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Flaming Gorge Ice fishing

[Music] The world of American Angler you are up with the Sun with a fish on your line your day’s just begun the world of American Angler on lakes and on streams now you are living the good life catch the one of your dreams Hi I am Pat Traynor welcome to the American Angler
today we’re coming to you from the ice-covered Flaming Gorge lake in Wyoming we’re going to be after some big lake trout
today hopefully the Fish will cooperate we got some beautiful weather ice is
starting to go off the lake we are here a little bit late but there’s still some good
fish being caught. This lake is notorious for huge lale trout up here they call
Mackinaw but the lake record exceeds 52 pounds this is my first experience of lake trout
through the ice. So who knows just grab something warm turn up your thermostat to stay with us
we’ll be right back through the ice on the flaming Gorge [Music[ hey guys well about time you got here.
you gonna say yeah thank you see aJohn how are John how are you good to see you Thank You How’s fishing. it’s good catches terrible
catching is terrible? [Laughter] how long y’all been out you couldn’t have beat us out here by much. no probably about 15 minutes that right. ya is it cold enough for you. oh it just feels great out here really does
i’m looking forward to this I’ve never before fish for these kind of fish in
these kind of conditions never well you ot have a lot of fun today and we already got some holes
drill all over. we’re gonna have to drill few. just be careful were you step [Laughter] engine noise] Ken your season starts about when?
basically about the first of January when we start getting on anywhere from
the first to the first week in January we start getting on the lake for ice
fishing the ice is a it’s a little thin at that
time but it’s it’s it’s while worth being out here that’s when that’s when the hot
time is. When it first gets so you can get on it. when it first gets ice on is when the fish are really active. It seams to work the same way with ice off as soon as
ice is off as soon as ice is off we get out here in the boats and we we have a pretty good action for
about two to three weeks and from then on like after the first three weeks of
January that tapers down it just gets progressively a little slower each time how many days during the winter months
well you get out here get a chance to do it well for most people that work most people are weekend fishermen they get at least one day out of the weekend this year we’ve been a pretty
fortunate i haven’t been doing any work this winter has been fishing so I’ve
been out here like two or three times a week so it’s been great for us have you had a good season this year
as far as of numbers of fish we’ve had a real good season this area
is produced well I i was able to catch a 40-pounder
40-pounder out of here a lot 0f 35’s 38’s haven’t seen him but I’ve heard that
there’s been 3 40 pounders caught out of this area this winter so it’s been real
real productive i’ve heard that you get some super lake trout fishing up here.
the record on this lake is 51 and a half pounds now that’s a good one. that’s a real nice fish the
lake trout on this Lake don’t get as long as some of the lake trout in your
northern Lakes so what we get as we get a football looking type mackinaw real fat Basically you got what fish you got the lake trout in here you got
the Mackinaw well lake trout and Mackinaw are the same fish. are they? yeah it’s a but that is what you are fishing for. that’s right that’s what we’re fishing for now you also have you
have rainbow about three different strains of rainbow in this lake we have kokanee this lake we have
smallmouth bass lake we have brown trout and there’s a few large mouth bass I understand so we have a pretty good pretty good fishery here. This
type of fishing your doing I know with the bass fishing and I’ve done in the
winter months when the water is at its coldest normally you’re only gonna get maybe one or two hours out of the day that are going to be highly
productive in the rest of day you really gotta work for him you might get a fish
now and then but you’ll get that definite feeding period for it may only
last an hour may last 30 minutes right yeah..right we found fishing for lake trout
which that’s basically all we do in the winter is fish for lake trout. huh we don’t go the shorelines and fish for
rainbows. we found it early morning bite this is usually the best time to be out
here that you’re calling early morning from about when to when? well basically from sunup until the sun up hits on the lake until
930-10 which works out pretty well then it slows down and then some days you’ll
get an afternoon bite and it we haven’t really been able to
establish a pattern other than the early morning. how long will you work on a hole
before you just give up on it. well if I’m seeing fish in it and I’ll stay on a
whole all day as I don’t feel there’s any sense in moving as long
as there’s fish coming through. Right. I feel like if they’re not biting here
they’re not biting anywhere else ether. huh and it’s you can get 25
fishermen spread out and sooner or later somebody’s going to catch one out of the
hole there’s no doubt about it. you know, one fish is going to make a mistake. When the
lake gets busy and the fish are really biting in an area that were in similar
to this how many fishermen we see out on the
like that will be doing this probably i would say in January when it was real productive i would say you’d in this area here you could find
a hundred fifty fishermen in this area Is that right? yeah spread out and they fish all the way North and they fish South so there’s ice fishermen from lynnwood
Bay which you know i think is in the southern part down below pipe line.
