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Fishing with Johnny Johnson – Bartlett Lake, AZ – Rough Day For Johnny’s Ego

Fishing with Johnny Johnson – Bartlett Lake, AZ – Rough Day For Johnny’s Ego

[up-tempo country music] Oh! Got that one though! Look at him bail
out of the water! Well.. He is definitely
not a giant bass. But.. He came up and
clobbered my bait. Little Rico bass! Come on buddy, you ain’t
that big and tough. But you’re fun! [chuckling] Come on. You done jumping? Are you done? Alright, come on. Come on. Hold on a minute. Gotcha! Alright. Boy, you ate- tried to
eat my Rico, didn’t you? My Rio Rico. The Rio Rico’s the
bigger- the bigger one. I’ll show that to
you in a minute. That’s a little.. [chuckling] Rio Rico bass from
Bartlett Lake, folks, I’ll tell you what. And that’s what
we’re throwing today. You know, I’m throwing
my favorite color, The Formula. And it’s got a
little blue in it. Kind of resembles a
bluegill or, you know, perch or something
like that, with the little chartreuse
and the clear bottom, where it has that- that
little hue that you get. And uh, a little feather
back but.. This is the Rio Rico, which is a little
bit bigger than the regular, standard Rico. And I like it because
you get a big, long cast on it. And when they’re chasing
shad and- and, you know, we’re here at post-spawn
going into, you know, going into early summer. So I like to
throw this bait. If you have some fish
left over watching fry,things like that,
I love this color,
because they don’t like
bluegill or anything
around their fry.We can change this up to
one of my other favorite
colors, which is
the Lightning Shad. The Lightning Shad pattern
is an awesome pattern forwhen they’re busting shad,
and they’re going down the
bank and just
running shad.
But early in the morning,
with a little- the way
it’s going, I’m gonna try
this, see how she works, and we might switch over
to that Lightning Shad. We’ll just have to wait
and see what’s going on. You can see the little
ones busting along the side here- some shad-
but uh, I’m hoping for, you know, I’m gonna try
to keep my cadence- figure out what cadence
these fish want, whether it’s slow or
fast, and go with that. That’s the big,
main thing, is finding out what
cadence these fish want, and see if we can’t find
a way to catch some of the bigger fish. But I’m telling you,
this is the time of year, if you love top water. This is the time of
year to pull it out, let me tell you. And Bartlett? Oh! It’s known for
numbers of fish. And uh, this lake can
be a lot of fun. A lot of fun. A lot of them are cookie
cutters, I will say that. And it’s hard to
catch a- you know, to come out here and catch
a five bass, 15 pound bag, is uh, really
something. You know, I mean that’s
a- that’s a really big bag here but, I’ll
tell you what, you could still come out
here and have a lot of fun catching just
a lot of fish, and bring the kids out,
throw some top water. We’ll see if we can’t
catch a few here. What I’m gonna do, is I’m
gonna throw it out there, let it sit, pause, and
then I’m just gonna kinda pop it a little bit. And I’ll figure out a
cadence that these bass want, and then I’ll just
keep that same cadence going. So.. We’ll make it look a
little bit ‘froggy’ right now. And uh, once I see them
running or something like that, then we
may change it up. Shad right there. See that? Come on. Come back up and get that. Got him! He’s just a little- those
are the little ones that are- that are coming
up right there. He’s about the normal-size
of what the little ones that you’re seeing
popping around right here. Come on. The little
guys.. And look, he’s eaten the whole
dog gone trebles in that thing. Come here. Let’s get that out of
your nose a little bit. These little guys, you
will catch a lot of. Those are the ones that
are coming up, surfacing, and you’ll see them. It looks like.. Gizzard
shad busting the water or something, but it’s those-
those little bass like that. Caught him right on
the point, there. But you’ll see
them ‘blooping’ up. I was curious: when I saw
him chasing that shad, I threw right out there. And a lot of times, if you
throw right out there in the middle of where
they’re busting shad, you can catch those fish. What I’m looking
for right now, is I’m looking to see-
I’ll keep my eyes peeled this time of morning… Had one hit right there. He just came up
and blooped it. They’re really not
hammering it hard. That one just kinda come
up and was gonna slurp it. See, look at that. That’s when.. they just
come right up and slurp it. You give it a
couple of pops. A lot of little ones. But you could sure
have a lot of fun. The kids would have a lot
of fun with these fish, here. But.. And they
are eating it. They’ll take that whole
thing and eat it like that. He took that
whole thing in. You gotta use some pliers. Get him out of there
so you don’t hurt him. There we go. Just a little guy. Those are the guys coming
up, slurping it in. But what I’m- what I was
trying to explain is, we’re gonna try to go down
here and see if we see anything busting
alongside. A lot of times you can
get those bigger ones. They’ll get in a big
ol’ mess of those shad, and they’ll just start
busting them up against the walls or something,
and that’s when you want to get right in there
with these baits. Throw it out there, give
it a couple of pops, let it sit there, and they
come up there and blast it. Now.. I’m fixing to tie
on the Lightning Shad. But one thing I wanted
to tell you was, is that I don’t like to
use snaps or swivels on the front of these baits. You gotta tie direct. You can tie a direct line
to it- Palomar knot- if you’re just
going to pop it. If you want to learn to
walk the bait a little bit, you can tie a
little loop-knot in it. You know, a Rapala
loop-knot or something.So there’s a couple of
different knots you can
throw on this thing,
depending on what you want
to do but, mainly, don’t
use any snaps or swivels.
