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Florida Fishing: Big Snook in Tight Spots

Florida Fishing: Big Snook in Tight Spots

How to catch a snook in 30 seconds, let’s see if this works… Step 1: Catch your bait. Oh! Ooh! Gotta save ’em! Step 2: Hook live bait on your line. Step 3: wait for an enormous snook to eat your bait! Oh my god! Nice and easy, nice and easy! Holy $#&*! Holy $#&*!, Seb! In this episode we are fishing a small, private marina in Florida with our new friends, Garrett, and Sebastian, two local Floridian guys who are both passionate fishermen and highly skilled surfers. We are here, hoping for a glimpse of the elusive and highly sought after gamefish in Florida, the snook. Garrett and Sebastian tell us that snook love to hide around these docks because they take cover around the structure waiting for baitfish to swim by to ambush them! So we begin fishing, catching our bait. So, what are you doing? Just fishing with a sabiki for bait? Yeah, that’s all we’re doing right now. Trying to just catch some bait. Trying to catch some threadfins– Trying not to hook a bird… Trying not to hook all of these birds… So, we’re not even using any bait for, uh, with the Sabiki Rig, w’re just using the flies on there, and back in Maryland, that’s how I catch the herring. Today we’re here to target herring for bait for snook. Classic Sabiki! That’s why they call him the Sabiki Skipper. Got ’em? Yeah! Thorn belly. Thorn bell… Now, not all baitfish are equally useful. We think that these are Atlantic bumper, a common species of bait fish in the Atlantic Ocean. But they’re not good bait for snook, we’re looking for threadfin herring. Alright, so they got… a super sharp fin, right here… that’ll poke you pretty bad… and they kind of look like a jack… and they’ve got, like, an up-facing mouth… and they’re slimy… and pelicans like them. Yeah, here, the hard part’s the bait. Once you get the bait, the fishing’s easy. After we’ve caught all the bait we need to start fishing for snook, we hook the herring on a line and let it swim around the docks… but there are other things interested in the baitfish besides the snook… Get away! Yo! Spit it out, brother! Spit it out! Spit it out, or we’re about to have problems… The last thing we want is catch or injure a pelican, but as many of you guys know, I mean, pelicans can be pretty tricky and very persistent. Luckily, these boys know how to properly handle the birds without harming them. After the pelican is untangled, the snook fishing truly begins. Garrett and Sebastian know that there are snook present because of the baitfish they’ve caught, they just have to find them. Dude, he got one! Don’t let him work you, don’t let him work you! What’s truly incredible about Sebastian hooked up to this snook right now, is he is able to control this fish in just such a tight spot, he’s crammed under a bridge in the corner of a marina, and with what looks like a foot of line between the fish and the tip of his rod! Holy S#&*! My gosh! Holy S#&*!, Seb! That’s a slot– That’s a slot! What a slot! A slot snook: meaning a snook between 28″ – 32″ on the Atlantic Coast that you can keep. Sebastian gives his entire net and fish to his friends in the boat so they can measure the fish. Please tell me he’s slot, just please! He looks slot! Yeeew! Ha ha ha! That’s a slot, boys! And that’s how you catch a snook in 30 seconds! Yeeew! First slot! (Oh my gosh!) First slot of the day! Yo, let’s get– let’s empty one of the buckets! An incredible catch, Sebastian has caught a perfect slot snook, meaning that he can take it home and eat it. In fact, the only way you can eat snook is if you catch it yourself: they’re not commercially sold. Heck yeah, I’m stoked! Got my slot already! That was the first two minutes, man! I told you! I told you it doesn’t take long! We were in complete awe of Sebastian’s extraordinary catch, but we hurried back to the docks because we knew that there were more snook waiting in the water. By this time, most of the captains had gone home and we were being pressured to leave the docks, but Garrett gave his bait one last cast. (Slot?) Yeah! Over, baby! Nice, nice Garrett! Way to go brother– keep ’em–! I still got ’em, I still got ’em! Oh my god, he’s huge!! Grab him, bro! (Nice, nice, brother!) Get him, brother! Seb! Nice! Nice, bro! That’s over. (Yeah it is.) That’s definitely– that’s definitely, dude, that’s deeefinitely. Oh! Nice catch! Oh yeah! Definitely, I mean he’s huge! Grab the measuring tape on Bill’s boat right here! Yo! Seb! Measuring tape, right behind the cooler! Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up! Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Bro, he’s 32″, bro! He’s 32″! He’s 32″! He’s 32″! He’s 30– He is!– (Aww!)–He’s 33″! He’s 33″! He’s too big. Too big… Seb, that’s 32″ all day long… 32″! Nah, he’s a little bit over… (Is he?) He is, yeah. Here, get a pic… It’s astounding to watch Garrett reel in this enormous snook, and Garrett emphasized the importance of having the right gear to catch this fish. Garrett says that many beginners underestimate the power of the snook and they use too light of a rod or line. The snook is a strong, predatory fish, whose razor sharp gills can easily cut your line with a shake of its head. It is not to be underestimated. Tzzz!!! Yeah, bro, I saw it! Ohhhhhh!!! Ah ha ha! What happened? Stuuud! He ate it right on the surface, brother! (You saw it?) Yeah, that GoPro is going to be sick! (Oh ho ho!) He chased it out when I put it on the surface, he came up– WHOOM!! I seen his gill– *slurp* Thuh! Ka! Tzzz!! Yeeew!!! Ha ha ha! We had to leave the docks as the sun went down, but that didn’t stop us from continuing to fish. There’s, like, one light, and you just see them on the light and you flip a shrimp and they bite it, it’s awesome. That’s a big one right there! That’s a big one. Right here? Yeah, I hook it down from under, like under their soft part. Right on the side, yeah. Like that? Yep. Perfect. Perfect. Aw, that thing is about to get slurped! Ha ha ha ha! Alright, alright let’s give this a try. Alright now there’s three pilings, let’s walk over here. Got one! (Is that a snook?) Yeah!! Wait, wait, wait! Don’t flip it! Don’t flip it! (He’s under slot.) Under! Is it a snook? No, no! Don’t let him under! That’s it! Oh, no, he’s like 25″. Nice! Whoo! I got one! You got your first snook! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! By the time you get to Maryland, that thing will be 40″! Oh! Gone!! (Gone?) Nooo! Gone. –And that thing was 40″! What–? Did your reel just break? (What was that thing, about walking him down though? For what reason?) Were you just deep? And he thumped you? Yeah… So, the line is chafed… and when it’s chafed like this, the snook are able to see it. (Uh huh) …and that’s not good. (That’s not good.) This also makes it weaker so it’ll snap on me… Whew. It just happened in one second, it just went — *took!* — and I was like — *whoop!* — And… (He spit it?) Yeah, he spit it. (Dang.) I thought I set it pretty hard! (Yeah…) Yeah… So, Brendon lost his first snook… but, it’s okay because we’re going to keep trying to catch more fish in Florida in our upcoming episodes, so don’t forget to subscribe and see the freaky fish we find next week. And you’re probably going to want to follow Garrett and Sebastian on their Instagrams as well, because they catch enormous, beautiful fish and their photos are incredible, so find their Instagrams in the description below. We want to thank everyone who helped make this video possible, thank you so much for all of your support! Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and we’ll see you next time!

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  1. so, you got a few small fish and narrate it so dramatically like its the biggest fish ever seen. Shit, I caught 45 bl fish with my bare hands.

  2. Man that spot right there I've caught many snook and snapper from y'all lucky you haven't been ran out of there. We used to hit that spot every other weekend when I was a kid. Probably 11 to 12 years ago or so

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