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Fishing with the Pros – Part 3 “When to Fish”

Fishing with the Pros – Part 3 “When to Fish”

>>King: I typically say March is the
best month
down here for catching big bass. And April is probably a better month
for catching
numbers of bass, plus some big ones.>>Snowden: Mid-April through May would be
the all-time
best for just catching nice quality fish.>>Webb: I like to fish in December. The fish are feeding heavy for the winter. And I like April, May and June.>>Sainato: Best time of year I’d say for
on Table Rock, Bull Shoals with — when our spring usually hits in April, the best
month overall I would say would be May.>>Snowden: You know the new anglers
that are bass
fishing need to not get discouraged because it takes a lot of time
and a lot
of patience out there on the water just to learn different situations on how the fish
say when a thunderstorm comes through or when it starts changing temperature
and they become a little more aggressive and move shallow and how they move out deep
in the summertime. So it takes some time to learn all of that
you have to go through the seasons and follow the migration of the fish as the seasons change.>>Clunn: If catching fish is a crucial part
your enjoyment in the summer months on these lakes, from a fishing standpoint, that’s probably going to be your toughest challenge
would be in the summer months. That’s when I would highly recommend hiring a guide.

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