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Fishing the Florida Flats

Fishing the Florida Flats

Oh yeah, I see him don’t go in the motor is it a red???…Yes it’s a redfish how about that I caught a redfish! go on back buddy first fish of the morning power run he’s running again yeah! bring him around you can grab him in the mouth just like a bass YEAH there you go oh yeah check him out bring that little redfish up here he’s good oops stop that,I’ll let you go get the hook out another redfish there he is come here nice little snook right there good one whoops back in the water cast right there where the one busted the top of the water every time bait hits the water the fish go crazy, GOT ONE there you go Well Captain Matt were catching snook and redfish today, but your specialty is tarpon isn’t it? Yeah thats my favorite thing to do May June and July are the best three months, we can get them this time of year too around bay area structure but this other fishing is so good it’s hard to target them until it’s prime this time of year you can hook three or four fish a day,on a super good day on a good day maybe seven,during prime tarpon season, when that gets here we’ll have days when we hook twenty five, thirty fish wow, I might have to come back and try that… while we were talking over here we got another snook in the boat it’s a nice little guy put this one back you guys want to stay here or try another spot lets try someplace else the Captains been spot on so far Chris??? I think I agree with that definitely try somewhere else lets hit it This is a really nice one he’s tearing it up!!! OH Lord I can’t tell what he is he’s got some girth to him might be a trout he’s fighting like a trout Oh look at that trout!!! Thats a big trout we had a great morning fishing for snook then we decided to go try something a little different and try for some speckled sea trout we pulled up on the spot, hadn’t been here five minutes,I caught my first speckled sea trout ever, and he’s a dandy that trout’s not going back yeah I think he’s on there yes it’s another trout nice trout they seem to be off shore a little more yes the do seem to don’t they nice keeper trout there turns out leaving it out deeper worked out yeah that worked I’ve got no control of this fish he’s going where he wants to go he’s just running he’ll be a minute wearing down there he goes again!!! and again Holy Smokes he’s got some fight in him he might go one more time I think nope, here he comes nice redfish what a great fight every now and then, they’re just too big to keep well Captain thanks for a great day on the water…Good fishing with you we’ll be back if we get a chance you gotta come down for Tarpon season I’ve got to… Yep, that’s my favorite thing to do

7 comments on “Fishing the Florida Flats

  1. Awesome Awesome Awesome! If you didn't eat the fish yet, make a cooking video on how you prepared them. Look like an exciting time out there. I'm super jealous.

    Great to see you guys back at it.

  2. @jurassicsushi
    Yeah, about that. Those fish stayed with my son in Florida. I`ve been thinking this off season about doing some straight cooking videos though, with stuff in the freezer. I may explore that option in the future.

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