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Fishy Findings on Fish Oil

Fishy Findings on Fish Oil

I’m Miranda Savioli with today’s health news.
Despite its use by millions of Americans, fish oil may not be as beneficial as once
believed. According to The New York Times, more than ten percent of Americans take fish
oil supplements, believing that omega-3 fatty acids are good for the heart; however, with
the exception of two studies, more than twenty studies found that fish oil was no better
at preventing heart events than a placebo. One study looked at twelve-thousand people
and saw no reduction in death from heart attack or stroke among those living with clogged
arteries who took fish oil.

1 comment on “Fishy Findings on Fish Oil

  1. I have to disagree with this story.  Fish Oils can and do reduce Cholesterol, we even have 3 Big Pharma companies selling prescription formulas of fish oil that have been blessed by the FDA.  I have seen so many studies that discount the value of suppliments that were just poorly designed and were expected to fail.

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