It’ll weight the bait down
and it won’t- the action won’t be right
on the bait, so always tie direct. Ah.. There’s one! Just a little one..
Another little one. Huh. Not very big at all. Look at that. Catch and release! And he spit out a
shad, right there. That’s what they’re
eating.. The little ones. Well.. Tell you what. I’m gonna find those
crawdad eaters, and see if they’re bigger. Got him. Just a little one but.. You know what folks? I’m dragging a jig across
the bottom because I’ve been.. throwing the
top water.. and.. we’re getting to where the
morning is kicking into more afternoon now, and- he’s just a little guy- and we’ve got nothing
but calm, slick, water right now. Dead calm.. Dead calm.Worst conditions
you can have.
No- no breeze, no nothing.So what I thought I would
do is just come out to the
points and uh, see if I
can drag a jig and maybe
catch some bigger fish. Get those crawdad eaters, see
if I get the bigger ones. Because it seems like the
smaller ones were chasing all the shad. So I’m gonna kinda keep
moving out into different depths of water to see
if I can find them. I’m gonna do it while
I’m jigging here and uh, find some of this chunk
rock they might be hiding out in and see if we can
catch a little bit bigger fish. You know, this fishing
game is, you know, a lot of fun and you can
catch- like this morning- we can catch a lot of
little fish but um, we want to try to find
some of these bigger fish. So, you know, throwing
a jig on there, you’re hoping that you
might be able to get a little bit bigger bite. There, I’m
getting bit again. And it’s just
another carbon copy. So, those fish there, are
probably in about 10 foot of water. So what I’ll do, is I’ll
move- I’ll keep moving out until maybe I can catch
a little bit bigger fish. I- I don’t.. These fish
are just little guys. Well, it’s not
a great fish, but it’s a little bit
better fish there, folks. Little dropshot bass! That’s the biggest
one of the day, believe it or not. Look at that.. Eww! Ah.. You spit my worm out! Come on. [grunting]
Come on. Alright, you’re done. You are done.. You’re
just a little guy, too. There you go. Man, to have to lean over
to grab these little guys? Oh my goodness.. Should’ve
just swung you in. That, believe it or not,
is one of the biggest fish we’ve caught all day long. And I had to go to the
dropshot to catch him. I’ve been
throwing that jig, and throwing that jig,
we’ve been catching little fish, little fish, and I’m
like- I backed off into 15, 20 foot of water,
decided to go to the dropshot. And uh, I saw a
rock right here. Because I know all the
fish are chasing shad and they’re doing things but..
I’ll kick back and start jigging or worming, and I
jigged for quite a while, but sometimes you gotta
pull out that dropshot when things really
start getting bad. Now, the wind’s just
starting to pick up a little bit more. Maybe that’s gonna kick
the fish in, we’ll see. Monster bass! Can’t even get him
in the whole screen. Look at that! [cackling] It’s a little
dropshot bass! [laughing in disbelief] Oh! “Come to Bartlett
Lake” they said. “Fishing’s
great” they said. “Big bass” they said. Is this this year’s
spawn, do you know? Oh, there’s one. There’s one. He’s a little bit
bigger jig fish. Oh man, come on. Oh yeah, he’s a lot
bigger jig fish. Yeah, there we go! Now we’re getting
a little bit of size, going through those rocks. Feeling for them. Tied on a jig. Not a big fish, but still,
little bit bigger than what we’ve been catching. Gotta feel the rocks. If you’re patient and drag
it on the bottom.. The ticket is to keep it on
the bottom and drag it over the rocks. Make it look
like a crawdad. Don’t hop it up like
this, but basically, get it to where it comes
right over those rocks. Got him! That’s a good one. That’s a little bit
better fish there, son. Yeah, little
spinnerbait bass! That’s what I’m
talking about! You know, you- you play,
you play, you play, and then you get
on these bluffs. The wind’s blowing,
you get on the bluffs, you start catching
some bigger fish. On that Persuader
spinnerbait with that E-Chip in it, I’m
telling you right now. I’m just gonna keep
paralleling this thing and slow rolling it. They’re gonna be chasing
shad and bunching them up against this bluff. So all’s I’m gonna do- you
can take a crankbait and do the same thing, but
I like the idea of the blades flashing, you know? So I’m gonna throw
something that they might- might hammer pretty good,
especially with the wind blowing. You can go back down
through here with a dropshot or a jig, or
something like that. But right now, with
that wind blowing, we might be able to get
a few bites off this. That’s one of the bigger
fish we’ve caught all day, just going to
a spinnerbait.You just gotta keep
throwing stuff and keep
trying, and not giving up,
to figure out what these
fish are doing.Just kinda letting
the boat drift down.
