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Fishing Spinnerbaits Deep for Bass

Fishing Spinnerbaits Deep for Bass

That hit it as it was falling! I’m throwing a 3/4-ounce Strike King Heavy
Cover Hack Attack
Spinnerbait and I’m throwing it deep. I’m fishing it out in 10-17 foot of water and
fishing it on 15-pound line. He’s staying down. There he comes, that’s
a good one. He’s going to jump! Come here baby. How about that! So like I said it’s just a 3/4-ounce spinnerbait.
When the fish get offshore and I’m fishing just a hump out here away from the bank. That’s a great fish, about a 4 pounder! But that’s a big bait; it throws a big profile,
it has a big thump, you can catch numbers with it, and you can also catch real big ones. That’s a good start. Let’s put him back and
see if we can get another one. Most people think about a spinnerbait and
they’re thinking about throwing it at the bank, fishing it over grass, or fishing it
next to a lay down tree. But it’s a very effective tool for catching bass in deep water. It mimics
shad or a group of shad. You get on these hard humps offshore where the bass group up
and it’s a great way to not only trigger a bite but to also catch numbers. It’s got such a big profile. I mean you
put that next to a crankbait and that’s a much bigger profile than a crankbait. So it’s
a good way to catch a big one too. One of the things I like about it you know
that fish we just had a minute ago hit on the fall. It’s kind of windy today so I snatched
my line down so I don’t have a big bow in it and so I can have a direct line to the
spinnerbait. I like to let it fall on a tight line. What
I saw there was it jerked forward and then it laid limp. That told me something happened
on the fall. Once it gets to bottom I’m just going to start
slow reeling it and there’s several different retrieves you could do. But generally I start
with the slow reel. If I think blade is lifting up off the bottom, I’ll quit reeling for a
second, let it go back down, and then I’ll start my retrieve again. I mean it’s real simple and straightforward.
You’re just trying to keep it down there close to the bottom. But one of the nice things
about a spinnerbait is where as crankbait is going to go down and it’s going to keep going down.
Well maybe they’re not pulling a lot of current or those fish are kind of up off the bottom
and they’re still looking down they’re just not down tight to the bottom. You can run that spinnerbait more at their
level. Its not going down under them like a crankbait would. It’s kind of coming at
their level. So it’s real effective in covering not only the bottom, but it also can cover
everything in between the bottom too. Another retrieve I’ll do with it is I’ll cast
it out on a spot and basically my line is tight and I’ll know when it gets there because
the line will kind of lay on the water. So once I see that I know it’s on bottom I’m
going to start just slow winding it. But a lot of times what I’ll do is I’ll take and
wind it a couple times, let it fall, let it get to bottom, I’ll wind it a couple times,
and let it fall. We’ve got a little bit of wind drifting us
so I might open up my bail and make sure it gets back to the bottom, wind it a couple
of times, and then let it fall. The key to fishing a spinnerbait is obviously
the weight of the spinnerbait itself and then what blades you choose. Aw man! One just stroked it right there. When that happens when you get a bite like
that just let it go back to the bottom and start reeling again. I don’t know what those are! I can’t get them! So obviously the key to fishing a spinnerbait
deep is the weight of the spinnerbait, and then the blades you pick for it. If you pick
a big round blade it’s going to cause the bait to have a lot of lift and the force against
the blade will cause the spinnerbait to rise up so it won’t stay on the bottom real well. So what I usually choose is going to be Willow
Leaf maybe with
a Colorado combination. That’s my favorite combination for doing this. There we go! I missed him! I’m going to make another cast
real quick. I’m going to let it get down there. But that Willow and Colorado combo doesn’t
have a lot of torque on the spinnerbait that’s going to cause it to raise up off the bottom
so I just keep a nice steady retrieve. I like a big head on that spinnerbait and some people
like a small kind of narrow head even though it’s much larger than a shallow spinnerbait
would be. I can use a 3/4-ounce with that big head and
I want to feel it bumping into the cover down there. I like that big head on there to kind
of knock and come over the cover. My Goodness! That took a bunch of tries. This
might not be a bass they way they’re biting. It’s like they’re hitting the blades or something. No it’s a bass, and a keeper. There must just be a bunch of them down there. But the weight of the spinnerbait is real
