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Fishing the Largest River Yet Continues. Uncut Fishing #27

Fishing the Largest River Yet Continues. Uncut Fishing #27

[Previously…] I’m trying to turn things around… Oh, I’ve hooked into something! Another… Another… This is a trout. Are you… (kidding me?) Here it is. See you next time. Actually, folks, I’m back because I get the feeling that there is still a chance for a pike. The Sun is obstructing my view so I can’t see how deep this is but there are some lilies and pike like lilies. Oh! There was, I think there was a pike! Actually, again, I sort of got distracted a bit. There is a perch but that was a larger fish at first. This is a perch. So maybe that was a perch as
well. So, while the battery is lasting, I’ll go on shooting. Oh, man, that’s a nice perch. Or is it? Yeah. And another one is swimming nearby. Nice! In Australia, those are called redfins, although I think orange would be more fitting. That’s a pretty nice perch. Now give me a pike. Can I get a pike here? Obviously, pike are those fish that if they are on they will take on first cast. Quite often. But, again, not always. But if they are on, they often do that. They will seek out the spinner They may attack from afar. Oh! What is that? Those a chub, probably chub. Pretty large chubs. At least two. I suspect that first take that I had, couldn’t hook it, could have been a chub because a fish looked long. Yeah, so a nice spot but couldn’t hook into a chub or a pike but there are definitely nice chub in there. Will we have something else going on here? A very indistinctive bend it appears. It all depends on whether there is depth on the outside of the bend. There’s no depth on this side of the stream. I mean, there is depth, but no considerable depth, This is not as good as the spots before, actually, there is no depth at all. So I may have to jump further away where there seems to be some life and maybe something more interesting. And I may have to switch off the camera just to conserve the battery. Just a few more casts. It’s actually not even clear where to cast, the banks are shallow. These grasses look nice but it’s very shallow next to them. Okay, I’ll switch off and be right back. See you then. (I am) back and I’ve reached a pretty nice-looking island. In between, since I stopped recording I made maybe three or four casts. It was a very boring stretch. but this looks pretty nice, it’s as if there are two streams. Which one to take first? I will not be able to take both at the same time obviously. Let’s take this one first because that’s where I’m standing right now. That’s pretty interesting. Hmm. Could it be that nothing was in there? Not even a small trout? At least nothing that would be willing to take. Oh, there was something. So small trout are difficult to catch today. These are spots that are good for trout. Everything is very clear, (there is) concentration of current, a lot of oxygen, relatively speaking. By the way, when water temperatures rise,
the level of oxygen drops because there is more oxygen and cold water and that only adds to the problems. And that also explains why fish, especially trout, become significantly less active when water temperatures rise too high. There could be something in there but you expect the fish to just shoot out of there, but nothing comes out. This is textbook trout material. Right here, also over there. So, we finally get some clouds. I think there might be some rain earlier (later :)) today but waiting for that is probably not an option. Another tasty looking spot but these are not working today, not working at all. Oh. Chub. Maybe three or four followed and then the largest finally decided, Why not. So here it is. Chuby. Not a large one, they grow much, much larger. But for me it’s pretty decent, don’t catch chub on spinning often. Now, I think, this pool is as good as done. Chub are very spooky fish, as far as I know. Sometimes you will see them standing in the current and they will not take (the lure). They are still attacking but… Oh there are a lot of them but smaller
ones. Oh, there is a large one! This wasn’t large. Hmm. Another thing with chub is that it’s much better if they cannot see you. These are small chub and they just wait, wait, wait and when they see that the spinner is almost out of the water, they think “Oh, what the heck”. But there are more larger ones in there in between those rocks. Maybe even larger than the one I’ve got. Okay, I have to let it go probably because otherwise I might stay here for two hours and catch nothing. Okay, so one chub run, full of chubs. Caught just one fish but that’s normal for chub, at least for me. There will be a bend to the right of me and, judging by the steepness of the bank, there may be some depth. A small fish of unidentified variety. [The camera battery died ~2 minutes later…] [Thank you for watching!] [Your feedback is highly appreciated!]

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