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Fishing Yoga TEN POSES 😆 (Funny Spoof) | Casual Outdoors Weekly #17

Yoga and fishing together, why not? I found a bunch of rugged, burly fishermen and thought, ‘How could we incorporate yoga into their normal fishing routine?’ Namafish. [♪ theme music ♪] [♪ calm music ♪] We’re breathing. We’re relaxed. Let’s begin. I’m Koaw and you might be thinking from my gentle tone of my voice and this weird sitting position that I’m somewhat of a yoga buff. Well, I have been to two yoga classes in my life and I stayed the whole time. So yeah, I’m somewhat of an expert. For this week’s Casual Outdoors Activity, where we here on Koaw Nature go over outdoors activities for you to do for the benefit of your health and happiness, we’ll see what happens when these rugged fishermen try incorporating these common yoga moves into their fishing routines. Maybe you’ll want to give it a go. Namafish. Yoga people must lead very risqué lives because they often start their yoga sessions by begging for forgiveness. But a lot of fishers are superstitious and look to the skies for help in the waters. Jimbo is starting his fishing session with what I call the Prayer to the Fishing Gods Pose. I’d say he nailed it! [♪ magic chime noise ♪] Ah yes, the classic sideways karate-chop-looking move. Well sometimes fishing lures get stuck onshore. Ace is showing his fine form with the Lure in a Tree Pose. Oh yeah, he nailed it. [♪ magic chime noise ♪] ♪ Such balance this pose requires! Lord of the Dance Pose can easily be turned into Lord of the Jigging Pose. —why not work on that stability and concentration with rod in hand. Dancing a jig has a new meaning! Nailed it! Yup, nailed it! [♪ magic chime noise ♪] We’re breathing. We’re relaxed. Let’s move on. The power stance of Warrior 2 Pose is great as a Warrior Cast Pose. That looks surprisingly peaceful. Jimbo done nailed it! [♪ magic chime noise ♪] ♪ Again, we can easily turn the Half-Moon Pose into a cast with the Half-Moon Cast! You’ll feel a great stretch with that one. He nailed it. [♪ magic chime noise ♪] ♪ Red Beard is taking a break from his musky fishing to share a Nature is Nifty biology fact with us. Not all fish have scales. Wow! Tremendous and so cheerfully said. Seriously. For him that’s very cheerful. Yeah. [ ♪ calm folk music ♪ ] Of course the Goddess Pose works perfectly for recounting fishing stories with the It Was This Big Pose. You can feel the burn and tell a tale! And John, it’s okay to fib a bit; it’s a fishing story. There ya go. Nailed it! [♪ magic chime noise ♪] ♪ That was a very nice smallmouth bass. Also, we can turn Goddess Pose into the all important Don’t Forget the Beer Pose. ♪ Double nailed it! [♪ magic chime noise ♪] ♪ Teamwork can be very important in certain types of yoga and fishing. We need to count on our fishing partners to net a big fish or simply just not crash the boat! [ Jimbo cheering ] So with drinks aboard, it only makes sense to be a generous fishing partner with the Peacock Drink Table Pose. ♪ [ casting noise ] It’s only a little demeaning! I’d say we nailed it. [♪ magic chime noise ♪] ♪ A pose called Half Lord of the Fishes. I don’t see the how fishes work into that… Is— Is she looking at fishes or something? I don’t get it. This turns into a great teamwork fishing yoga pose with the Lord of the Fishing Lures Pose. [ lure hooks clanking ] Nailed it! [♪ magic chime noise ♪] And finally we have the Crow Pose, another way to test out your fishing partner’s trustworthiness while doing yoga. The Trusting Crow waits in tranquility to net those big fish for his partner, expecting not to be pushed into the cold Wisconsin lake while progressing to the handstand. [ water splashes ] Wow–what an a$$#@!e! [ water splashing ] Oh that’s cold! That’s so cold! But I’d say we nailed it before that little incident. [♪ magic chime noise ♪] I don’t know how people sit like this. My legs are shaking. My hips are on fire. This is very uncomfortable. But we had fun this week. If you like what you saw here today, leave a friendly comment or a like. Subscribing is always free. [ changes tone] And holy moly I cannot talk like this anymore! Ughhh! Wow…seriously! This was actually a Patron of mine, dace_88’s, idea. Thank you so much for the idea; we had fun making it. If you want to learn more about being a Patron of Koaw Nature go to I have a hockey game to watch. Go Avs! And good luck to your team… as long as they’re not playing the Avalanche. Spread some knowledge. Be Nature-heroic! And namafish! Cheers.

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