key too because the weight with a combination of blades that won’t pull real hard will keep
it down. Nice! Come here buddy. There we go! A chunker. I mean these fish
are offshore and they’re feeding on shad. Those bellies are full of shad right there. How about that! That’s a nice one, a 3 or
3 1/2 pounder. Big bellies, love that! But there were four
or five bites on that one cast and it’s hard not to jerk. If I feel a bite I might pull
and I’m kind of trying to feel tension. I want that fish to kind of get the bait and
then load up. A lot of the time they’re coming up and they’re
smacking at those blades and they’re not getting down by your hook.
You can see how it has kind of bent that one out. We will talk about that too. I’m going to
let this one go. So on that last fish I let it get down there
on top of that hump and then I just started winding on it. I had 4-5 bites there on one
cast and that’s kind of hard to know if you need to jerk or if you should just keep coming
with it and see if they’ll get ahold of it. When you start to feel the rod load then really
lean into them. Because I think what happens is you get these
big fish in these schools and they see those two blades, the skirt, a trailer, and it probably
looks like 4 or 5 shad coming through their. You’ll get 3-4-5 bass coming in there and
swooping on it. They’ll hit the blades, hit the trailer, hit the bait, and don’t actually
get ahold of the hook. I almost get to the opinion of where you’ve
got to if you don’t feel the fish you don’t set the hook. But I don’t know it’s a tough
one. Sometimes they’ll come up from behind it and clobber it and it will just go slack
so you’ve got to be ready. I feel like when I’m fishing a deep spinnerbait
I’m kind of coiled up right now. I’m real tense because I want to be able to turn immediately
when I think he’s on it. One thing about deep spinnerbaits too is when
it gets down and hits the bottom sometimes it will lay kind of cockeyed and the blades
won’t start spinning when you start reeling it. So you won’t feel that good pressure on the
other end of the line caused by the blades rotating. If it feels just kind of loose on
you I just give it a quick pop and it will usually straighten those blades out behind
it where they will start spinning the right way. There’s one, another spinnerbait fish! I threw
a buoy right here because I want to mark where my boat needs to it sit, not where the actual
fish are. I don’t want the buoy in the way of where I’m fishing. But I need a reference
of where I need to keep my boat and what cast I need to make. He just got off. Quick Release! So I’ve got a reference. My buoy is right
there behind me, I’ve got my line up on the bank, and now I can make that same cast that I’m
getting bit on every time. I’m in their feeding zone there and I’ve got
to make that same cast every time now once you get them going. A spinnerbait is not a rapid bait and I’m
winding it pretty slow, but it’s putting out a lot of pressure waves because those blades
are fairly large. The bait weighs 3/4 of an ounce, it’s got a skirt, a trailer, and it’s
putting out a large profile in the water. Sometimes I think that’s the key to triggering
fish is as much as a wild erratic action, just
a large profile. I missed him!

24 comments on “Fishing Spinnerbaits Deep for Bass

  1. Always good how to advice and videos.  The info and time put into making these video's is appreciated. Keep up the good work.

  2. Yes I agree, the music is not really a good thing during this video. Kind of like elevator music, one or two floors its okay. After five floors you want to explode. Central coast bass.

  3. This was a great video first one I have seen in awhile where the angler was actually catching fish on the technique he was showing us.

  4. Good Job with this video. Very easy to watch and listen to, especially appreciated that you didn't use loud obnoxious music for the background. I have always fished spinnerbaits within 3 feet of the surface. I'm anxious to let it drop to the bottom. And also appreciate that you list your gear, (bait, line, reel, and rod). Excellent!

  5. what rod would you recommend for those deep spinnerbaits. I mostly fish worms and lizards texas rigged but would like to expand my skills.I currently have 7'5 heavy and med heavy rods.

  6. Nice video , we do a lot of this early season on Wilson lake around February through April mainly around spawn season , great technique

  7. I have done this with the Ledge Buster Spinnerbaits in the 1 1/2 oz on Lake Fork. This is a very fun way to fish and catch bass on deep structure. They absolutely crush it!

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