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Fishing with Johnny Johnson – A Swimbait For Post-Spawn

Fishing with Johnny Johnson – A Swimbait For Post-Spawn

There we go! [chuckling] Come on buddy. Come on Moby! He thinks he’s 10 foot
tall and bulletproof. Oh, you’re not that big. Come on. Alright! That’s what we’re
trying to catch.. A few bass like that. There you have
it, right there. That’s a beautiful Bass. Folks, today we’re
at Roosevelt Lake. Post-spawn. And uh, wow.. Beautiful fish. We’ll let it go. But uh, yeah,
post-spawn today. And what I’m doing is
covering a little bit of water with one of
my favorite tools. And it’s a
little swim bait. And it’s real
fun to throw. Little paddle-tail. And uh, it’s called
the Little Dipper. And uh, I put it on a 2/0-
or you can put it on a 2/0 or a 3/0, I prefer the
2/0- wide gap hook. And uh, we’re just uh,
rigging it where it’s weedless. Just kinda sticking
it up there like so. Throwing it out on a 10
pound test fluorocarbon leader with 20 pound
Smack Down braid line. And I’m throwing my swim
bait rod from Taipan. 7′ 10″ medium
action rod, and man, this thing is a blast. And the reason why you
need the longer rod is so you can throw this
weightless gizmo out there a long way. So, it really helps. And I don’t have to
whip it that hard. I just kinda take and
throw it out there and do like so. And when I’m doing- the
trick to this is keeping it just really, barely
under the water andreeling it real slow.I said I reeled it slow,
but I’m not reeling it
slow, I’m reeling it fast.But I’m bringing it down-
my rod tip down so I can
keep the bait under the water
and I’m kinda waking it. And you can see how
I’m reeling my reel. And uh, instead of slow
rolling it- you can slow roll these baits,
you really can, and catch a lot
of fish on them, but I like it when
they’re chasing the shad. And it’s that lone shad
that got away and is trying to run from the
wolfpack or the fish.For some reason, it
triggers a strike.
If I was reeling it slow,
they’d get a good look at
it; may not bite it; but
they don’t have much of a
choice when they see
this thing running off,
they don’t get a chance
to really look at it.
It’s a fun bait to
throw, it really is,
but you gotta learn
how to throw this bait. I’ve seen so many people-
and I’ve done guide trips where they take and they
reel it slow- and they’ll catch a few fish on it. But to get it to work
the way you want it to, you gotta keep it just
subsurface.. Just right under the water. Kinda make the
tail almost wake, but you don’t want to
buzz it across the top. You know, you want to keep
it under the water where that tail makes that
little ‘V’ coming acrossthe water there
and you’ll be fine.First fish of the day..
We’ll get started here-
Roosevelt. We don’t know what
the day’s gonna bring. We showed up and we’re
gonna see what these fish want. And uh, what I love
about this bait though, is I can cover some
water; take a peek; see what’s going on; see
what kind of activitie’s going on; and then
go from there. Everybody has their fast bait
that they like to throw. If the wind was
blowing real hard, we’d probably be throwing
spinner baits or crankbaits. The wind is nonexistent
right now, pretty much. So this bait, or
a top water bait, would be the key. Oh.. There’s another one! [chuckling] Little male. He just came up and
smashed that bait! There’s nothing more fun
than to watch these fish just jump on that thing! In this clear water! Come on buddy. Get over here! Get over here. Alright, come on, I’m gonna
bring- wail him up here. There we go. Nice little male bass. You could throw it- what I
love about this bait too, is you can throw this
right over the brush tops. You’ll see the- the brush
that’s just barely under the surface.. They’re
hiding in that stuff. That’s how they
ambush their prey. So they’ll get
in this brush. And just tick the
tops of this thing, or come across the
top of a brush pile.And it’s weedless, so you
can bring it right through
it.Boy, that makes
for a lot of fun.
Lot of fun! He came up and smashed it. Oh.. There’s one! There’s one.. Oh yeah! Come on. Come on, son! I love it when they come
right up and just slurp it in like that. And that’s where that tip
on this rod really comes in handy, man. Look at that. You see that? When they’re fighting? Yeah.. And that’s another
thing: is when they get up there and inhale
that bait, your tip will actually
pull down like that and give you time
to set the hook, where you’re
not too early. Because if you see the
bite- a lot of times, if you see the bite, you
have a tendency to set the hook too soon, before they
put it in their mouth. Or are able to
turn around. Come on.. Ah yeah! There we go. What a fun way to
fish, right there. Boy, that’s a little
football, right there, huh? Nice little
‘football’ fish. Yeah, the most important
thing you can do when you see the fish hit, is be
able to give it just a second for him to
grab it and turn. If you see the blowup and
you set the hook too soon, he won’t have
it in his mouth, and he probably won’t
have his mouth closed. And it’s hard to hook
the fish that way. That’s one of the reasons
this Taipan rod really works well for
this technique. That’s the third fish
on this in about five minutes. We still get a
little use out of it. The time I changed this
out is when it starts sliding off the hook
when you’re casting. But you gotta remember
that when you’re casting this bait out, you do not
want to whip it really hard, because then it’ll
slide down the hook anyway. So it’s kind of
more of a lob. That’s why you
want the long rod. So you can get
it out there far. You don’t have to
really whip it. Just kinda throw it out
there and bring it in.This isn’t a technique I
would use for dirty water.