And I’ll make two swipes
down this bank, too.
I’ll start from the top,
and I’ll come back down again. I won’t be scared
to do that. Because if
they’re chasing, new fish will move up. Make one more little
turn down through here. We came back to this area. The only difference is, is
I put a little grub on the back of my spinnerbait. Maybe I- bulk it
up a little bit, and maybe I can get these
fish to- a bigger fish to come up and hit it. Had a couple bites
right in this little neighborhood, right here. I don’t know if they’re
pushing shad up in there, or what. But came back up to see
if we could get one more bite. There he is, too! There he is! Yeah.. A lot nicer fish. Lot nicer fish! Little spinnerbait
bass.. Get in here! Yeah, that’s what we’re
talking about folks! Fish like that! Bulked that spinnerbait
up with a little grub, and look what happened. Lot nicer fish. He’s been eating on some
shad now, look at that! Let’s put him
back in there. I’m going to back off and
see if I can catch another one in there. I’ll make another
turn through there. That’s why you make
that turn through there. That’s exactly
why you do that, when you get
bit in an area, especially with
the wind blowing. I- that- that particular
spot right there is almost like that’s where they
push all of the shad up in there. Parallel the bank,
get in there. I put a grub on there,
hoping I could catch a little bit bigger fish,
and it worked out okay. I’ll make another
swipe through there, see if there’s another
fish there, ready to bite. But I’m slow
rolling this bait. It’s only a
3/8 ounce bait. Made by Persuader. And I’ll tell you, it’s an
awesome double willow leaf blade spinnerbait. You throw this on
17 pound test line. Got him! Another fish, right there
on that spinnerbait, letting it drop. Whoop! He got me all tangled
up.. Come here! Come here. Alright, you’re done. Catch and release! [laughing] You know, the only
thing I did different with my spinnerbait-
look how he tore that up, that little bait- the only
thing I did different, was add that
grub on there. I’m gonna tell
you something, a little secret that
I learned as a kid, fishing these things: I
used to fish them without a grub tail. And I’d get a lot
of bites on it, and sometimes I’d get
some short strikers. But it seems like when you
add the little grub tail on that, they
commit a lot better. It’s almost like the tail
of a fish or, you know, something like that, maybe
the shad- that little wavy action. They commit.. They
hit it a lot harder. You get much more
aggressive strikes with the spinnerbait, I feel,
with something on there. Plus, it bulks it up. Now, when I’m fishing
really, really deep water, and I’m having
to use, say, a 1 ounce spinnerbait
and get way down there, sometimes this bulks
it up too much, where it takes too
long to get down there, and I’ll throw
it without it. You can go with a
trailer hook, then. But.. Anyways, that really
helps out a bunch with that bait. And uh, I’ll
tell you what, that’s- that’s awesome. That’s two fish,
just like that. Just from
changing the tail, we went back down
through that area. Well, I’ll tell you what,
we had to do a lot of junk fishing today to
catch some fish. We caught them on a little
bit of everything: the dropshot we
caught them on, the jig we caught them
on, and of course, the Rio Rico, which was
an awesome bait to throw today. Don’t forget: throw that
on monofilament line. 12 to 14 pound test line’s
really good for that particular lure with
a medium action rod, and you’re gonna do great. And uh, I’ll tell you,
you’ll get out and catch some fish. Just don’t ever give up. Keep thinking; keep
your mind going. If you’re catching
small fish; if you’re doing
things that, you know, you’re still catching some
fish but you want to try to catch bigger fish? Maybe try some
bigger lures; try some different
techniques; go to different areas of
the lake and see if you can find a way
to catch them. We did that today. We didn’t catch
any giants, but you don’t go out there
and do that every day either, though. You don’t go out and catch
giant fish every day. We loaded up the boat in
the White Mountains and we drove all the
way down here. We got up at 2 o’clock
in the morning, drove all away down
here, launched at five, we’re getting off
the lake at one. We caught a lot of fish,
but we didn’t catch anything big. But that’s just part
of the way it happens. Thanks for joining
us on the show. We’ll see you next week,
I’m Johnny Johnson.

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