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Fishing Report – October South Carolina Offshore Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing Report – October South Carolina Offshore Deep Sea Fishing

Hey, this is Captain Chip Michalove in Hilton Head, South Carolina – Outcast Sport Fishing. We spent the day off shore about 30 miles around a tower. Had some clients that wanted to go after topwater stuff. Well this time of year, we don’t have a lot of topwater stuff most people are bottom fishing for grouper, snapper, bull redfish. The only thing topwater right now is mainly Barracuda. That was . . . that was kinda
on their minds anyway, so we went out there and we had a big school of barracuda chasing us. Circling the boat. We were pitching cuda tubes and live bait to ’em. After about half an hour doing that, this big school of amberjack came up and we were . . . we were pretty much hand feeding the amberjack. I had a big bucket of bait and we just started pitching to ’em and got ’em in a good frenzy. and started doing all sorts of stuff. We were catching ’em on live bait and plugs, cuda tubes. and got some good underwater stuff. It was fun. It was fun. They day before we were targeting bull redfish. and I think they actually had more fun doing the barracuda stuff then the bull reds and tiger sharks. like the day before. Ohhhhhhhhhh! Water temps probably about 71 degrees right around there. It fluctuates. depending on our nights and our depth was approximately about 80 feet – 80, 85. It was fun. Already gotta a message saying they want to go right back to it here tomorrow the next day. It was definitely fun. It’s always a good time when have schools of fish circling the boat no matter what
the species is. It was kinda like Sea World out there.

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