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Fishing Reel Maintenance

Fishing Reel Maintenance

hello nice to see ya well russ i know you were busy this is a busy season people just runing in and out now can i drag you away for just a moment well what i would like to do is something that i neglect every year is maintaining my reels and russ i know it is a dirty job would you mind showing our viewers out there sure the right way to clean a real the most important thing i see allot of people over grease and all over their real the easiest way to do it this particular reel here comes apart very easily is this pretty typical with a bait caster its pretty typical on allot of the bait casters now a days but this particuler reel has got bearing on the side uh little bit all oil along the bearings what kind of oil do you use this is just light reel oil not much you dont want a reel thick grease or oil and uh… we’ll just put a little drop on each bearing and shes just about ready to be put together thats all there is to it yes that particular reel there is pretty easy you dont really need to do allot of over maintenance for these reels had i had known it was this easy i would have been doing it its ready to go okay what about a spinning reel ive got one apart right here most the time just a little light oil on the shaft here itself is about all it takes just a little light oil there and shes ready to put back together now if you are getting a little bit of grease or grind into your reel i recommended taking apart the reel here and doing a little major overhaul there what kind of grease do you use on the inside there normally its a little thicker grease like a lithium grease here that we would use for that ok but uh that reel is ready to go and shes ready for line ok well talking about line how often do you recommend to to change your line ill change my line maybe once every four five trips that often yes it really will improve the life time of your reel well as cheap as line is why take a chance line going bad on ya with a fish on the end that is true how do you spool up a bait caster reel is there a trick to that i got one set up right over here okay mark heres one im getting ready to put on let me show you a trick here that ive learned used quite a bit this will save allot of line for the times you don’t need as much line you leave some of the old line on there i cant cast quite that far what im going to do is it’s basically just a granny knot your attaching the new line to the old line we’re going to make a loop thats going to go through there 3 times well this is a good idea this way your not using as much new line that would enable has poor folks
to come back and re spool our lines exactly yeah it’s saves a lot a line plus you don’t really need that much now im going to show you how to do this you want that line to come up off the top of the spool right onto the real ok your line always
has to go on the same way it’s comes off that spool we just crank her on there and is it fills up we will be ready to go now um is there a difference between these spining reels to the normal reels oh there sure is do you do the same thing you do a backing on the spining reels i sure so do the banking saves a lot of line it’s also gonna keep you from using quite that much money here we got one set up instead of the line coming off a pencil
on a spinning reel what you’ve got to do is have that line come off that’s pool
the same way its gonna go on to your rod or are actually your real so if i can have you hold that up again now what i need to do their is point that’s spool right at me just as it comes off the spool exactly i got it now what is the purposes of this that’s going to prevent a lot of twist and it’s uh… basically that’s their
biggest reasons for the keep the twist out well i guess thats why i get so many twists in my line it will sure do it this is such a simple trick but i guess that makes a huge difference ok alright russ i think were about full right there well we have got are reels cleaned and ready to go with a
new line on a guess theres just one thing left to do whats that lets go fishing thats right well thank you russ i appreciate you showing us how to do that now if you dont feel like changing this line yourself come out and see this guy this is what he lives for he loves to change line

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