There’s fishing from there all the way up to fire hall which is basically the
beginning of the lake. huh. well with these fish now in the area know you spend a lot of
days out here are we keying on a piece of particular structure right
we are structure fishing. You know what’s down under this ice right here. right yeah we learn this by boat fishing
and maps contour maps they’ve got out We fish for structure that’s what we’re
looking for but what are we sitting on right here. We are in 67 feet of water and it’s
basically an island like that’s exposed over there it comes up the lake
channel goes around if we go this way we run into 110 feet of water that’s the
river channel drop right here so we’re kind of on the flat part of it a
little ways. but pretty close to the river channel it’s self we want to stay
on the sides were the structure is. huh. those fish come out of that channel may be
move in here to feed a little bit gonna feed. great and I think they’re
probably basically feed on Kokanee and chubs that is probably what the mackinaw feed on most of all. Kokanee is really gotten to be a dominant fish in
this Lakes like I’m sure that’s probably the basic food supply well I’ve just got one question you got
an answer for me if we get a 50-pounder on how we gonna get him through that
little hole? will get him through [Laughter] We will get a chainsaw out and make that whole bigger. If we have to fillet him in the whole [Laughter] how much how much importance
to you put in the electronic verses coming out of your blind and drilling
holes well Pat we have. I think electronics really help number one is it it helps you find the
structure that you want to be in the depth that’s very important for Mackinaw fishing you don’t find a lot of people fishing in a hundred forty feet
of water for Mackinaw uh-huh i’m not saying that you couldn’t catch one here but
your biggest percentage of them is going to be a almost 70 foot range to 90
somewhere in there so in essence of the electronics the
depth finder will help you find the depth you want to be in. Plus let you
know if there’s fish there. if you sit punch a hole out and you sit there for
two hours and nothing comes through and it’s time to move there is no fish there In that sense if were not using electronics you could sit there for
two weeks maybe the fish may never come by. [Laughter] or you’re going to be pretty sure if
you sit here for an hour or two and you’re not getting any fish on
that screen then you know to move. Right it’s time to start moving right
right well I’m gonna move I’m gonna go over and get this spoon wet Ok Pat I am going to catch one Good to talk to you. catch a big one Pat out of that whole over there. OK got a fish got a fish on hey Pat come here I have one on. gotta fish on! hey Gilbert alright [Reeling] I got to see this puppy oh he’s got bowed up pretty good It feels like apretty fair fish did he really thump it? he thumped it pretty good. well he’s making some runs on you to
stay with him [reeling] aw he’s getting ornery now look at that line go off that reel yeah he’s a good fish [Reeling, heavy breathing] this might take us a while he’s he is all over the screen on this
thing This makes your day when you can come out here and you can do this. after you have got a fish on out of the whole like this as a rule can you go right back in there catch
another one is this commotion gently bring them around or It will bring them
around uh whether you get down there or not that’s a good question I know sometimes when a fish is trashing around fighting like that it will spook the
other fish away and there’s other times it’ll bring them right in the back we’ve
seen it do both you know sometimes they’ll come in and other times there he is right there there he is! there he is! OH! Oh! what do you guess him at? 12 pounds, about 12..14 hmm are you gonna get to land this fish? Ken what you want to do is not stick your hand in the mouth of a Mackinaw huh full of teeth full of teeth are going to cradle him up out of there? there he is again he’s gonna be
ornery That’s a pretty fish thou. hmm they are pretty fish aw there he is there he is he’s not
done yet this is exciting way to start off the
morning huh! boy that did not take no time to get him looky here looky here! all right nice job nice job [Laughter] Oh! now they got a slot limit on this
lake right and that fish is? in the slot right. what is that one 26 to 36 inches
26 to 36 you gotta release it of course we going to release them all anyway but for
somebody wanted to keep him he couldn’t do that that’s a nice little lake trout pretty
fish, pretty fish he is under the slot 24 inches so you could keep that fish 24
incher we will put him back and let him grow up let him do it again another day oh Ken looky here he’s cheating on us.
