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Fishing San Carlos lake with Bass Pro John Murray #150

just drop a line and reel em in It’s the good ol’ Boys gone fishing again just drop a line and reel em in it’s the good ol’ Boys gone fishing again yeah it’s that time again to drop a line so sit back and relax and let’s go fishing again come along as we join John Shaw and today’s special guest reel em on fishing with the good ol Boys Good Fishing just drop a line and reel em in it’s the good ol’ Boys gone fishing again just drop a line and reel em in it’s the good ol’ Boys gone fishing again it’s the good ol’ Boys gone fishing again…….. [music stinger] [splash] good morning folks! I am John Shaw with John Murray at San Carlos and he’s on them already he’s cranking them in here. Whoa!! looks like a decent fish John, Whoa! buddy! What you got there! Whoa Hoo! look at this action folks he is giving it all to you buddy [laughter] Whoa! oooh! aaaah! after all of that after all that! don’t go no where I’m sure to be a lot more to come what do you say John. I’m looking forward to it. all right what are we going to do today crank a lot of deep cranking maybe some Carolina rig fishing and see if we can find these fish stacked up somewhere on one of these points. you got I see all the shad birds over there the shad popping around so stay put folks we’ll be right back from San Carlos with Super Pro John Murray [musical stinger] okay we’re back folks john told me put on this spot here so I listened to the master here and he’s right. OK oh man you were right about john must be a male he’s peeing all over the place. post spawn. post spawn fish ah ok let’s unbuckle him here come on baby. get it out here. look at the stuff we are fishing here. all over there this is great this is one those San Carlos Bass there are petty of good ones in here. nice little male put it back I did just what John said he should switch up to that spot that should work and I sure did you show you to spot for those of you don’t know what the spot is. if I can get it stop here. it makes a noise like a baby rattler if you shake that thing. show them.. [rattle] that much noise they definitely produce fish I guess so I tried it on..second cast a bang, a boom I was there. that’s a really great bait this here spot. They alway say why would a Cordell Spot catch so many fish the best explanation I heard is like someone going to your doorbell and sitting in your living room watching TV and maybe your doorbell rings you walk up to your door open and they’re nothing there but a hundred-dollar bill [laughter] so you pick up the hundred dollar bill and you look around there’s no one there, you leave [laughter] well that is what they say at rattletrap or a spot it’s a it makes all that noise draws the basses attention they look up a minute they see that bait it looks just like a threadfin shad they forget about the noise they eat it! there you go another one. he got off that one they are real shallow up there. real shallow that might have been a bush it felt good anyway there you go you get that hundred-dollar bill every time [lagughter] That’s the best explanation I have heard why it works so much hey folks John Murray if you read Bass master magazine in a recent issue I was just thumbing through and all of a sudden there’s John Murray in there that was a nice little deal you had in there John. well they are looking more for some of the Western stuff since they’re coming out here to do some Western tournaments they want some of our Western baits like the Yamamoto jigs and western baits that you know we’re designed and made out here as opposed a lot of the stuff they use back there. diffidently. when are they coming out in 97 or something … Fish, Fish! sorry we will continues conversation later John Murray folks Oh he is another good…good fish buddy look at that They are solid a San Carlos that’s for sure nice fish good job man what kind of bait I’m just throwing a bill Norman Deep Diver Bill Norman deep diver I think the whole key is just getting something shad getting it rooting on the bottom because they’re chasing shadow that was a major Chad spawn and moving it sort of slow because there’s so much bait they’re not starving up here right now. nice nice fish. any special way you’re cranking it just you seemed before you’re just moving the right through all that stuff. not slowing it down anything like that. well I want it deflecting I want it.. let’s see how that fast he is spinning that Dave..the reel there. Get it on the bottom and then once it gets on the bottom I wanted deflecting off the limbs and rocks I want a lot of movement off it and that’s what’s going to catch the bass a straight threadfin shad swimming through this Lake right now so I going to attract much attention but a wounded one or one this acting erratically bass has just sort of triggered the hit. Easy eating there. They just step right up and say this