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Fishtank room after one month!

Fishtank room after one month!

dusted enola here at dustin’s fish tanks
showing off the fish room bring it to your real one month after this thing got
set up for the first time here we go the 220 since we set up the fish room and
move it over leaked on the floor the eheim filter shocked but i think i
haven’t uploaded it yet i have a video of the both money and his women Breeden
I sorry i haven’t uploaded that yet it’s sweet the tanks doing really well I’m
really excited this is the dwarf or students in the star grass that I took
off cut out and put in my pond and I think that’s what I had the eggs on it
and that’s what that’s what the paw in fact on right now look at this plant
though ridiculous sword raw food goes down there and then another offshoot
goes down into there I think there’s another one in there there’s something
really cool I don’t know if you can see it there’s a little red plant down
underneath there I don’t know what the heck that is or where it came from but
220 doing while move from the office to hear 90 gallon me on tank love it every
minute of it I uh I still have the light stuck underneath you can see the light
it’s stuck it’s completely stuck turning their I need to move it but whatever um
cool stuff going on in here let’s see this is a tap on to town of some kind
they came out of nowhere the shrimp and then you know the neons as a whole the
90 wreath just did a nice water change on it last week probably gonna do
another one and do a little copper water move the torch portal override Jack my
van what’s up and got it going and i added a gun a lot of flow going i need
to do something with this this sucks it’s like against the glass but on the
other corals are doing good the reason the calls are growing is because I’ve
been feeding my baby rainbows um shows thinking it’s full feeding them i want
to say their voice drags i don’t really know what they are on our oyster eggs or
psych lobbies or something like better I’m trying to get them some
protein these are not growing as fast as the ones outside but i’m not trying to
really grow them to quit because i just don’t want them to I mean I want to go
in quick but I don’t want to screw up with the water so I’m just not doing
very big of water changes i did five gallons today and feed them some
crumpled flakes and just messing this is a really wicked plant down here that i’m
going to grow show you that for later and this is rolling good the madagascar
lace loving it another madagascar lace loving it Madagascar lace loving it
crispa to live leaves with that skiing place called and then the rainbows that
those babies are are from these dudes right here anybody knows what these
rainbows are let me know or tell me where to find them where do i find out
what species rainbow these are their real sweet especially in the morning
like all rainbows so they’re doing well still know what tech they are obviously
if i’m breathing fish i wanna know what they are don’t have a clue and finally
down here this 90 this is where i’m going to take all the baby rainbows in
the back and i’ll put them in there so the backyard so I was going to do a
50-50 tank I was going to do half dirt half no dirt just to show you guys how
it works but I want to get these baby rainbows in established i’m going to do
a bare bottom tank with some floating plants and just down i just power feed
big water changes the whole deal and just get those things raised up and get
them out air or into the 220 which is probably i’m going to do so that’s the
fish room one month later having some fun it’s going pretty good here’s where
i sit and chill and comments all you guys love in this channel and having so
much fun with it if anybody’s got any questions or any ideas of like a show
they want to see like dude do this or how do you do this or show me how to do
this let me know because I mean I’m just I’m having fun about to do this big blog
where all my videos will be on and they’ll be organized right now it’s just
kind of a cluster but that’s what we’re doing having a good old time and yeah
dustin’s fish tanks baby having some fun oh here’s the female pose money look at
her she’s uh looking pretty good there’s
pretty good colors on there so that this is breeding with that fish is on so
that’s it Glide

10 comments on “Fishtank room after one month!

  1. Looking great man! the fish room is maturing real quickly.

    You should do that have dirt have gravel tank, I would love to do that with my 90 but thats such a big change.. the plants look amazing though

  2. @MalikatSabah Must do big water changes. Salt kills fresh water fish, plus the tank takes time to cycle. Turtles I have no clue! Go slow

  3. @supertasticasian Yo yo… those are good starter plants. Indica is WAY easier then rotundifolia. when you are new you want to have victories with plants. Try some swords, ludwigia, crypts ect…check out fishtanktv com for longer answers and write ups…I sell plants in 35$ min plus shipping but could get you started pretty well

  4. awesome bro ive been watching your videos for a couple of hours now, my kids have a lil 20gal tank with 5 goldfish and some kind of bottom feeder black and gray catfish..after looking at your vids i really wanna get back to real plants…OH BIG DEAL gold fish are about 4 years old and im looking foward to breeding them for my kids to enjoy 😉

  5. Just subscribed Justin!! I Love your videos… 
    I've been watching your video's for months and just realized I haven't' subscribed… 
    Your 220 is Awesome!!! 

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