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Fisketur i bølger med gode venner i Steinsfjorden Norge

Fisketur i bølger med gode venner i Steinsfjorden Norge

… I was going to use the big one and the little one just got hooked. Oi! I saw it just as I was throwing it out of the boat! – Hi hi! Greetings to a windy day! – You are very floaty in that one! It is lovely! Hello, and welcome to Skogfar! We are on the Stone Fjord and we are trying to have a good time but the waves are tall today I am not sure about the quality of the sound because of the strong wind but I wanted to film for you anyways because we got a visit from “Out in the Nature Forest” and we have “Timber on the Trail” here too and his missus and my wifey is in the front of the boat there. So… What has happened since last time? Laying on the couch with a infected toe so I have been having problems getting out. Felt a lot of sorry for myself And then there have been a lot of terrible weather and stuff! And I am back at my job, and that is nice! In September I will be featured in a Hiking Magazine in Norway “Fjell og Vidde” And you will see my ugly face in print. Fun if you bought that magazine. Oi, oi, oi, oi! I threw it right in front of you! Humming Pirates of the Caribbean) There! We have royal visit from Bergen nobel places! – and private parts… You have family around here? Yes, I am a bastard, but my dialect is not helping me You must be half and half from the waist down? No, the one foot is where the other genes are located. My dialect tells you that I haven’t been here too much! Yes, that is true. Well well… But it is so nice here! Majestic forests and water without salt. That is strange! It is the other way around for me, I am not used to killer jelly fish. They are so nice, they remind you that you are alive. If you dive into the water and suddenly see the burning jelly fish you cannot change your mind in mid air Have I discovered… I have a friend who did just that and only got wet on his foot. and the water was a few meters deep. My birch bark is wet too! “birchybarch” birch bark from Telemark! Sabuteur stuff! There we have “In the Nature Forest” And there we have Timber on the Trail. And his missus and Skogmor or just miss teacher If you open your mouth you might get this into it! Open up! I cannot open my mouth, I’m holding the thread. Come on! Take it!!! Here we have the rare boat-red-necks who line up beside each other to talk We don’t have music Well I hummed a while ago. Very bad fishing today Well, Kjetil always get fish.. But us mere mortals are not getting any so… I think we will call it a day and just relax. Perhaps I can paddle while Hege is fishing. I think we do that Difficult fishing today? And you had an extra challenge? Yes, I didn’t bring any fishing equipment. And there are rumors that it is wise to have something to fish with on a fishing trip Rod, tackle and stuff like that… So you just use your hands? No, my teeth, I see the salmon and dive after it and bite it. But it is hard to do that from my boat. Oh, that is what stopped you? Yes, it was. And not much salmon here… Well, we don’t know do we. And there are alot of cod here! Yes, and a lot of porpoise Yes, I saw it just now I dove after it and bit it but I thought it was protected to i released it.

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  1. oooh that look you got at skogmor lol thought you were in trouble there, tough old conditions to fish Thor, still kjetil was on form to feed all the red necks 😁 nice fishing trip thor and good to see Mrs Thor out and about again 👍 glad your feeling a bit better buddy, regards Matt

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