must be McDonald’s I’ll pull up to the wind and grab one real quick. I’ll have one of them shad that’s going by there we’re wiggling. make it easy for them that’s the key. exactly, exactly you still teaching at the school. yeah I teaching at Glendale and Mesa Community College. bass fishing and crappie terrific terrific so folks if you really want to get down to the basics is one of the best especially here in Arizona this guy is the man check it out John Murray at Mesa and Glendale you have it. Glendale Community College excellent, Excellent little guy they had a good spawn somewhere yeah they had a good spawn somewhere. he is a bout the same size my crank bait. there you go. almost Yeah you catch all kinds for fish folks when you are cranking there supposed to be like John was just saying a big fish bait but heck they just grab at anything these fish are so aggressive Bass what predator fish they are. You have been doing good at All-Star bass buddy I’ve read about in the paper the other day yeah I had a good tournament up at Roosevelt Roosevelt it’s going to be a great lake this year with the water falling down the numbers of fish in that lake are incredible catch any smallies that particular day or mostly large mouth yeah actually had one about 17 inch small mouth and then a small mouth over 4, like four and a quarter. wow nice. That’s my favorite small mouth. I love them they fight so good What was the bait up there if you don’t mind sharing that information it’s sort of similar this the water is a little clearer so we were using rip Baits, jerk baits and then later once the Sun comes up. and the fish shut down went to Carolina rigs and split shotting. still pretty shallow must of the Fish 5 or 10 feet deep they are not real deep right yet. The same with here these fish have not moved out into deep water. go get em John. a little one a little guy. You got to work through the little fish. we’ll get some better ones If you work usually on a ridge like we’re fishing here you’ll find one area on it that has the big fish and the rest rest will be covered with little fish but there’ll be one little maybe 20 yards stretch where the big ones will move up. They hang together in the same class same year class. yeah usually it’s just for some reason maybe bottom contour maybe bottom composition the big ones like one spot and they’ll be there every time you go there they will they like to stay in that type in area. the little boys don’t venture anywhere near them. little ones go everywhere else. they get the run of the rest of the lake. John Murray is on it again. they hit it so shallow up there and they’re getting..John is in the crouched position he’s crouching it’s gotta be a decent fish. hold on let me get over there. he’s not that big oh he’s got it in the side of his mouth the way they are hitting it. Be careful the way they’re hitting it they’re hitting it right on the real shallow water. it makes it hard for you to get a good hook into them. that’s a nice fish oh you had him pretty good though that guy. you can see how it’s going down and they come down on top of it. and a lot of times you won’t get a good hook with them that way and and that causes that fight so much is that it’s not directly in their mouth ahead while leveraging what’s causing that say the low the water dropping is why they are doing that no it’s just I’m catching them in such shallow water. okay! I see what you are saying no this thing is routing right on the bottom and those fish have to come down to get it as opposed to come up behind it and get the whole bait in their mouth kind of steady retrieve and banging them off the bottom. what do they think that is a crawdad. I know they are feeding on shad. do they think it’s a shad well..they basically see something acting here regularly that’s shaped like what they’ve been eating shad it’s acting not right which is going to trigger their instinct but you know they they prey on about anything that’s wrong in a Lake you know. they know I see what you mean that’s why goldfish are so popular because you know they never see normally other than this lake goldfish swimming around but that bright orange fish they don’t want it in their Lake, I think they just eat it first thing I’ve been noticing your rod here. how…’sa real limber rod. is it a fiberglass or what is it it looks almost like a glass rod the way it is bending real nice like that. Now this is a real soft action shimano rod actually it’s a medium light action and it’s got a parabolic bend that causes that overall bend well let it work parabolic I like it, I like it. as opposed to a fast action we’re just the tip will go… okay. and I’m using that just because the way the fish are getting hooked on the crank bait. I don’t want to put a lot of pressure on them and this soft action rod allows me to you know fight them without pulling the bait out of their mouth actually. come on baby, come to Johnny, come to