If we were in
dirty, dingy water,
were not in clear water… Uh.. There’s
one right there! Oh, that’s a good one! That is a good one! That is a good one!! [cackling] Come on baby! Right off that point! Yeah.. He’s- he’s not
wanting to come up yet. Come on. [chuckle] He clobbered it. Right in the middle
of my speech! Can you believe that? [laughs] Play that fish
out a little bit. Play that fish-
Oh.. Look at that! Oh, that’s a
good fish, folks! He just clubbed it! Come on in here. Come on in here! Let me touch you. Come on! Come on! Oh my goodness.. A
Roosevelt Lake giant bass.. Look at
that, folks! [cackling] Yes! Oh man.. I got
something to show you! This is why I like
throwing this bait. Well, let me get
the hook out. Let me get the hook
out real quick. There we go. Oom, there we go. I like that little tool. But- let me get my
little pliers out here. I can’t quite get to it. I want to show
you something. This fish is eating shad. There they are,
eating shad. Look at that..
Eating shad. So.. Beautiful. That’s well over
3 pounds, folks. That’s a beautiful
fish, right there. We gotta let her go. Let her go. One thing I love
about the female bass, after they spawn and
they get- they take their little- what we call their
little ‘siesta’- after they spawn and
they move out, they come right
back up and feed. And they feed
with vengeance. And that thing just smoked
it.. Just smoked it! I think I was saying
something to the effect that I will not throw this
technique in dirty water. You know, there’s other
techniques you can throw. So you make sure you’re on
a clear water- in a clear water area or reservoir,
or wherever you’re fishing it, and uh- and uh,
use that technique. It’s a lot of fun. I have my Rico there. What did I do with
my- oh, here it is. [chuckling] That’s great! Alright. Now, that bait’s pretty
well tore up; fourth fish; time for a new one. But you can see the power
of this bait, for sure. Let’s tie another one on
and get back to fishing. This is a great area. Oh..! Boy, did you see him come
out of the water for that? Oh! Oh.. I got overzealous! I saw him come
out of the water, and I set the
hook too soon! Ah! I almost had him. That- that is the
problem, right there. I saw the wake coming
after the bait, and I’m like, “Oh, that’s
gotta be a good fish”, and I watched
him smack it, and I set the
hook too soon! And see? That’s
what happens. They’ll strip
that bait down. That’s where I was hoping
the tip of the rod would give me a little
forgiveness. It normally does,
but not on that one. I was too- way
too quick on it. Boy, you’d think
with my age, I’d have been a little
slower than that. [banjo music] There’s one! Right there
off that point. He ain’t a big one. Came right off the cut..
Right off that point right there. I tried to go find some
clearer water after we caught those fish. Taken me about a half hour
to catch my next fish but.. Okay, come
on, you’re done. Oh.. Catch and release! He was barely
hooked in the lip. I had him. I was gonna swing him in,
and he popped right off. Yeah, that’s the first
fish after we left that little cut area we were in
but.. They’ll come back. You know, something
that’s really important to remember about these baits
now: when you take them out of the package, you
want to make sure that tail is pretty straight. If you get them
out of the package, and they’re kinked- let me
see if I can show you one. Okay.. When you get them
out of the package and it comes kinked like that:
See how I’m holding the bait straight up and down,
and the tail’s kinked? A lot of times, those
baits won’t run right. You want to make sure
that it’s straight. And a lot of guys will
take them and boil them or something like that, but
it kind of changes the- the uh, plastic
a little bit. But I mean, you
can do that, or just take one out of the
package that’s straight. But get a straight
one and uh, make sure it’s not kinked
to the side or all bent up like that, because
it won’t run right. It’ll turn on you,
especially- you want it to run, what we call ‘true’,
when you’re reeling it as fast as we’re reeling it. Hey folks, for my
Tip of the Week, one thing that is really
helping me a lot to be able to reel- burn this
bait across the top of the water, and still keep it
under the water without it jumping out so much, is to
put a little nail weight in. And what I’ve done- that’s a
little tungsten nail weight. You can pick those
up at Bass Pro Shops. And all’s I’m doing is,
right where the head of the bait is- and you can
see where the head of the bait is- I’m sticking
it right under the chin. And it’s gonna
go straight back. And you want it straight. And that way, it’ll
hold right there. There.. We have the bait-
we have the actual weight that’s in the bait there-
you can’t tell it’s there. I’ll put the hook in. But that will allow it
to not only cast farther, okay, but it’ll allow you
to burn it a lot faster across the surface
of the water. Remember, if the fish
gets a good look at it, sometimes they
won’t bite it. But if you’re burning it,
a lot of times they’ll grab it. Keep it from coming
out of the water. I don’t like to use uh,
hooks that have big gobs of weight on them. I want my bait to look
as natural as possible. For that to happen, I
use the nail weight. That’s my Tip of the Week. You would not believe the
fish that are eating in there. They were busting all over
in there and I couldn’t get them to eat
that Dipper, because there
was so many shad, it was hard for them to
separate the- the two. Got him! I got that one! Yeah! Spinnerbait bass. Whew! Come on buddy! Come on. Oh yeah, that’s
a good one, too! Look at that folks! Come here. That right there is
an awesome catch, and I’m gonna
tell you why. We just went
through there, and there’s a dark spot..
