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Fishing With the Sharks! New Smyrna Beach ft. Lauren Brazee

Fishing With the Sharks! New Smyrna Beach ft. Lauren Brazee

– [Both] Hello friends! – Guess who I got with me? Woohoo! Linsday! – Hey! – And, we got a big
surprise for you today. We’re going to meet up
with another YouTuber and do some fishing on a shark beach. It’s what I do! – [Lindsey] You got the shrimp? – We got the shrimp! We got 40,000 shrimps here! That’s how I talk now, in Florida. [Tape Rewinding] – [Lauren] Hi! – Hi! Hey Jen, I’m so excited to see you! – It’s my Lauren, it’s my Brazee! – Hey bud, how you doing? Hi guys! – I’m with my Brazee. – That’s me. – And we’re going fishing, and I’m going to make her
touch the shrimp bucket. – I’m only doing it for the vlog Jen, I’m not doing it because I want to. Let’s just make it very clear
– 2019. – 2019. – Year of new experiences. When you’re with me, you have to abide by those rules. – I’m only doing it ’cause I’m with you, because if it was anybody else, I would tell them no way. – You’re going to touch some shrimp. [Upbeat Music]` – Woohoo! We’re here. Look guys! This is gorgeous. – You get the shrimpies. – I’m so excited! (Lauren and Lindsey laughing) – Jen, you scared me. – My bad. – Sometimes you just got
to let it out, right? – Yes. – So, fishing is your favorite thing in the world, right? – Yeah. – I’m done. – You did that at Playlist Live too, you’re like, “you know what, I’m okay. But I’m going to take a second, I’m going to go upstairs, because this is all too much.” (Jen laughing) – [Lauren] So Jen’s making me
put on my own shrimp for bait. I don’t want to. – You ready Lauren? – No. – We’re going to show
everybody the shrimpies. Okay. It’s not bad, just
stick your hand in there. You’re going to be-
– Jen, I don’t want to do it! – Just, just do. Just stick your hand in. They’re going to be a little feisty. – [Lindsey] Just grab. – Just grab. – [Lindsey] You can’t hesitate. You gotta- (Lauren laughing) – It’ll only last a second. 2019! 2019! – Ah, Jen! – You can do it. – Holy, oh my gosh I can’t. My body’s stopping me. – [Lindsey] You can’t hesitate though. – Can I see first? – Yeah, I’ll show you. – [Lindsey] You just got to grab. – You open your hand, and then you grab one. – Jen, Jen. – Grab it tight, it’s going to flip out. – Where, grab it where? – Just, your whole hand. (Lauren groaning) – Zoom in on that bad boy. – All right, all right. Jen, he’s ready to attack. Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen. – He’s just a shrimpie. – See, I did it. I didn’t have to reach in there. – Yeah, you can reach in now. – No! – Please? – But I held it! – Just one time. One, two, three. One, two, two. – Do they bite? – [Lauren] No.
– No. – You’re lying. – I’m not lying. In. (Lauren laughing) – It’s all right! – I don’t know why my
body won’t let me do it. – [Lindsey] Jen, we can’t act like we weren’t just the same exact way. (Lauren screams) – See, it’s not biting. (laughing) You got one! – I did it! – Yay! – It is exciting. – Congrats. It’s exciting to do stuff that’s scary. – [Lindsey] Oh, Lauren! Woohoo! Oh, that’s so awesome! – I got a fish! Yay! – [Lindsey] Yay! She got a fish! – What is it? – I don’t know, but you
need your picture taken. It takes pictures, too, here. [camera shutter Closing] – [Lindsey] Woohoo! Good job! – [Jen] You did it, girl! Let the line out. – [Lauren] Bye, buddy. – Bye, buddy. – [Lindsey] Oh, it looked pretty, too. – You gave me a victory. – [Together] Woohoo! – [Lindsey] Good job! – You caught a fish! – In the ocean. – In the ocean, girl! – I’m so much braver now. – You are, right? Look at all you’ve done. – Ah! Oh. I did it, I did it. – [Lindsey] Shrimp are like, so feisty. I never thought they would– – Do you like how she told you to get a clip of me doing this, and then she leaves me here by myself? (Lindsey laughing) – Without experiencing this, Jen may want to watch this. – [Lindsey] She’s like, “I’ll just-” Right. (Lauren laughing) – I did it, Jen, all for you. Ah. – [Lindsey] Oh, oh, it’s fiesty. Ah. – [Lauren] It’s like a shark. – [Lindsey] I know. Those little fins. – Ah. Ah. – Woo! – Good job, Jen! Yay! Awesome! It’s the same fish I caught. – I’ll just take video, and I’ll make a clip of it. – [Lindsey] Okay. Pretty! Pretty fish.