Johnny. not to big. not real big Crappie! Crappie We told you this lake has crappie it has large mouth it’s a great lake for all kinds this is a nice little crappie had to pull up to the bush and grab it. If I can get him un buttoned I do not want to rip his lips apart here. little paper mouths that they are there we are A San Carlos crappie it’s been a great year for crappie up here huh John this lake is absolutely infested you fish bass lures up here and you catch crappie that I’ll tell you a lot. Yeah that tells you little something there you are right. you’re right I was just going to say you can throw crank baits. I like to use spinning rods so you could do this on a spinning rod or like the big boys use with the level wind here but whatever whatever you’re comfortable with it. you know it works long as you catching fish and you are comfortable don’t be intimidated by all your bass pro buddies that makes one you’re using this stuff because it works. yeah that’s right [laughter] Cast it out and retrieve it you are in good shape [laughter] I well tell one thing you… you can really cast these things way the heck out there. with a little heavier baits like this John let me ask you with that moon hanging out is that, you notice anything different when that’s going on whoa! all I know is I got a fish there’s a good one. yeah he feels pretty good here he comes whoa! he is trying to get up, he’s trying to get up I will not let him might not have a choice Oh here he’s a good fish [splash] yeah this lake has some fine fish in it it’s the old I lost that other bait I was catching..oop! this morning spot got to be careful with that folks at least I do. I don’t have to much luck getting these fish off fast. I lost that other spot that I caught a few fish on earlier. and changed to this doesn’t seem to make any difference long as they look like a shad and make a little noise and you could do it. let me see if I can unbutton him. but now it’s just really kind of easy fishing up here at San Carlos it’s a nice little guy here. we’re looking for the big boy looking for the big one let’s put him back ooop! hey ya folks don’t go no where we’ll be right back from San Carlos lake Fishing with the good ol boys and my buddy John Murray we’ll be right back [laughter] [music stinger] Ok here we go! this here spot is working pretty darn good I’m glad Murray told me to use it come on get in here they are coming in pretty fast. crappie! Oh another crappie no wonder pretty good size crappie too. [laughter] I am on a crappie bite here folks they said this here crappie bite was great at San Carlos and I guess so I’m catching pretty big-sized crank baits here. not big crank baits but something they obviously like. that’s a nice healthy crappie. I think a lot of the swirls were seeing out there we’re thinking are bass are crappie because you throwing in them and you are catching them. then all of a sudden you catch em. yeah I want to be careful of his lip too much yeah look at all that stuff it’s unbelievable back him off that little bit you there I don’t want to hurt your lip there Mr. crappie be a little gentle with him there. there’s a lot of crappie in this little spot we came up on here. we didn’t come upon it John knew exactly what he was doing. coming here. another nice little San Carlos crappie now some people are going to get a little why are you guys throwing those crappy back but hey let somebody else catch em. get in there crappie guy alright John. little Carolina rig I am fishing it real slow I think fish post spawn fish going to hit it a lot better when the bait is moving real slow. I was barely moving that thing along the bottom when he hit it let the folks know how you rigged it up and stuff like that John I am throwing a Texas rig lizard or a Carolina rig lizard gamakatsu hook about a two and a half foot leader. Tell them what a Caroline is. well it is split shotting, Carolina rigging its pretty much the same concept you take a weight, this one we use a half ounce weight and a bead and a swivel and then a length of line so what you’re doing is actually just throwing this out there the weights hitting in the bottom you’re dragging it. it almost acts like an attractor and then the fish short of notice that and then your actual Bait is traveling behind it and that it’s just the easiest way to fish a plastic worm there is because you don’t have to worry about setting the hook or feeling anything. when there’s one on it he’s tugging on it. he tugs it and that’s it. very simple way. it catches fish two feet of water all the way down to 50 feet of water so it’s very versatile. Carolina rigging.. San Carlos here. long casts very, very slow retrieves is what I like. actually it kind of looks like you’re letting the boat move the bait. A lot of times I just let the trolling motor drift it and that was just a bare perceptible hit I mean he could have been a twig but he just held on and held on. I like