i want you to look at the bottom of this bait what he’s doing to us here we got a
tube bait tied onto the bottom. is this a secret weapon? that’s a secret weapon there. here you go Gilbert you did a good job. thank you. get you another one I’m going over to this whole and get me one
that got my blood pumping More fun is coming up so you stay tuned. [Music] [Music] Hey Pat I have a fish on. Aw come on! Beck do you really. that’s good thing I starting up Hey you do have! Hey we got a bey on this fish Come on baby get off, get off I mean if you’re showing me this thing
i’ll gladly.. there’s your bubbles. There he is right there what do you mean a baby? just a baby what do you mean a baby. Lookat this don’t
look like a baby to me. That’s just pup okay what’s this I see sticking out of
his mouth Beck that’s what they call a Gitzit that
looks like a tube bait to me that’s not a bad little fish that is a nice fish and it will be
under about 26 inches what 6 or 7 pounds? gotta put her back hooked pretty good I think we can get it out do want to just cut the line and put the fish back in so we don’t hurt it that’s fine. it ain’t your in her gills I believe it’s in
roof of her mouth. aw no he took it down good see it is right there in the roof of her mouth yeah wait a second don’t let her get your finger now. you are going to be sorry you got that right look at those teeth they got a mouthful of them
puppies yeah are they not pretty fish though. they do put
up a fight don’t they look at that fish built for power. Look at the tail spread
on that fish. pretty fish. that is nice have you been jigging that tube bait all
along yeah I got a whole bunch of back.. something you’ve done well with? yeah all
through the summer and matter of fact that particular colors is my favorite color.
That dad gum tube bait I think can take it anywhere, fish for anything and catch em there you go push her back not only that it’s one of my favorite
colors you got tied on. go back come on sweetheart don’t let that little ol fish whip both of you noe. yeah here we go there you go we hurt her a
bit oh there she goes boy she went out here like she was shot out of a cannon Great fish. now let’s catch it’s dady congratulations l will enjoy that bet this evening over dinner [Laughter] I’ll bet, I’ll bet now go catch a fish I’m going to try that. there’s a bite! fish on! Alright Pat got a good one? Good fish good fish. wait, wait oh that’s a big fish, big fish make sure your drag is not too tight on that I have got to get this other glove
off I can’t handle it just took that different that different
bait new presentation looks like a really nice fish a good 38 inches Smile [Laughter] this is serious business sure it is real serious business I am trying to keep him off that I can see all that ice now under there there some air you had him up pretty close huh yeah he was.. I can feel the line going across the bottom of that ice then it going to be awhile he is going to make another run it looks like there is right now I got a look at him then. aw that’s a good fish, nice fish let him wear himself out come here big boy you got him snaged on the tail. he is foul hooked. foul hooked on the tail But it’s a big fish, oh yeah I will give you that. man that’s a good looking fish. we are going to bring him out tail first if we can wear him down [Splashing] come on back up here big boy there he is! Alright! Got him fouled hooked right here behind the tail You got a tape measure there Gilbert? don’t go back in the hole big boy yet. he has pretty color in him got the tape measure he might be legal no he is in the slot limit 28 and one half, 28 1/2 [Laughter] 28 1/2 he’s got to go back I would say it’s over ten pounds feels like he is 8 or 9 alright nice fish there he goes action [Music] [Splash] I about got em, I about got him! woo he is slick hey nice fish will look forward to
seeing you next week on the next episode of American Angler [Music]

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