– Woohoo! Got it? Ready? Off he goes! (Lauren laughing) – [Jen] You lost the keys, Lauren. – I know. Sorry, Jen. – [Jen] Ah-oh. – On a scale of 1 to 5, how frustrated are you? – Like a 9. – [Jen] Uh-oh. – What happens at 10? – [Lauren] Oh my gosh,
Jen, we found your keys! – Yay! – Yay! – [Lindsey] You’re like, “Is this – Yay!” – [Jen] Do you feel better now? – Kind of, yeah. I mean, it’s gonna take me a while to come down off that. Yay, teamwork makes the dream work. Nobody freaked out, except for me. (Jen laughing) – And everybody’s fine. – [Jen] Everybody’s fine! We found the keys! Woo! Let’s start the engine, shall we? I love this! – [Jen] I love AC for us. – I love AC so much for us. Jen, we did it. – [Jen] We did it, Lauren! Wee! On a scale of 1 to 5, how
frustated do you feel? – I feel like a 3 now. I’m a lot better. We’re in a better place, you know? – [Jen] Yes. – How ’bout you? – [Jen] I feel better. – You kept calm, more than I did. – [Jen] I think I’m still
processing our situation. – Right? – I was like, “Lauren, you
don’t have a spare key. You don’t have a way
to get off this beach. Your windows are open, and the weather -” Jen, did you show them the weather? – Yeah. – [Lauren] It looks like it’s
literally going to monsoon. – Yeah, it’s about to monsoon. We had no keys, the windows were open, and we’re on the beach. – I feel like I should tell
the really nice lifeguard I found my keys. She’s fine. She doesn’t care. – Did I tell you earlier
that your Legos look… – My legos? (Jen laughing) – Your glasses look like
Lego people glasses. – You did. And, you told me you loved them, too. – I do love them because I love Legos so (clicks tongue) There you go. Volusia County! – [Lauren] All right. – [Jen] Coming through! – It’s seatbelt time guys. – Mine’s been on. – [Lindsey] Oh not mine yet.
– [Lauren] Okay, well. – I’m so thirsty! – [Lauren] It’s – Okay, I’m going, Jen. I’m going. – Little history lesson. Me and Lauren met at Playlist Live — – We did. – This year.
– Mm-hm. – And, she was hanging
out with Fathering Autism, and she was, like, hanging back because, like, she was, like,
“Okay, you’re too famous.” So, then I met them, and
then she was, like, there, but I saw her, like– This is blabbering.
– No. – Anyways, so we were in
a little room, remember? – Yeah, yep, we were in a panel. – A panel, yeah.
– That’s right. – And, like, her, she was sitting with Fathering Autism over
here, and I was over here, and I’m staring longingly
at her like I need her to be my friend, right? – Yep! – And, I wrote this note,
and it was, like, a circle yes or no. – It was. It was basically, she was like, “I don’t want you to be freaked out, and I’m totally fine if you say no, but, like, can we hangs later today?” And, I was like– Or, no, what did you say? You wanted to be a part of our crew. – Yeah, can I roll with your crew. – I was like, “Yeah, duh. Of course, you can roll with our crew.” I was like, “You can ask Asa, I guess, ’cause he’s the head of the crew. – Yeah.
