the springs on the top hooked
directly to your line. You’ve got some of them
that are high dollar, built out of titanium
with washers and brass. And then you’ve got cheap
ones built out of just regular old wire. And each one of them, I
think, have an application and a time to use them. You just kind of have
to, through experience, find the one that
works best for you. But the one thing
about it that I find is make some noise with
it, because I promise you, there’s going to be something
that thinks the buffet line is open right there,
and he’s gonna come eat what’s on the end of your line. – It makes that
sound right there. That’s what’s key about this. It’s not so much the splash. I’ll show you one thing. When you’re working
with this thing. If you don’t give it a
chance to stand back up and basically reload itself,
it won’t make that crack. Don’t drag it, don’t keep a
tight line, you want to throw some slack in that, because
if you keep it tight, as you can see the cork stays
at the back of the wire, and you never get that crack. You’ll get a splash, but
you won’t get that popping noise, so you gotta let it
sink back down, load itself, and you can hear the difference. You hear that?
That finger snap to it? If you hold it tight, all
you’ll get is a splash. That sound right there
is what’s really cool. That really sharp
crack, right there. You can see, you’re gonna
have to straighten him up boy, after you catch some
of those big red fish. They really get it wound up. It’s such a simple,
but it’s so effective. I think that’s why when
you come down here, every rod you see rigged
up has literally got a popping cork of some
different size and shape. You know, all those
different popping, the round ones likes these,
they make some thinner ones, they got the ones
with the bucket, the cup on the front of them,
but it’s all a matter of trial and error when it comes to
bass fishing or red fishing. You gotta have a little bit
of everything, so just buy one of each; that way
you got it covered. (hollers excitedly) – It might be shark. I think he knows he’s hooked. Gol-lee, this might be a shark. I’m gaining some ground.
He’s resting. Smooth drag is the key in this. I like to throw braided line. (mumbles) here’s my main line, and I’ll use fluorocarbon leader to handle that part. He’s like I’m coming
if you’ll let me go. They just don’t quit. He’s like I think
I’m about whooped. He’s barely hooked. Watch yourself. This is so much fun when
you can get out here. Test your tackle like that. Clark and you just
basically, it’s fun fishing. – It’s incredible. – With very little technique,
and there’s so many different popping corks on the
market that you can go use and make this happen. – I think that’s what’s
incredible about it is you don’t have to have
technique with this. You get it tied on, you
get your leader there, and you just start popping. – That’s it, and when you
find them, it’s game on. – [Announcer] Sometimes,
there are unwanted players that want to play the
pop and cork game, and they seem to have taken
a liking to one particular angler. – Hey, you better
chase him Clark. – Clark, you better hurry. Chase him with the boat. – I ain’t chasing. – I need some help. I ain’t got much line left. – Shark. – I’m done with these
stinking sharks. – [Wade] Put a wire leader
on so you can land one. – I keep coming back with
nothing but one goofy cork. Can I put a hook in my cork? The next time I pull up,
I’m just gonna set there until somebody catches a red,
then I’ll throw in there. I’m tired of being a guinea
pig, catching sharks every time. – We’re gonna need
a bigger boat. – We’ve had about nine
sharks attacking one red. That tells us to move. We may not be the most
experienced and knowledgeable saltwater fisherman, but
we know we don’t like tying knots over and over. – [Announcer] The
Fisherman’s Handbook is brought to you in part by Hobie Fishing.
Mirage drive paddle systems. FoodSaver, the number one
vacuum sealing system. SPRO.
Sports professionals. Wade and the crew are into
their final fishing spot to cap off their adventurous
day on the water. – When you fish in a group
like this, you’re going to have some rodeos going on because
you’ve got four accomplished fisherman here that kind of,
there’s no question they’re gonna be throwing where
they think they are, and generally speaking,
you’re gonna have baits plopping in next to each
other, and you’re gonna end up with some triples and doubles
and even four on at a time, and that is so much fun,
and it’s a great way to fish with all your friends
when you get to do that. Clark’s gonna be doing his
thing back here finding them. Reynolds will be
running around the boat. David’s gonna be doing
his thing, and you know, it just becomes this mosh
pit of fisherman out there hooting and hollering,
and frankly, we all become like little kids because
it is so much fun. ♪ I hear that magic sound ♪ I hear that music singing ♪ Reynold’s hooked up – [Wade] Talk to me Reynolds. – I can’t breathe right now. You know you think cork fishing
you wait until your cork goes under, all you gotta do is listen for your reel
to tart singing. You don’t have to
watch your cork. – [Wade] It don’t
take very long. – Oh look at me, just
bring him right on up here. – Yeah, I’m sure he’s ready. – Yeah, goodbye. – Oh, there he goes. I really don’t think
he’s ready, but… That wind was hooked up. I can go back there
and talk to ya. – God dawg it. I’m trying to go this way, and
he’s trying to go that way. We are just in a pile of
them, and the great thing is if you throw that cork
out there and you pop it, it ain’t gonna take long. It’s gonna go down. We got three on at
one time right now. – Oh, we got a four. – Trouble. – I’m in your motor. Got him out of it, going under. Coming back. – Now this right
here is a fire drill. We got four red fish
on at the same time. Look around the boat; everybody
is hooked up, bent over, struggling to keep their
fish out of the other fish. – Hey can somebody net mine? – Hold on.
– I’m just joking. Mine’s hung in yours. Here you go to the back. – It’s only huge;
it’s not gigantic. – I got mine. – Woo! – While you got a net handy– – Is yours ready? – I’ll get him, go ahead. – Come on Walker. – He got a big one. – I’m paddling as
fast as I can man. – Several big ones in
the group right here. – We’re gonna go net
Walker’s in just a minute. I mean this is popping
cork fishing at its finest. – This is incredible man. This is just throw
out there and hold on. And you know, there’s no real
way you gotta work that thing. A lot of times, jerk it
hard and let it settle, jerk it hard and let it settle. – Got him! All right let’s
get a four picture. – Now we didn’t keep these
to get a picture with. We just caught all of
these, just caught them. – That’s why we’re
all out of breath. – My arms are shaking. – That’s four in, four back. – It’s like an assembly line. This place mass produces. – Wow. – Nicely done Clark. – [Announcer] That’ll do
it here on the Cabela’s Fisherman’s Handbook. If you want to come down
to Venice, Louisiana, be sure to check out the
Venice Fishing Lodge. Log on to (upbeat instrumental)

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