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Fiskelykke og einerrøkt makrell

Mackerel fishing today – welcome to us – tough old people 😉 ahoy oi ! That’s good! Huge, black fishing hooks. Without bait, just the hook – as you see it. Yes! The mackerel is eager to be hooked! On these simple hooks. Easy to agree 😉 Kaja is laughing. This will never, never, never ever end…. (signing) It’s better now, with the black worm hooks from Minken ? You just have to listen to that guy!! He knows what he is talking about! There they are….. Yes, at least two.. At least 4 !! ai – ai – ai cheering sound That’s good! On the black worm hooks. Every hook has a fish ! On the fishing lure too. Then it’s totally 5? 1, 2, 3, 4…. 1, 2….. 4 ! 4 ? 1, 2, 4…. he – he Let me see Tove. We have fun! On all hooks again – Jackpot 😉 Really busy here today – no time to clean the fish before new mackerel are caught. It’s crazy! More or less than 30 until now? We have passed 30. Yes, I think we have more than 30. Totally crazy, and here you have Wenche – totally occupied with the cleaning. Back in business. Any fish hooked? Yes! Ai ! Ai – ai – ai Awesome…. breathtaking!! Yes! Great sounds of enthusiasm 😉 Couldn’t be better! I hooked more !! Even more fish… oi – oi, it’s heavy ! More than one – for sure! Exciting if you get them all up. “Jackpot” Filled up This is entertaining! NO!! I’m losing someone! But…. No…. Some’s hooked too loose. 1 – 2 – 3 oi – oi – oi Here we are! he – he – he 3 followed all the way up, and is on shore – down in the rocks. (laughter) I will smoke the mackerel. It will be smoked mackerel. Smoked with juniper – from my grandfathers recipe. Yes. This is really crazy!! It’s catch on each throw! Another 4. (cheering sounds) A day filled with action! After the cleaning, all the mackerel is put in a big polystyrene box. Before we stop fishing, we will show you the catch. In the polystyrene box it’s some frozen bottles with water. In this way the mackerel will stay fresh until we get home. Smart way to do it! A big one! Yes, this is a huge one. Look, the eider ducks visit us. o – a – o The fishingline is messed up by the fish Look! Here they are. Another bunch of fish on their way to the cleaning station 😉 Do you know the number of fish we have at this time? No, to keep counting is difficult. But you have to take these down to the cleaning too. It’s just one, but a big one! Nice with the big ones. They are perfect for smoking! This one is hooked on the lure. Fresh mackerel ! Ha – “Jackpot” !! Right into a shoal of mackerel 😉 Jackpot !! One jumped off… This is FUN ! Better than a day at the fun fair. It’s crazy! Fishing from shore, I have never got as many as this. Was your fishingling stuck in the seafloor? NOOO !! I thought it was the the seafloor… and then I got that huge mackerel. Guess I lost 2-3 of the same size. The last supplies delivery into the box. Do you have any idea of how many? No, now I’m….. not sure…. 50 – 60 Maybe a bit more than 60. More than 60… Have you ever seen something like this 😉 Some of them are big. Yes, you have some real huge too. Is it best with big ones when you smoke them? Yes, these are also fine to put in the smoke stove. The smallest are best in the frying pan. Wish Tove and Kaja could be here…. then they could taste fresh smoked mackerel instead of frozen. Yesterday’s catch was…. 66 or 63. I don’t remember exactly the number of mackerel. Lots of perfect mackerel – and today they are going in the barrel. And to dinner we will have fried mackerel. ah This is good, with quite new insert. Yes, let’s start. I will do a smoking test… 7 small mackerel this time. I have just brained these for 12 hours. Let’s see how this works out. If it’s successful, then I know exactly what to do with the rest. Now I use high temperature, and presses the smoke straight to the fish. Good circulation in the smoking stove! Yes. This is the maximum of what this small smoking stove can manage. This smokehouse is as perfect as it could be! Now they are ready! The right look on a smoked mackerel! Perfect! Aaah – Delicious topping for a bread slice ! Good appetite 😉

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