that when you think could have been a twig but it’s actually a fish and that’s a nice fish too. he was a nice little fighter too. it is usually it’s the other way around it’s it? yeah you think it is a fish and it is twig. [laughter] he he comes he’s going to jump out there. he’s up coming up, coming up, come on he is doing some stuff dam he aren’t that good he was struck in something, he felt pretty good he’s a decent fish come on come up [splash] whoa! blow my weenie out there caught him on the good old grub. nice.. nice. nice. real slow? yeah real slow. he just whacked it real good like you said. Throw it out there you said we drove around in the circle a few times John’s looking on his electronics and tell them what you were doing John to find this spot here. if you would. well this is actually…oooh! a rocky mound it’s just big boulders all piled up comes up to about 10 feet of water and all the way around it’s all deep we’ve got hung up quite a bit because of the weights lodging those.. those rocks real easy but it’s a great spot for bass, as calm as it is I think those bass are sort of dropped down and not really actively feeding. maybe if we get a little wind or something they’ll start biting a little better but again or just a slow bite and just dragging it slow. I missed a couple They are here we just got to work them out. it’s going to take a little little bit of patience here to catch them. let me show you what I caught that one on. the good ol weenie grub salt and pepper with a chartreuse tail check it out to the good stuff I’m just split shotting it about 18 inches up the line and just doing like John the same throwing up on that hump there, and he grabbed on to it. let’s see if we can get some more very super slow today. you wouldn’t think that in may John you know you think the fish would be really super aggressive and on the thing. well the problem is are post spawn and the minute you get post spawn the fish are really trying to recover from the spawning and sometimes that’s the key people get in good areas and they just work there Baies too fast post spawn is famous for super slow retrieves lite Baits once about Memorial Day first June then it starts picking up then they start feeding the Linux then you can start moving it a little quicker oh whoa! there a.. same deal as we caught that last one on come on oh he’s a runner..that one look at him go. oh he’s a hot little guy John fighting you huh. Whoa! another weenie I keep losing that weenie there. whoa! easy does it, easy does it there we go same deal he’s got a mark on… what’s that mark from on the side John? ah just from spawning beating themselves up on the rocks and trees and everything else Hmm..Humm will they themselfs over pretty good well we’ll put him right back in. put him in gently. he has been working hard to spawn here I don’t want to fall in like I did before got one huh Johnny yeah he hit it right at the boat I can’t get him up. he might be foul hooked or something. Whoa! baby give it to him fishy he is giving you bad time. yeah hooked in the top of the head. Oh! you switched on me buddy here I’m still dragging this here bottom bait and your on a rogue there. ya the wind came up and they started coming up. Quality fish they right on that little submerged ledge here I guess try stay off it. show us how you fish that I am making a long casts reeling it down 2…3 feet and then just alternating giving it I usually give it 1..twos and pauses the last fish hit it right on the pause. when you went to reel the next time he’s there.he’s there. and you do tend to hook a lot of them and lose a lot because a lot of times they’re just slapping at it so basically you have a good rhythm going like that. so you jerk it and twit it and they just react to it. he was really pulling the rod under there. like you say same rod as you were using before that same wimpy a real, real soft action rod. same thing treble hooks I always sort of stop it right at the end of the cast a lot of times especially for fishing small mouths they will fallow it right up to the boat. right to the boat yeah let it pause right at the boat cuz they’ll just fallow it there’s one way to go Jonny Murray. little one that’s alright. a little one showing the poeple the way it is done. there’s a bunch of these in this lake right now. If you notice I mean a fish that small eating bait that big we’re not… incredible! they’re not worried about size. it show how aggresive bass are. show that bait, let the folks see what it looks like It dives down about two to three feet it’s the on with a little bigger lip on it. Yeah it’s the bigger version I like the bigger one just for casting distance and like you just saw the fish don’t care… there’s another one! aw! Oh! he came off [music stinger] all right on the rogue huh Good one John. windy part of the day we hit [music] let’s get some more good job [music]

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