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Florida Pier Fishing: Finding Fish in Miami!

Florida Pier Fishing: Finding Fish in Miami!

Look, it’s changing colors! What!? It’s changing colors! Do you see it? It’s turning from blue to red. –Oh! Now it’s changing back to blue! Am I seeing things? (It already feels warmer.) This is the Carlyle. It looks really cool. It’s beautiful. Alright, here’s our place for the week! Okay! Wow! Pick yourself a room! Woah! This is nice! What’s uppp!? There’s the beach! We’re staying right in front of the beach. Look at that! There’s the beach! What a great spot! We are at Tark’s. … and Tark’s is supposed to have what–? Chicken wings and seafood? Yup. It’s this little tiny shop and it looks packed with a whole bunch of people right now. It’s so warm here! Alright, we’ve got conch fritters, gator tail, fried fish, fried oysters. Yum, yum! Happy boy. Alright, I’m going to give the gator tail a try. Ready? Does it taste like chicken? Yes, it tastes just like chicken, like white meat. Alright, just at a local bait shop right here, gonna go pick up some stuff to go pier fishing tonight! Guess what’s in here, Erin. Um, it smells like shrimp… Okay, ready? Phew! Fresh bait! Two hours before the tide, two hours after the tide good? Ok. Good. Universal. We need to get some shrimp. So, what are you getting? we are getting a Yozuri lure, which are really expensive, and I’m not sold on the brand, but we’re getting one of those My friend, Thihn, told us that these Gotcha plugs, they work really well, So we’re going to get some of those as well. and… yeah. That’s going to be day one. My go-to rig… very easy to use. Guaranteed fish almost every time! Wooow… Oh! Oh ho ho! What was it? Oh ho ho! What’d you get? I don’t know! I just like it when they pull, it makes me excited… Oh I got some–Is that a bite? Yup. Get it! You got it? Tee! Oh! It’s a needle fish! You got a needle fish! Yes! Oh, you snagged it though, did you snag it? Don’t touch it, don’t touch it! It’s gonna bite you! Ahh! Okay… What do I do, Brendon? Alright, put it down… This is a tiny one. (Cindy:) It’s weird though, it’s cute! It is cute! It’s cute! Wow! It’s beautiful! (It’s, like, blue…) Does it have a lot of teeth? Yeah, it has a lot of teeth on the inside. Oh my goodness! Wow, oh my god, very blue, you see the tail? Can you hold it? I want to see the color, please… Really quick? Wow… That’s a beautiful color! It’s almost like, see-through, orange here. Transparent… Alright, throw it back, I don’t want it to die! Aw! You want to touch it? Hurry, before it dies! Alright– Ahh!– Now you can let it go. Alright… I see needle fish in there! There are so many needle fish! Don’t catch another one! Those are not fun to catch! They’re so big! They’re, like, a foot long! What’s that? What are you doing? Over there! Ahh! Oh! Brendon! Haha! I diddled the line. Give it a cast out there! You scared me! I thought I caught the fish of my life! Yeah, right, go cast it out there. (Brendon, hurry!) Woah! Brendon, go! Go! Woah! Oh, oh! This is a parrot fish! Look, it’s changing colors! What!? It’s changing colors! Do you see it? It’s turning from blue to red. Oh, now it’s changing back to blue! Am I seeing things? No… Wow, okay. Alright, I’m going to throw the rig right by the rocks and see if, uh, there’s anything hiding in there. Huh! What’d you get? (You got one?) I don’t know! Woah! Another species! this is like, species number…? Five? Six. Watch–watch the hooks… Look at this one… It’s beautiful! Species number six! Wow! Alright, so we were here for probably 15 – 20 minutes, and we caught, like, 7 different species of fish, just goes to show why I really like the sabiki rig again, it’s not a very challenging rig, it’s a very easy, casual kind of fishing rig, but it catches a whole bunch of different kinds of fish and it’s really great at catching bait fish. And it’s so fun! It is so fun and it’s so easy, this is just the kind of fishing that I love, where you just go, and you just catch a bunch, and it’s over and it- oh! This was, like, so much fun, I am so happy right now. Now, the hardcore fishermen would argue that that is very boring kind of fishing but this is not for everybody, whoever wants to just chill out, catch a bunch of fish, kick back and relax, the sabiki rig is for you. It works.

84 comments on “Florida Pier Fishing: Finding Fish in Miami!

  1. Most. People just use the subiki rod for catching bait fish. And you did. Should have thrown them into bucket (with water) and used them to catch bigger fish. Nice vid.

  2. All you do is catch small fish I'm surprised how many youtubers you got making five minute videos every fortnight!

  3. Hey Senko. What would recommend for a light rod and reel. Just want to keep it simple going to fish Naples and Bonita springs. Planning to get equipment from bass pro in ft Meyers. Was there last year went to a little fishing store they were not very helpful and very condescending. Rented some crap rods and reels from them and caught a catfish. Want to do better this year, just want to catch something cool!!!

  4. South Point Pier has come a long way used to be a run down and closed for many years, glad to see it back up and looking amazing.

  5. Bro I just stayed on ocean drive from may 4-17th . Its beautiful man. Tony Montana building is right next to yall. And south peire is awesome. Man I can't wait to go back.

  6. my god I am falling in love with Erin. she is so cool and so down to earth. so hard to find a good girl these days!

  7. 😃Good pesca 🎣🐟🐟🐠🐡 …tem que pesca aqui no rio do 🔰Brazil Beautiful . lol lol show 👏👍

  8. Gator tail is good. Doesn't taste like chicken, you liar! 😂 Never tried conch fritters though. Now I want to try those someday. 😋😁

  9. Us dudes wish we had a wife/fishing pal like you bro 😩 I’mma click pause gotta go wash them dishes before wife comes.

  10. im pretty sure i ate where you ate in the start of the video and thats not in miami right think it was broward? i cant remember the name of the place

  11. If you guys ever come back to Florida hit me up I fish snook and tarpon and I can show you guys a little something. I live in the Fort Lauderdale area.

  12. i have seen the same fish here in the arabian gulf maybe its the warm water or the same environment of gulfs

  13. Them needlefish are beautiful to eat I caught one in Cyprus and the local restaurant cooked it for me and it was beautiful

  14. Great video, enjoyed every single one of them. By the way, Brandon, can I know what you do for a living? Seems like you got time for fishing every weekends. So jealous of you guys. Sorry for my bad English. Keep up the great videos man.

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