– But, yeah. And, then, I, I picked
your brain all night. – Yeah, we talked, and then we went to that party thing, remember? – Yeah, I drank lots of
those Blue Long Islands. – And, she helped this man that was drunk not get arrested. – Oh, yeah, I did. – Yeah, so I was like,
“Aw, she’s got a heart.” – I do. But, Jen’s a lot like Ella. Or, I see a lot of Ella
and Jen similarities. They’re not the same
because nobody’s the same. – Yeah. – But, I see a lot of, like,
Ella’s love of life in Jen, and a lot of your, like, things that you don’t necessarily love, Ella doesn’t necessarily love either. – And, she loves pizza. – Yeah. – Shout out, Ella. – Yeah, Ella loves pizza, and she loves lights, and she loves, like, hates big crowds. She’s not a big fan of,
like, lots of people so… – You wanna be in our vlog? That’s our awesome waitress. – I got the food! – [Jen] What’s your name?
– Marsha – [Jen] That’s Marsha. Pizza! – [Marsha] I’ve already been
watching y’all’s videos — – Oh no… – [Marsha] And, I’m like, “What’s she having for
breakfast tomorrow?” (laughter) – Thank you so much! – Shout out! – [Marsha] Y’all enjoy. I’ve got everything on the table you need. – Awesome – [Jen] Shout out, Marsha. Marsha? – Yeah. – Shout out to Marsha
at Mioni’s Restaurant — – At New Smyrna Beach. – [Jen] At New Smyrna
Beach AKA Shark Beach. – Shark Beach! – [Marsha] Shark Beach! – Your so fun, Lauren, and positive. – That’s wonderful, and you’re my friend. – I love you because you’re funny, and I like your energy. Um, I feel people’s, like, I can feel her insides, you know? – Yeah. – And, I like, I like how your energy is. – Thanks, Jen! I like how your energy is. – [Lindsey] I feel like I’m gonna cry. – I know. Jen. I feel a special tie to
you, you know what I mean? – Yeah. – Like, I, not that you’re my kid, but we’re actually friends,
and you’re, like, I don’t know. – Real life friends. – Real life friends. You’re, like, you just, what
you get is what you get, and we talk, and we laugh, and we can, like, just hang out, and it’s good, it’s really good. We have natural — – Connections. – Yeah. – You can be friends with anybody. Just because you might
be different in one way doesn’t mean you can’t
be friends in real life. – Mm-hm, yeah. Exactly. You can be different, and you
can still be good friends. – Yeah, so — – We’re different, but
we’re not that different. – No, we’re not that
difficult, different, yeah. It’s my sister from another mister. – Yes. – And, we went to — We did not see any sharks. – No, we tried. – I was hoping. – I know! She wanted to get bit. – Yeah, I’m not going to lie. I just wanted to get,
like, a little tooth mark on my leg so I could say
I’ve been bit by a shark. But, I did not, but we cut the fish, and then Lauren lost the
keys for like thirty minutes. – I did. – And, the storm’s rolling in. It was like, it was like
a movie or something. – Jen was, like, the most calm,
I think, out of everybody. – I told you, I was still processing. – The whole time she’s like, “It’s okay. It’s fine. It’s good. It’s
okay. It’s fine. It’s good.” And, I’m like, “It’s not
okay. It’s not fine.” – And, then we found them, and here we are hanging out some more, and we’re going to get
back together real soon. – Yeah. – So, don’t fret. – Don’t fret. And, don’t fret. – Bite you. – No, don’t fret. We’re going to be together again soon. – Okay. – Okay. – Guys, so that’s… We’re going to be together soon, and that’s Lauren Brazee. You need to go, go check out her channel, and subscribe because she’s fun and funny, and she’ll dance. (Lauren laughs) – Oh, Jen. – Let’s just do a K Bye, okay? – Okay. – All right, do a dance. Okay, embarrassing. This has been Rebranding Autism. Watch next video. Be totally worth it. I almost promise. Okay. – [Together] Bye. – Yeah.
– Yeah.

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