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Fishing Tips : How to Rig a Bait Fish to Float

Fishing Tips : How to Rig a Bait Fish to Float

Okay today we’re going to show you how to
rig a bait fish with a float. Okay, first of all what you want to do, you want to tie
on your hook, I use a simple clench knot, tie it off, clip the tag in. Okay, now you’re
going to put a float on. Now the float, there’s all different types of floats, it doesn’t
matter which type you use. This one here happens to be made out of balsa wood. And it’s loaded
with the spring, you push the spring down and it’s a little groove inside the stem then
you just slide your line into it, and then let that spring go back over. Okay, now what
you’re going to do, you set your depth at which depth you want that fish to be floating
underneath the barber, then you just slide it up and down to set the depth and go from
here all the way to there. And then I generally put a split jot weight down below it about
8 to 10 inches away from the hook and crimp it down. So you have your setup, your barber,
your split jot and then your hook. And then your going to hook up your minnow, I generally
like to go behind the dalso finch and there’s your setup. That’s how you float a minnow.

14 comments on “Fishing Tips : How to Rig a Bait Fish to Float

  1. man i hate these expert village fishing vids. i keep watching them to see if they get any better but they dont. they just make me laugh. "First we tie a hook" lol really i thought you just tied on the fish

  2. When I fish with the type of float he uses, I've noticed that the leader length gets shorter when I cast unless i tie the float on.

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