Look at the size of that fish.. He’s
gorging on shad! Okay, here’s the deal:
we came down this little pocket; the
wind’s blowing; awesome- awesome deal. There’s a black patch- it
almost looks like a cloud in the water- of a lot
of shad boiling up. I threw my- my little
swim bait in there, and the bass- I didn’t
think- they came up and looked at everything, and
I just couldn’t get them to bite that thing because
there was so many shad in there, they couldn’t
differentiate that littletiny bait from the shad.The best thing you can
do when that happens,
is pull up a spinnerbait.They know that spinnerbait
when they see it.
And I’ll tell you what,
they can’t miss that big spinnerbait. And it actually
separates everything, and they zone in on it. And I went back through
there and found that cloud of shad again, through
my spinner bait in there, and- and caught the fish. And uh, that is fun! They blew up in front
of me and everything. And I threw that
Little Dipper out there, and I could not get
them the bite it. And uh, so you go back
in there with something flashy: a big spinnerbait
or something like that, where they can
really see it, and your odds just
become a lot better. That’s something you
really need to look for: windblown banks like
this, when the wind starts kicking in, and you’ll
see these black clouds of shad. Get a good pair of
polarized sunglasses. And it looks like there’s
an actual cloud of fish or- or a cloud over
top of the spot. And you’re like, “wow,
that’s a big ball of something”. And they keep moving, and
they keep moving, and uh, you can catch some- some
nice bass out of there. Every once in a while
you’ll see them just blowup on those
fish- on those shad. Oh.. There’s one! Oh.. A good one! Oh yeah! He came up and munched
it, right there. Oh that’s a good
fish, folks! Come on. Oh man, those are so
much fun to catch. Come on, just
let me touch you! Oh look at that..
How big that fish is! Come on.. Come on. Come here come here come
here come here come here. Oh yeah, you are nice! Look at the tail
on that fish! Holy- how are
you swimming? How are you swimming? Oh my goodness. Look at the tail..
That tail’s been broke. Look at that. Well.. You live to see
another day, buddy. Good luck! Oh my goodness. Oh.. What a day. Probably why it
fought so hard. He’s not having a problem
swimming.. Swam right down. I’ll tell you what..
Roosevelt Lake post-spawn fishing’s a lot
of fun to do. You gotta make sure that
you try these little swim baits, they’re
a lot of fun. Wear your arm out..
The end of the day, you’ll feel it, but
it’s a lot of fun. Be sure to pick up
the right rod, though. The Taipan 7′ 10″;
spinning; medium action. And uh, I’ll
tell you what, this makes the casting so
much easier and so much farther, so you can
get those long casts. Because so many times,
if you use a shorter rod, you don’t get a
long enough cast. It’s not that you
won’t catch fish on it, the deal is, by the
time the the fish starts chasing your bait, you’re
already at the boat, and you see them
constantly come right at the boat on you. So you want to make
those long casts. Get way away, and you’ll
have a lot of fun doing this. Again, it’s an Alberto
knot I’m using between the 20 pound Smack Down line
that I’m using- the braid line- and the leader
that I’m using. You can use a 10 pound
leader or 12 pound leader, either one works. Okay? Fluorocarbon.. You
want it to sink. You’ll have a lot of fun
on this bait, and uh, get out and
catch some fish. -When you see them
shad a-boiling, be ready man.. You’re
gonna have a good time. Thanks for joining
us on the show. We’ll see you next week,
I’m Johnny Johnson.

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